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My name is Tobi and I usually draw OCs and Fanart!

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Nicotine (Creepypasta OC)
Her known name is Nicotine but her real name is Margaret Jill Patterson. Her known nicknames are Maggie, Mar, and Mar-Mar. She is 19 years of age. She was killed by her Mother’s boyfriend and became infused with different parts of a cigarette in her afterlife. She usually goes after addicts and just lowlife people who treat others like crap.

~Creepypasta Given name~


~Why did they receive this name?~
A witness report said the air smelled like nicotine while she was in close proximity
~Real Name~

Margaret Jill Patterson


Maggie (Her Mother called her this)

Mar (Any friends she had before death)

Mar-Mar (A nickname given after death by Ticci Toby)



November 19th

French and English

(She has a French accent)


(This was brought on by the abusive men her mother would bring home; more in her bio)

Hand Tremors (Her Hands will start shaking at random intervals of time, especially when she is emotionally distraught or feels a strong sense of an emotion such as nervousness, love, excitement and others)

Panic Syndrome
(This will cause her to have a random episode of a severed type of anxiety attack, leaving her in a distraught and hyperventilating state for as long as 20 minutes)

Minor case of paranoid personality disorder
(Brought on by constant abandonment and deceit before her death, this makes her less trusting of others and have a ‘cold’ exterior. Though not as bad as other cases of this, you can win over her trust better the more you prove yourself to her that you are an ally)

Nicotine is a Distant and quiet girl. She will not talk to you unless you talk to her or in special situations such as her having a strong opinion on something you’ve said, helping out in certain situations, or talking to those she trusts. She comes off as hostile since if you get on her nerves, she’ll probably throw you across the room (Being in all those fights before she died really paid off honestly) or feisty. She is very protective of her friends or anyone she takes interest in, ready to fight to the death or semi-permanent death in her case. (lmao get it? Because she’s already dead and will just come back? Haha... I’ll leave now) She has a sense of dark humor if you ever hear her
crack a joke, for those she doesn’t care for that is. have you heard her advice though? It’s actually pretty good. She’s the type that if you need help emotionally and she tolerates you at least to some degree, she’ll sit with you and talk to you about it. Get on her bad side? She’ll ignore you blatantly and if you so much as look at her, she’ll probably growl at you. Talking to her when you’re on her bad side is a big no no, she’ll probably try and beat your face in until someone pulls her away. She’ll hella a mom friend to her friends, pulling them away from dangerous situations, and just watching over them. Alexandra has fallen asleep outside? Somehow she’ll wake up somewhere safe. She’ll break you out of places if you get caught, and even if she scolds you and swears she’s not going to do this for you again, she will.


Margaret grew up being alone with only her and her mother. Her mother, however, would bring home men often who would stay for undetermined amounts of time. They ranged from totally abusive lowlifes to caring father figures. Although in the end, they all left no matter who they were. Her mother and her were just too much to handle to all of them. Margaret’s mother decided the best way to cope was to drink away her problems and although she was a mellow and happy go lucky drunk, this took a great toll and her and she developed major memory issues. Half the time, forgetting Margaret’s name or who she was. Margaret was always quiet, distant, and defensive at school due to her trust issues, choosing to instead focus on her psychological studies but after her mother’s memory got to an all time low, she dropped her studies and turned to getting in fights with anyone who even so much as looked at her the wrong way. She did this in order to get her mother’s attention and for her to not forget her because she had to hear about and talk about her school fights so often. It worked partly and on one of her mother’s good days, she brought home a man who she claimed was a good guy, she has been dating him for a few months. She told Margaret that he would be that father figure she needed in her life so she would stop acting out but this made more issues arise. This man started showing his true colors early on, his total addiction to smoking and drugs of different kinds were hidden from her mother but Margaret knew who he really was, she saw what he did. Margaret told her mother this but she didn’t listen, she just wanted this to work so badly. So she decided that leaving Margaret and this man alone for a weekend would be a good idea while she went and visited her sister. It gave them more time for bonding she said. This wasn’t the case. The guy was totally wasted one night and started ordering Margaret around, she would insult him and tell him that she was not going to listen to him and that he would never be her father. The man snapped and ended up torturing her or as he put it ‘Teaching her some respect’ and then beating her to death after she still wouldn’t listen to him. After her death, she came back as an undead being shortly afterwards, but infused with different components of a cigarette, something the man that killed her loved. She ended up freaking out, what was she? She couldn’t believe her eyes but as she walked from the spot she had died, over to the man, something came over her, something inside her began to grow and she felt as if she had to do something, that she had to kill him. She killed him with her tar by shoving it down his throat. If he wanted to smoke and kill himself why not speed up the process for him. She ran off, to find other addicted and abusers to target, leaving her previous life behind.

