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Hetalia Chibis II

By weem
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I could not resist doing more of these for NYAF. <3

Top: Prussia, Austria, Lithuania (and Tony), Finland (and Hana-Tamago), Sweden.

Bottom: Canada (and Kumajiro), Korea, Waiter!Iggy, Angel!Iggy, Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire (with Chibitalia's undies).

First batch of Hetalia chibis here: [link]

Stickers. :D
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Give me Canada and nobody gets hurt. :iconseriousfaceplz:
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Its really cute, love the way you made Iggy.
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I can't help the spazz, y'know? Great, great.~ <3
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That looks more like Steve than Tony.... O_O
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chibitalia and HRE >///<

Kawaiii desu!!!!!
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awww are so cute!>___<
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Awwwwww, and all the lovely characters, too :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Hee~ I have the Canada sticker~ He made me smile the entire month I was working 1st shift at a factory. (I stuck him to my badge.)
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These are too adorable. :love: *faves*
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chibi power O_O!
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Wow, how often do you draw animals? I mean, I knew you drew Hallow, but here I notice a couple of animals! 8D You should draw.. a red fox... sometime.. *_* Hehe, what's your favorite animal? :0

I love how perfect you make eyes, they're all so appealing. ^_^
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Prussia! Awesomeness!
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ahahahah!! that made me giggle with glee when i saw those at NYAF~ :heart:
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Waaaaah, the cuteness!!!
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I really adore thoses gradiants, it makes a really nice effet. Plus the poses & style are cool!~
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God If I ever get near those
where I can buy them
I will buy them all. XD
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Ahhh, they're SO cute! :aww: Not only do I like all the little characters, but I like their awesome props/animals... especially those duckies and the polar bear (I'm from Canada, but there aren't any polar bears here! :XD:). You're really talented with chibis!
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