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Episode 5 - Things Keep Getting Better
Although the dome was keeping the heat of the desert at bay, the light from the sun was passing thru unhindered. As the sun began to set, the darkness was slowly falling upon the settlement as well. The nights on the planet were especially cold, even inside the dome – it was heat resistant, but was pretty much useless against the frost of the desert nights. People were effectively shutting every possible hole, crack, crevice and slit they could find. Some of them were even lighting fires inside their homes to keep them warm during the night. There weren’t any clocks inside the village to alert people of the descending darkness, so they had to find a way around it – there were sentries stationed around the dome whose sole job was to monitor the change in scenery and alert the small population via giant mechanical bells.
The innkeeper heard the bells even from inside his office and set out to fix the mess that Marshal and Jessy had caused. He noticed the bent door, sigh
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Episode 4 - A Big Fuss
‘Oh, look – a witch!’
They were on their way back to the crash site, near the place where they first entered the dome. Ann was standing not far away from them, looking scared and uncertain. She was clasping the brim of her hat above her face to cover it, but failed to realize her white hair was still flowing down her spine unrestrained. She stood in one place, unwilling to approach her newfound friends. A thousand thought raced thru her mind, ranging from “Did they see me?”, “How do I get out of that mess?” to “I wonder if a sandwich would do the trick?” Maybe there weren’t a thousand exactly, but they still were a lot.
She was indeed terrified. She had finally made friends she actually liked and she was about to blow things up sky high. And for what?
‘Oh, look,’ Owen repeated in a somewhat higher tone, ‘a witch!’
‘Bugger this’ Kara said, seeing Ann wasn’t making any effort to move wha
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Episode 3 - Nice chap, big axe
‘First thing’s first,’ Kara said, putting her hands on the table in an almost business manner, ‘we should try and salvage the FTL from the Poppy.’
They had been engaging in small talk for quite some time now, in order to make Ann feel more comfortable with her new position as well as getting to know their new companion. Annette O’Sage was not originally from this planet – it seemed as if she crashlanded here some time ago, although the witch did not specify when exactly. She had had the sand powers all her life, but the “reading-minds-stuff” had appeared recently. These newfound abilities brought her a certain degree of animosity from her peers and she was eventually banished from her homeworld. She ended up on a slave freighter traveling to the Omega system, which made Kara suspect that the witch was actually from the Alpha systems.
The Alpha systems was the place of the rich. They housed the seat of the Galactic Government, as wel
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Episode 2 - Damage Control
A medium-sized metal plate stirred and flew away from the ship wreckage. Amongst the debris, a red-headed girl with tattered clothes and bruised face emerged, swearing like an overgrown redneck brat.
‘Fiddlesticks,’ Kara exclaimed in the end, ‘the P.S.G. got busted!’
She rather liked that invention of hers, probably because it saved her skinny butt on numerous occasions, or perhaps because it was the first thing she managed to design and create herself. Whatever the reason, Kara felt almost heartbroken when she concluded the state of her shield was terrible, irreparable.
She looked around to find herself standing erect in the middle of what used to be her ship, at the what she presumed to be the centre of a sandy wasteland, or, moreover, a sandy desert. She dusted herself up, lamented the state her hair had gotten in and grunted angrily. Then she proceeded to inspect herself and after making sure nothing else but the device, and her ship, was broken, she cried o
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Episode 1 - Last Second Save
‘Owen, you’re being bloody ridiculous.’ Kara addressed him in a completely calm voice, despite the unpleasant situation they were in. The newly-bought part had malfunctioned and dropped them out of hyperspace, for one. For two, they were on a collision course with the nearest planet, which, as fate would have it, was a gas giant. It wasn’t so important that it was made mostly out of super-heated gas than the fact that it was, indeed, giant. Due to the sudden malfunction, several key systems went offline as well, steering including. Amidst the turmoil, the not-ferret was standing next to her in the cockpit, gazing upon all the flashing lights from the numerous devices and screens such as life support indicators, gravity amplifiers, engine and thrusters status, which was acting more like a blinker, refrigeration and a number of other indicators which even the twenty-six year-old girl didn’t know the purpose of. No, she truly didn’t know. She tried conf
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Prologue - And they told me it's reliable!
Ten more hours. Just ten more hours until she reached the next planet. It could have been worse, she thought. She could have been forced to travel for ten more years instead of those ten hours. Luckily, she had been able to purchase an operational hyperdrive during her last docking back on Point 128. It wasn’t fully operational, at least not yet, but she got it quite cheap. And, as the word goes, she didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. She was actually pretty proud of her new acquisition and pretty excited to be able to work on an actual hyperdrive.
Hyperdrives were a rare commodity, since only a handful of species had managed to bend light to their will, utilizing faster-than-light travel throughout the known universe. Most peoples that had made such an attempt and poured all their planetary resources in the endeavour ended up with spending more resources on the inevitable funerals of the volunteers. Not that anyone actually volunteered after the first failure – t
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And end of an era
Glorious times they were
Times of songs, of light and of love
Bells tolled
Birds flocked
Times of clouds with lining silver
Yet times twisted
The Sun went out
Blood and sweat drilled the skies
As a lightning flashed
Nature grumbled
Beasts raved
The soil got soaked in blood
And the gods went mute
War! A word so foul
Onto our hearts loomed like a dark cloud…
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Mature content
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Goblin Dance
        It was a dim dark hour in the late afternoon. The sun was on its way behind the horizon, but its faint light was still pouring over the meadows. There was no sign of wind, which made the thin mist, descended upon the land into an even greater nuisance. What was once a smooth water vapour, was now on its way of becoming a heavy fog, as the only beams penetrating it were fading away.