~The reason she kills who she does~
Due to growing up with addiction around her, when she finally died and killed her killer, she wanted to rid others of what had happened to her. She murders people who are addicted to substances as a sense of force cleansing. She doesn’t feel bad for them, and doesn’t care about their loved one’s begs and pleas. She is convinced they’ll feel better afterwards without that addict in their life. She doesn’t take into consideration the negative or positive consequence, and she doesn’t really care.

Janet Kelly Patterson- Her mother (Alive)

Her and her mother were very close, she had no one else to trust and rely on in her life since it was just the two of them against the world she thought for a long time. Their relationship was sort of strained after her mother started forgetting things. She had to constantly remind her mother of events and sometimes even who she was. She sort of took care of her mom, helping her to bed when she was too wasted to walk upstairs and making her breakfast after her mother would come home late from work.

Occupation: Cleaning lady

Physical description: Pale skin with platinum blonde hair cut into a shoulder length cut. She has blue eyes and a scar under her lower lip from one of her previous lovers. She wears a black dress that stops at her knees with small straps. She wears black tights under her dress and black heels.

Julian May Patterson (Julie)- Her half brother on her father’s side (She has not met him) (Alive)

Physical description: Tan skin with short messy dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and scars scratched all over his right eye. He wears a grey and maroon hoodie with the number 8 on it, blue jeans, sneakers, and a while mask with a chunk missing to reveal his left eye; there is a black smiley face on the mask.

Occupation: Proxy (Not for Slenderman, for another being)

Tobias Erin Rogers (Ticci Toby)- Significant Other

(This ship happened due to me and CanaryTerry and I’ll explain why she is dating him in a Extra Information I guess)

Honzo Patterson - Father (Alive)

She has not met her father but holds a deep hatred for him. She hates the fact that he let her and her mother alone and despises who he is and all that he stands for.

Physical description:
He has a light brown skin, brown eyes, and short messy dark brown hair. He wears a baseball cap over his hair, a red plaid shirt, baggy jeans, and mud covered boots.

Occupation: Truck driver


French and Latino


-Nicotine tends to bang her head against things or beat her hands against her head very aggresively when she has her Panic episodes

-she cries gasoline and tar but also coughs up these substances

-She bangs her head against her hands lightly whenever she is nervous or trying to remember certain things

- she likes to finger paint on walls with her tar when she gets bored

- Although this is not really a habit, she has a knack for being able to calm people down or comfort them through their issues because before she died, she was wanted to study and be a Psychologist

- She tends to hide things from others naturally, like her problems and issues, and even her opinions on certain situations but if you’ve gained her trust, she’ll open up a bit more to you and break through this habit slowly but surely

-She will switch from English to French unknowingly and someone has to point it out to her, it happens most often when she is frustrated

~Extra information~

-Her blood type is O- for any people out there that believe blood type matters?

-Honestly this is disgusting but When fighting or in a struggle, she will vomit
Up a mixture of different poisonous ingredients of a cigarette onto the victim’s face, most likely killing them right away or soon after. (Don’t worry, she uses mouthwash afterwards my guy VuV )

-She can dish advice but probably needs to take some herself

-Though She is a cigarette infused mess, she does shower often and try and scrub away most of the tar but it just comes back usually

-She has fond memories of her mother, most specifically the fact that they used to joke around with each other in the mornings and eat pancakes, her mother’s favorite and Nicotine’s now. It’s sort of symbolic for her

~Ok so this is the part that explains her relationship with Ticci Toby and stuff~

Toby at first was really annoying to her, she ran into him a couple of times and neither one of them really cared the first or second time but after that, He started getting curious and annoying, following her or just bugging her in general. She would tell him to leave her alone or she’ll fight him and he’s standing there like ‘Ha, sure, if you wanna fight, let’s go’ but she never really thought it was worth it, word around town was this guy worked for Slenderman and that was a can of worms she really didn’t want to open. Eventually him just annoying her turned into the two hanging out as Nicotine had accepted the fact that she probably wasn’t going to be able to shake him and honestly, he wasn’t that bad? They shared the same sense of humor after all. Though her curiosity to know more about him was sparked from his bipolar and Tourette’s syndrome. Having studied to be a psychologist, she knew about it but wanted to know more on what it was like, and how he ended up as a proxy so they sort of traded information like this, ‘you tell me how you became to be a cigarette woman and I’ll tell you about me and my issues’ so it started like that. She was sort of forced to open up to him more since she wanted to know more about him and his disorders and such. Sometimes he would have these bipolar fits of anger or sadness and she would calm him down the best she could and give him advice on coping mechanisms that works for her and her panic fits and would probably work for him. They just found each other interesting for a long time, being friends and all that until Romantic feelings started to develop and in an awkward conversation, they started dating? It was really weird and rushed but it managed to be a thing somehow? Nicotine was the one that was all confused as Toby was tripping over his words and trying to get it out there and Nicotine day there like ‘So we’ve been hanging out a while and I was wondering if maybe something more is here than friendship’ and he finally was about to ask her and I guess it worked out since now they’re dating and all that jazz?

