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Holy crap! ryuuha, thanks so much for suggesting my train piece as a DD, and Thiefoworld, thanks for the feature! What an awesome thing to log on and see; so cool of you, seriously. And thanks, everyone, for the feedback - I really appreciate and love reading your comments, and it makes me happy that a lot of others feel the same way about train rides. Many of the New Yorkers I encounter there seem bitter about it (although during rush hour in the summer, it's understandable). Thanks, guys. <3

Also! It would be awesome if you could help me on this:

I work at my computer for the majority of the day, and am always listening to something so I don't go insane from staring at the screen in silence. I've got about 30gb of music on my drive, and unfortunately it's not really doing much for me anymore, since I'm getting tired of listening to the same stuff all the time (I've also taken to listening to movies and TV series and stuff while I work).

So basically, what are you all listening to or watching now that you love? Or have loved? Or just feel like recommending? Doesn't matter what genre of music or type of show/movie - if you think it's good, I would like to hear of it, plz. I just need new entertainment. Halp!

Next Convention:

New York Anime Festival
September 25-27, 2009
(Not sure what table number is yet...)
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Congrats, and I will be at NYAF this year if I get the chance I'll stop by and say hello. Vember Judgement sent me! I'm also working at Artist Alley so I hope to see ya there.
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Awesome, I'll be sure to stop by your table too if I can! I'll be at AA25; what table are you in the alley?
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Lol I have no idea I'll write down the number and give ya a hug. I'll have to call my boyfriend to know which one.
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Check out Date My Avatar: [link]
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Great beat, great lyrics, great violins.
(They have free music clips that play automatically when you access their site).

LOVE your art style! O_O
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Thank you! And awesome; I will definitely be checking out that band, they seem pretty interesting. :)
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You're welcome! I'm glad you're going to check them out.
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I would say...FALCONER, great group it's like the dream team of power metal...And if you like you can check the lead singer solo album he sings druidic songs in Sweedish i think, its freaking mind blowing, you'll be drawing elves in no time XD!!

Greetings from Argentina :)
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Greetings! Sweet, that sounds pretty awesome. O_O Definitely gonna be checking that out!
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Congrats! <3

As far as music goes, maybe you'd be interested in some M83 (Saturdays = Youth) or Beck (The Information). :shrug: :3
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Thanks! And thank for the recs, too - I friggin' love Beck. M83, huh? Sounds pretty interesting from what I Googled about them. Definitely gonna check them out!
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:] Beck is awesome. If you like M83, you might also like The Knife, they seem to go well together.
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Wow, another DD?! CONGRATS! :dance: I would say you deserve it but I think you already know that. ;)

I go on youtube a lot these days to discover new musicians and I've been finding a lot. I don't know if you've heard of these guys but they're among the good ones in my opinion: David Choi, Paul Dateh (awesome violinist), Kina Grannis, Cathy Nguyen, Jennifer Chung and...I think that's all I can think of for now. They're not big yet but I love some of their music. :D

I mish yous! :heart:
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Thank ye, Imoutoflan! <3

I think I've actually heard some stuff by that David Choi dude - he covered a Coldplay song that I love, and I remember liking his version a lot. It'd be cool to check out more of his stuff. I'll definitely check out the other folks you mentioned too - some good stuff on YouTube, fo sho.

I miss you too! <33333333
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Muse, imogen heap(frou frou), Sia, aqua lung, ima robot, kate havnevik, love drug, nine black alps, okgo, postal service, ratatat, remy zero, shiny toy guns, stars, wintersleep.

Those are a few of many. there's a small variety in the types of music there C : please givethem a try /if you do let me know what you think C : if your into any <3
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Awesome! I do love me some Muse and Imogen Heap, but I haven't heard much, or anything from the other bands you've mentioned. I'll definitely give them all a listen; thanks for the recommendations! :D
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muse and imogen heap are of my top favourite bands to listen to : D. I really hope the others will do you some good. : ) <3
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go to [link] and they'll play things similar to what you like, but not always things you've heard before.

i personally like listening to opera and classical while i work. somehow it puts me in the zone and is nice to listen to simultaneously. maria callas is good for opera. and a good start on pandora.

hope this helps!
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Wow, that Pandora site is great! I haven't found a local radio station that plays anything I like much anymore, so Pandora will be fun to play around with. I adore classical music, but haven't had the chance to check out much opera. I do like Maria Callas' Marriage of Figaro though, so now might be a good time to check out more from her!

Thanks so much for the recommendations! :D
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you're welcome! hope you like it.
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If you'd like, I can always make you a cd of music I've gathered from Canada (also Quebec!) and Australia! Good stuff!
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Whoa, that would be awesome, chickie! :O I'd love to hear some of that, thank you! <33 Do you do a lot of music shopping on your trips? :D
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Nah, just friends from all over who love sending me music! Tee hee! I'm not a big music buyer, alas....especially when it comes free!!!

I'll do my best to send these cds to you soon...but my compy at home is down for the count, so no idea how long it'll take!
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I could recommend a few bands from my own country who are really great - like Lark and Parlotones, but I'm not sure where you'd find the music! Your work is great, the DD was well-deserved. :)
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