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Malaise de L'Orange

EDIT 4/25/08: The rest of the photos from this project are now posted as a video on YouTube. If you'd like to see it, please visit my channel here: [link] and it'll be there. I'd love to just post the direct link to the video, but the URL formats itself weird and breaks. Sorry 'bout that.


This is part of a photography project I've been working on for the past few weeks for my Multimedia class. We were supposed to tell a story using photos. I decided to tell a love story between fruit. ;)

These photos are some of my favorites from the project. If you can't tell what's going on, we follow our Orange friend as he comes home to find his girlfriend's "clothes" scattered around the floor. He then proceeds to catch her in bed with a handsome banana. After that, even his friends can't console him. He drowns his sorrows in nicotine and liquor.

Don't worry. It all ends well. ;)

Each piece of fruit was hand-painted with black tempera to get the facial expressions. The eyes were bought at an art supply store. I think they're teddy bear eyes or something.

I would have liked to post the whole project, but there's over 50 shots in it, so...meh.

Pardon my French. ^^;
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Incredibly original and creative!
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Wow!! This is so creative😃
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Haha adorable and perfect
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lol why are there so many people in the room?
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Fantastic creationism. Just wow.
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This is amazing, and sad at the same time.
Poor orange!
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Omg it's like six a.m. and I'm laughing like a complete idiot when I see this. So funny and nice job!
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nice pic! congratulations![link]
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Amazing! The video was great! I love this :D
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tres fabuleux, sa fais un long temps que jais type en francais, excuse mes erreurs
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Adorable and so creative! I want to eat every one of them.
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Omg is there anywhere where I can see them all? They are awesome! Poor mister orange...
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I saw this [link]
Someone posted this on tumblr without giving you credit
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ahahahah It's beautiful
i'm so sad......poor orange...
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