-Their relationship isn’t really hands on, it’s more emotional than anything though they do hold each other’s hand and quick little kisses happen often, also cuddling but only in private.

-They have extreme trust in one another because of their sharing of information and bonding before dating.

-Nicotine will probably bite you if you make fun of him honestly.

-“Break it up the both of you! I know Toby can be hard to get along with sometimes-“ “Hey!” “But that’s no reason too________”

-They calm each other down or at least try to when they get emotional, Toby can get pretty hard to calm down sometimes when he gets angry and in that case, Nicotine leaves him alone and refers to it as him ‘Throwing a tantrum’ and that it’ll pass soon, acting like it isn’t a big deal

-Will clean up after him but will scold him for not doing it himself

- she does call Toby ‘Chérie’ which means Sweetheart in French. He has no idea what it means and she won’t tell him but he just assumes it’s something positive.

Here's my my hot take on Bowsette, based on Nintendo's official Odessy book Bowsette. I just don't see the need to lewd her? Peach isn't lewd and this is just a Bowser ways of her soooooooo, I dunno? But here she is. Her parasol and all!
Go Kakuni!
Redraw of this:…

I'll explain this family stuff later on but this is Ranko's daughter Kakuni participating in the Chunin exams. Ranko is a very supportive mother and is involved with a great deal of her children's lives. Though her children find her overbearing sometimes, they know she loves them and is just looking out for them most of the time. So when I had originally seen this episode, Sakura's little cheering moment for Sarada reminded me of Ranko so I knew I had to edit this. I'll probably draw one of my own, not just a redraw, of Kakuni participating in the Chunin exams at a later date. 

Kakuni is named after the ramen topping of the same name, like Naruto (Gaara picked the name lol) and as a nod to Kakashi Sensei with the beginning of her name 
Ranko Kobayashi
Ranko (ランコ) Kobayashi (小林)

Part I- 13-14
Part II- 16-17



sexual orientation:

Part I- 140cm
Part II- 153cm

part I- 35.0 kg
part II- 44.0 kg

Blood type:
the blood type that is a universal donor but can not receive any but it's own

December 4th

Ranko is a caring and loyal friend to anyone who befriends her. She is a pacifist and will try everything in her power to convince the enemy to stand down before fighting. She is very gentle and will only act violently in certain situations, mostly if anyone attempts to hurt her friends. She often worries about others more than herself. she is not very flirty and instead gets flustered and rambles on when complimented or confronted with the idea of flattery and romance. When she is flustered and nervous, she usually rambles on until someone stops her or she catches herself and stops. She will not hesitate to stand up for what she believes in and if she sees something she believes to be wrong, she will intervene immediately in order to sort things out. She is very patient and not hot-headed at all, her forgiving nature can come off as weak but do not underestimate her, she will lay down her life for her loved ones and will keep going until there is nothing left of herself. Though overall, she is cheerful and seems to have a uplifting energy around her. Typically labeled as the 'Mother' of the group. 
Good Traits:
-Understanding and caring nature

Bad traits:
-Low self-esteem
-Too forgiving
-Her rambling
-Worried too much of others
-A terrible taijutsu user

-The study of Medical herbs

Body markings:
-A large scar underneath her right eye given to her during the chunin exams in a confrontation

Place of birth:
-The Village hidden in the sand

Current village:
-Village hidden in the leaves 


A lotus flower that has one petal that comes into a point at the top and then two other top pointed petals on either side of the middle one

The Kobayashi clan originates from the Village hidden in the Swamps. Most of the clan is made up of skilled Water and Earth nature users making them the most well-known clan in the village though, their numbers over the years have dropped. They specialize in medical herb and healing, though few decide to deviate from this and become ninjas for their village. They have a leading influence in official decisions, as well. They believe in folklore and follow traditions very seriously and harshly, only in a time of desperation would it even be taken into consideration, breaking away from said traditions and legends. The clan is made up primarily of males so on the occasion a natural Kobayashi female is born into the clan, it is considered a blessing and the child will have a secured official position in the future.

