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Cat vs. Tree vs. Me

By weenie
Pretty much this past month of December with our new cat, Bismark, and my various attempts at keeping him away from the tree. Didn't work.
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YES!       This reminds me so much of Our cat.   He would battle it out with the tree every year!   Batting at the swinging bulbs, getting tangled in lights, and causing such a fuss.   ^~^
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This year I ended up putting one of those baby gate systems around the entire tree. He circled the gate like a velociraptor looking for a weakness in the fence.
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Buahahah~    Just like a cat to stalk.    Too many swinging fuzzy things, sparkly things, and bushy stick-like things... how could they not attack it.  >x3   That's a great idea with the gates though!   If they don't feel like jumping over, it may keep them at a safe distance.   How did it work, this year?
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Fairly well, actually. I think the gate was close enough to the tree that he could jump in and be under the tree, but there wasn't enough space to bat at things. Plus he's not a climber, so I had that in my favor as well!
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Hahahah~   With your intel bonus, and the cat's laziness+3,  the battle was sure to go in your favor~  >x3    Unfortunately, our cat was a climber.       He would get under the tree, knock things off, climb up the inside of the tree, and do the same, all the way up. >_<