Amidst nature's veil, deep in the tranquil oak forest, a flickering light from a campfire was present. There, on a gloomy meadow, around the cracking flames, were two men, lying on the soft grass.
The elder one was around his forthies, with dark hair, blue eyes, with a goatee on his face. His legs were stretched alongside the warm fire and he was leaning sideways, elbow upon the ground, sharpening a short blade. His eyes were focused on his work, his face held no expression, no emotion whatsoever. The other, a twenty-ish years-old boy, was sitting on the opposi
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One drop of blood won't stop me
What is one more drop in the pool of blood?
Did you hear that? Exactly...
Many have come, many are gone
Turned to ashes, to dust, to stone
The rules in that world of mine
Do not cross or you'll lose your spine
One step closer and you're there
Outside that living flare
My blade is thirsty, my mouth is dry
Time to send you closer to the sky
Lurking fast, sneaking past
Getting closer for the blast
Whispers of the blade, gentle to the ear
Silent, calm, when the flesh is near
Curtains fall, shadows glow
Blood will flow on the white snow
Time has come for you to fade
Have no mercy for those that wade
Welcome to my world of pain
Where you are the one I blame
No place to hide, nowhere to flee
And one drop of blood won't stop me
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Eternal Hate
No more will your words insult me
Nor your actions hurt my soul
You got what you deserved at last
You finally got served
I see you down the golden path
Walking, full of bliss
And I find my comfort in the fact
You walk towards the abyss
I will follow you
Follow you on the golden path
To make sure that in your wake
You bring to Hell eternal hate
Everything is gone by far
The power you possess
Will conquer all you are
And you will finally confess
Every action so vile
Every step you filled with guile
Every remnant of your past
Every shadow you have cast
I'm tired of that war we have
But I keep hating what you are
I wish I was blind and deaf
But I've gone too far
I will follow you
Follow you on the golden path
To make sure that in your wake
You bring to Hell eternal hate
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A hole in the heart
The back alley where she sat was damp and dirty. The air was heavy and moist and there was barely any light. A typical day in Noxus, she thought. After all, the city was not renowned for its sunny gardens and fresh air. She was sitting there, on what supposedly was a bench, sharpening her blades. She did have a lot of them, they were even part of her outfit. The sharp, screeching sound of steel filled the air around her and the puny excuse for wind transferred it past her long red hair. Her hair was falling freely upon her shoulders, all the way to her waist, as usual. She seemed concentrated and devoted to what she was doing until she suddenly stopped and said, without moving her head, with voice so calm and chilling it would freeze the Purgatory itself:
- What do you wan, Warwick?
The heavy breathing of someone near her was in rhythm with the knives as she resumed sharpening them. She still hadn't lifted her head up to face her companion.
- There is a new assignment for you, Katarina
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If you were a witch
    I'd be your warlock,
If you were a wolf
    I'd be your pack,
If you were the wind
    I'd be a cloud,
If you were a goddess
    I'd be your priest,
You are but human,
    And I can only be
your humble servant.
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Chill winter morning. The train station was almost deserted but one could feel the liveliness floating in the air. It was early, right after sunrise. Maybe that's why there weren't many people around. Maybe this was the reason for the vitality of the morning – all life seems to have awoken from the night's sleep. The sun was still to rise high in the sky and there were no clouds to prevent it from doing that. The air was fresh and transparent. Only a thick cloud of smoke emerged above one of the benches on the platform.
A boy was sitting there, alone. He was puffing a smoke, his eyes focused in the distance, as if he was searching for something. He didn't look on the side, where a train usually arrives from. No. He was so concentrated, only occasionally puffing and exhaling a thick cloud of smoke, corrupting the freshness of the air around him.
- The next train will arrive on track one after 10 minutes. – he heard the station announcer. He looked at his watch, it was ten to s
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- You said eight in the evening. Why are we here at nine in the morning?
- There has been a change of plan. I won't be available tonight.
- I know. I'm going at the same party as you.
He looked at her thoughtfully. It was odd – she told him she won't go. And yet here she is, stating the very opposite.
- How come?
She didn't reply. He grunted, then laughed.
- Marvelous. Our conversation was all in vain.
- No, it wasn't! – she almost shouted. – I learnt a lot; quite more than I usually do.
He snorted, again.
- You learnt nothing. – he left a dollar at the table and got up. – There is no point in saying anything more either. – he looked into her blue eyes. – You've already made up your mind.
- But you said…
- Forget what I said. – he waved at the waitress. – This conversation is over. See you tonight. – then he walked away, leaving her there, mute and deaf to the world, and particularly to the waitress that was asking her something sh
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Okay, so I've finally resumed writing stuff, although I'm attemtping a sci-fi work, so you'll have to forgive my scientific ignorance on some of the things I have and will include. It is, you know, fiction, so I am allowed to lie all I want. 
I will try to put a chapter at least once per week (maybe more if I'm feeling more artistic), so feel free to check it out. 

To those that do, why, thanks in advance. 
Have a nice day, deviants! :P 



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