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It's Soup

By weenie
This happens way too often. Maybe I need to start eating less soup.
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Oh God, I can sympathize! This happened to me this afternoon. :) Love it. 
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No kitty this is my chicken pot pie! XD
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i read this in cartman's voice.
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More than likely the cats are already all in the kitchen

IN my experience anyway, the instant you so much as get up from your seat they're already headed that way, and every step you take even vaguely kitchen-wards jsut ups their fervor until you step through the doorway and all of them will bolt through or around your legs and then jsut casually pace around the kitchen in that "Hey buddy what are you doing in here you never come in here I like it in here this is where I like to be hey can you guess why I bet you cant say since you're in here doesn't it just make you hungry I mean it makes me hungry hey how about a snack wouldn't a snack be awesome right about now I mean you never ever ever come in here so now's the chance right don't wanna miss it hey since you're getting a snack how about some fo us too buddy pal guy girl friend chum wonderful favour-doer eh? eh? eh?"

All without making a noise.

And then they make noise and don't stop until you leave the room again.
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Once I opened a paint can and my cats thougth it was  food. Seeing their little confused faces was funny and heartbreaking.
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<font><font>Haha :happybounce: </font></font>
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Ive got to say they litraly looks like me and my cats and i eat a lot of soup Heart Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1] Brother is that you ;o;
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Cats just love when nearby cans get opened.   >x3    They can't help themselves~       It's also bad if it's a can you have to use a can opener for, because the noise seems to call them.   ^~^
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Hahaha :giggle:
I love this!
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