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WeEmote is the official group for the dA emoticonists chatroom, #WeEmote. From time to time we will announce hold chat events, but feel free to come along any time just to say hi!

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For this chat event, two different contests were held, an unscrambling event and a general emote trivia event. Unfortunately, the scavenger hunt event that was planned had to be postponed due to technical difficulties. :noes:

Unscrambling Event

For the unscrambling event, an anagram of something was presented to all participants, the first one to unscramble it won a random amount of points associated with that code. It was stated before hand that each code was either an emote code, an emote-related group, or a deviant that has held the position of emote CV at some point in time. At the end of the event, a random person was chosen to win a special point bonus, which will be announced i this article! :la:

Emote GMs

Code: sulivi
Answer: livius
Winner: litecrush (5 points)

Code: taps dry elks
Answer: SparklyDest
Winner: Banjelerp (10 points)

Code: ytnimy
Answer: mintyy
Winner: Banjelerp (5 points)

Code: lyslnfu
Answer: Synfull
Winner: Kyramy (5 points)

Code: grand ass yen
Answer: irient
Winner: litecrush (10 points)

Emote Groups

Code: see-me too
Answer: ee-motes
Winner: Synfull (10 points)

Code: come into soup
Answer: EmoticonOpus
Winner: Wooded-Wolf (10 points)

Emote Codes

Code: awthe
Answer: wheat :wheat:
Winner: Kyramy (10 points)

Code: bat soul
Answer: absolut :absolut:
Winner: Synfull (1 point)

Code: rcoguoh
Answer: groucho :groucho:
Winner: Banjelerp (5 points)

Code: bracelet
Answer: leetcrab :leetcrab:
Winner: Synfull (2 points)

Code: zyukaa
Answer: yakuza :yakuza:
Winner: Wooded-Wolf (10 points)

Code: rad piano
Answer: paranoid :paranoid:
Winner: Synfull (10 points)

Code: hare nett
Answer: threaten :threaten:
Winner: spring-sky (25 points)

Code: irp
Answer: rip :rip:
Winner: Wooded-Wolf (10 points)

Code: hank has ed
Answer: handshake :hankshake:
Winner: stuck-in-suburbia (20 points)

Trivia Event

For this event, 15 trivia questions were asked, all worth 10 points each. The topics varied from emote legend related topics, emote groups, etc.. A prize will be presented to the person who gets the most amount of points (in the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen at random).

Questions & Answers

1. One of the very first Gallery Moderators for the Emoticon gallery, who was the Emoticon GM (CV) before livius?
Answer: rocksicle
Winner: MerelyCubed

2. Changing one letter from the emote code for :shakefist: will get you what emote that's shaking something for the halibut?
Answer: :shakefish: :shakefish:
Winner: icefire8521

3. The most popular emoticon of all time on dA was created by CookiemagiK. Who created the SECOND most popular emoticon of all time?
Answer: MenInASuitcase
Winner: Synfull

4. Speaking of popular emotes and CookiemagiK, out of the top 10 most popular emotes of all time, how many of them were created by CookiemagiK?
Answer: 6
Winner: Synfull (10 points were also awarded to Wooded-Wolf due to an error on my part.)

5. Not counting the dA logo emote, how many social media logos are emotes in the Emoticon Legend?
Answer: 3 (:twitter:, :googleplus:, :facebook:)
Winner: Wooded-Wolf

6. What was the first year that TheEmoteAwards did their awards ceremony?
Answer: 2009
Winner: icefire8521

7. Which emoticonist got their 10th Daily Deviation on July 15th, 2013?
Answer: Synfull
Winner: Wooded-Wolf

8. Which emoticonist has the distinction of being the "Emoticon Pope"?
Answer: LeoLeonardo
Winner: Banjelerp

9. Which emote group was created in order to make people team up with other emoticonists to complete various challenges on changing their emote style?
Answer: Emote-Style-Swap
Winner: icefire8521

10. When was Emote Appreciation Day in 2013?
Answer: May 12th
Winner: Synfull

11. A :dollarus: minus 98 cents will leave you with what emote?
Answer: :twocents: :twocents:
Winner: blunaowl

12. What is the name of the new news series hosted at Emotication being written by Synfull and myself (Waluigi-Prower)?
Answer: Emote Exploration
Winner: blunaowl

13. In pixels, how tall is the :llama: emote?
Answer: 97 pixels
Winner: Wooded-Wolf

14. Who runs the contests hosted over at ee-motes?
Answer: a-kid-at-heart
Winner: icefire8521

15. Who founded this very chatroom, #WeEmote?
Answer: PurpelBlur
Winner: Synfull

Overall Prize Summary + Bonuses

For the unscramble event, the prizes are as followed...

Banjelerp got 3 codes correct, with a total of 20 points awarded.

Kyramy got 2 codes correct, with a total of 15 points awarded.

litecrush got 2 codes correct, with a total of 15 points awarded.

spring-sky got 1 code correct, with a total of 25 points awarded.

stuck-in-suburbia got 1 code correct, with a total of 20 points awarded.

Synfull got 4 codes correct, with a total of 23 points awarded.

Wooded-Wolf got 3 codes correct, with a total of 30 points awarded.

The random draw bonus has awarded Kyramy an extra 15 points! :clap:


For the trivia event, the prizes are as followed...

icefire8521, Wooded-Wolf, and Synfull all tied for 1st place, with 4 correct answers each! :clap:

They're all awarded 40 points for their effort. Since there was a 3-way tie, the random draw chose icefire8521 to win an extra 15 points! :dummy:

blunaowl won 4th place, with 2 correct answers, for a total of 20 points won. :la:

Banjelerp and MerelyCubed both got 1 answer correct in a tie for 5th place.

Both cubes win 10 points each. :happybounce:


To showcase those generous enough to donate something to this event, we've featured some of their artwork below, take a look! :dummy:

:thumb72229380: Annoying by Krissi001 Fly by Krissi001
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