Specialty: Medical and herbs and healing

Kekkei Genkai: Like the Senju clan member Hashirama, the Kobayashi also carries the wood release kekkei Genkai. Though it can only be used by the natural born Kobayashi females. On top of only the females being able to activate this kekkei Genkai, in order for it to be activated, the user has to go through a near death experience or a moment of extreme grief. In order for the user's body to make up for this loss of life or near loss of life, it activates it's kekkei Genkai to make up for it. Though if a female marries into another clan and has a child, the male gene that represses the kekkei Genkai found in the Kobayashi clan, is not present and thus the child will have the opportunity to activate the wood release regardless. Though, the wood release of the Senju and the wood release of the Kobayashi are very different from one another. There are many traits to the wood release, such as controlling a jinchuriki, that only the Senju can perform, and traits such as transferring their life force into other users in the form of sealing, that only the Kobayashi can perform. Typically the Kobayashi use it more to control the plant life rather than wood itself with the Senju are on the opposite side of this. (Any questions about this, can be answered in the comments section)

Status: Fully functional

Skin colors:
Usually either very pale or light brown 

Upon using the Wood release, spiraling patterns and designs appear on the user's body depending on how much strain they are putting on their bodies at the time, but besides that detail, Typically, clan members paint different patterns and symbols on their bodies to represent what they do. A Medical-nin would have different markings from a herb collector or a regular Hidden swamp village Shinobi. 

Hair colors:
They usually go from Reds, Browns, blondes, and dark greens

Eye colors:
Light lavender, peach pink, light green, and raspberry colors

Mother- Yashiba Kobayashi

Father- Jonako Mizunoki

older Half-Brother- Katsuro Kobayashi 

older Half- sister- Katsuya Kobayashi

Uncle- Hishario Mizunoki 

Team members: (Team 13)

Teammate- Salado Shindo 

Teammate- Takumi Henka-suru

Sensei- Kin Yuunja

Favorite Foods:

Favorite Color:


Her handwriting is a mix between cursive and calligraphy


She smells of blossoms and sea breeze

The Character’s Relationship With Others

Love Interest(s):


Relationship with Love Interest:

She first met Gaara while she was staying in Sunagakure with her uncle. They were both very little and used to make sandcastles together. She usually stuck up for Gaara and defended him in front of the other kids, sometimes getting in fights in order to get the point across. They were very close until she moved to Konohagakure. During the chunin trails, this was the first time in years that she saw her childhood friend, Gaara, again. She expressed her excitement of seeing him again to Tenten and Rock Lee before taking the first part of the exam. Gaara did not recognize her and the two ended up fighting during the second part of the exam. He injured one half of her face pretty bad and her leg was crushed, though she was able to get away with help from her teammates. Despite her injuries and the fact that he could have killed her, she still cheered him on during the preliminaries and finals, much to the confusion of everyone else except for Temari, Lee, and Tenten who already knew. She went on to defend Konoha from the sand village and Orochimaru, fighting with Naruto against Gaara, to smack some sense into him. Nowadays, she now goes out of her way to do things for him, without him noticing. Did he fall asleep at his desk? She puts a blanket over him. It’s raining and he doesn’t have an umbrella, she leaves one close by for him. When she actually talks to him, she gets very nervous and very clumsy, often tripping over her own two feet and saying things wrong, but correcting herself afterward. She sometimes hangs out with him but gets really nervous and overexcited, expressing her beliefs and opinions, but asking him how he feels and what he believes. The two are often paired together by Naruto and Temari but it results in more often than not, awkward interactions.

How Love Interest acts with OC:

Gaara sees Ranko as one of his closest friends and often times enjoys listening to her ramble on, when they are together. He is appreciative of the fact that she takes his opinions into consideration since no one but one person has done that for him before she has. He does not know she cares for him romantically and is clueless to the fact that she is the one who takes care of him when his back is turned. Though he doesn’t show it very well with his usual straight-faced and serious tone, he enjoys spending time with her. He does not express his romantic feelings for her very well, considering the fact that he doesn't even understand what he feels for her in the first place. She brings out another side of him, she sees his cactus keeping and kazekage work sleep deprived side of him most of the time, while he sees her more flustered and not so bold side of her.

Role: Medical Ninja 

She often travels back and forth with her role as a medical ninja, from going on missions to working in the hospital with Sakura. She is often sent to Suna to help out though.



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