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teh work in progress

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this is what i was staring at all day yesterday. now you can stare at it, too.

also an example of how freaking messy i sketch. T_T
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I'm jealoussss
I cant even do my own sketch on the PS like you did
I am very jealous, massive!!
How how you do?
Waaaaa T___T
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Oh, WOW! That's amazing! Well done! I don't bother with Photoshop, I am useless with it...I usually outline MY messy sketches with a black outline pen, then scan 'em on.....well, no, my Dad scans it on, like I said, I am useless.
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So -that's- how people get such clean lines! Genius! Why did I not think of that!? XD

Don't worry, I sketch just as messy, if not worse. xD
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Wow, you're a genius! How can you make this drawing? How can you use photoshop for them? I'm very curious! Thanks and compliments again! :hug:
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Me too goodnightgirl. Now I will surely use photoshop for my next pic.
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One thing's for sure: I've learned a lot by just staring at that picture ^^

Thank you very much for sharing! :D
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nevermind. I figured it out.
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WAAAH? When I use the pen tool to outline my stuff, the lines don't vary in brushstroke width! How did you make it so that the pen strokes were thin at the edges??????
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Its magnific art! XD
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Ah awesome work I can never figure out how to thicken the lines on the pen tool though so i have to shetch it and it ends up looking like my currebt works : ( any help you could give would be most appreciated. Once again beautiful work.
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So sorry for the late reply on this...I haven't been able to go through my messages in a long time. ^^;

As for the pen tool lines, you can control the thickness with the brush tool; whatever thickness your brush is, that will be how thick your lines are. After you set the width, you can go back to the pen tool and make sure that you select "brush" before you make a line. It defaults to the brush tool, in any case, so you shouldn't have to worry about that.

Hope this helps a little...due to the late reply you may have figured this out already. ;)
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damn you have to teach me how to do that!! lol
not really got yet with photoshop doh :lol:
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*sees Tezuka, faints, comes to her senses* It looks great! I'm sure it'll come out awesome! Your work is brilliant.
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Even this is very good lineart.
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Messy? Um... Messy? MESSY??? :jawdrop: OMG!! If this is messy, than my sketching is beyond saving... :cries:
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Heheh...^^; Well, it's messy compared to the sketches I see from other folks here on DA ^^

In any case, I'm sure your sketches are fine...the finished work is the cleaned part, anyway! :D
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this is so awesome!!!

how do you get your pen tool to do the tapering line thing? you know with the line weight thing or whatever you call it.
I would much appreciate this info. :D

Btw, you art is teh awesome I will being back. :nod:
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Hey, kumita ^^ In order to get the tapering lines with the pen tool, all you have to do is make your line, the right-click and select "stroke path". When the little box comes up, select "brush" from the drop-down menu and then check the box that says, "Apply pressure". That's about it! ^^ Make sure that you set your brush size to the size of line you want! :D

Thanks for the comment! :heart:
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thank you very :dance:

*is trying it now*

and keep up the good work!
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Rawr tezuka. Prince of Tennis never ceases to amaze me with the bishonen.
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Ooh, I agree. It's a virtual harem of bish, that anime. More than makes up for the fact that I generally don't like sports! :heart:
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i'm still practicingwith that...hehehe. :s I'm like, a complete dunce...but u know. practice makes perfect.
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