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I started sketching this out sometime in the middle of 2007 and kind of left it to gather dust in my WIP folder until recently. I have too many things in there. :(

This is Adia and Max as kids back in the 80's. Adia came out looking like Haruhi from OHC, though it wasn't intentional. I don't like pigeons very much, but they are fun to draw. :D I had originally inked this picture, but it looked better without the lines, so I deleted that layer and tightened up the colors a bit.

FUN FACT: The graffiti on the generator in the background is an homage to my neighborhood. I've been seeing "CURF" tagged everywhere around here on billboards, in train tunnels, even on my neighbors' wall, since I was really little.

openCanvas 3.03 <3
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Wow, this looks so awesome!
I love it!
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I love how you handled the foreshortening like that. :omg:
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The colours make it seem so bright! =3 A happy memory, I'm hoping <3 =D Really, really well done.
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OH, they're so cute!! :heart: the angle is very well done, the mood and again that soft coloring you do = U = :heart: another beautiful piece from you! :w00t:
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Wow, brilliant angle, it must have been hard to pull off!
Excellent piece, I really do enjoy looking at your painting work.
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Stunning... great job with the POV
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:icontuxedoplz: Pretty cool work !
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That angle is pure coolness and I love the bright feeling to this picture. :D
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good job ^^ nice !
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Nice perspective, I really love that sky! I sometimes leave WIPs too....in fact I know I have a couple that I haven't touched in over a year. ^^; Maybe I should return to them.
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Thanks! :D Ahh, yeah...I've been pretty unproductive in my personal art this past year. XD There's a ton of half-assed sketches that I'm not even sure I like the concepts for so much anymore, hahah.

You should finish them! I wanna see new Amy-art! :D
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LOL, well the only drawn art I have in the pipeline are some new comic pages. I'd like to get around to doing more color illustrations some day though.
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You're drawing again! =D
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Hahah, trying to, anyway. ;)
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i think u made a good choice in leaving out the lines.u did good.
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Thanks! It looked pretty odd with the lines in...
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