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Phoenix Wright Bookmark '09

By weem
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These bookmarks are the last uploads for now, I promise.

New bookmarks for '09!

l-r: Gumshoe, Cyclops!Godot, Mia, Edgeworth, Phoenix, Franziska, Larry, Maya and Pearl. <3

Photoshop for everything!
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Phoenix Wright: Theatrhythm Attorney
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So my new bookmark. For every book I read. Ever.
*reads Pride & Prejudice*
Why can't I stop imagining the main characters as PW people? O__e
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Franziska diciendo a Phoenix que se va a enterar...xD
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I love Godot in this one. Franny is adorable too!
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The cuteness is overwhelming!!~ xD
I love it!
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Screw all the other pairings.

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Loooooove this!!! So adorable! You're an amazing artist! Go Phoenix Wright <333
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the gumshoe is so kyoot!
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Poor Gumshoe's noodles...
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Ooohhh, you did it for PW too :love: :XD: Adorable style, aww :love:
hApPy-h0t3l-mAn's avatar
Beware of Godot's coffee beam! :XD:
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I WANT ONE. Seriously. I have to find a way to make a custom bookmark very soon.

Aww, poor Gumshoe. That's another day of his salary. Wait, where's Godot's coffee? He ALWAYS has coffee. (Is he supposed to be looking a bit sad? Maybe that's why.)
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Oh my, Gumshoe looks beyond devastated, although I would be if I dropped my noodles ;_;

This is adorable! It's such a cute style, it's inspired me a little too!

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GAH, you are unimaginably evil! how dare you make Gumshoe drop his Cup Noodles. >:C *hands Gumshoe ramen* it's okay, as long as you have a pot, you'll be fine.

XD seriously tho, this is such a cute book mark, and it's so awesome!

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Yeah, I'm mean. T_T Poor starving guy! Hopefully they take pity and treat him to a nice meal. XD

Thank you! :D
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yeah, hopefully they do. X3 after all, he treated everyone to a big dinner/booze at the end of PW:AA.

and you are most welcome! X3
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Wonderful! I'm surprised this doesn't have pages upon pages of comments. Great expression and vibrant colour!
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Thank you! :D
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this is crazy adorable. ♥♥♥
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So cute, I love it! :D I so want one! XD Will you have these at NYAF? (I think you said in a journal sometime that you'd be there... I think? XD)
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Thank you! :D Yep, I'll be at NYAF and the Phoenix bookmarks will be there, too!
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