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Apollo Justice Chibi Par-tay

I think I had the most fun with this one!

Was originally going to just do the main characters, but I love most of them so much that I just drew them all. I wanted to stylize the chibis differently than I usually do them.

Well, almost all. WHO IS MISSING?

openCanvas 4 for lines, Photoshop for color.
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If only Miles Edgeworth was here
Kosmotiel's avatar
Apollo's face is just the cutest. ahhh
QuesoGr7's avatar
This is so damn cute I love it! :D
Destruc18's avatar
Sticklers expression is hilarious
madoak92's avatar
Wajaja, I'm playing again this game and this drawing it's so funny and nice, with all the pjs :D I love it ^^
Woouu's avatar
Why I love this so much? ; - ;
cowtape's avatar
OMG stickler and his panties e u e~
Tou-Katsu-Damacy's avatar
I love how you drew these wondahfol people from a wondahfol game!
I like how you drew Vera, Alita, Spark, Olga, Klavier, Daryan, Ema, Phoenix (SNACKOO PLZ, EMA), Wocky, Wesley and LAMIROIR!!
I love them all!
totallyobjectionable's avatar
*makes "aaaaaaw" noise* SO CUTE OMG.
neechee123's avatar
Can you find all the bunnies in the picture?!
XD Great pic!
Introvert-Thyself's avatar
TOO CUTE AND FUNNY. SO MUCH LOVE WITH THIS. -flailhandhitseveryone'sfaceomg-
jessikitty00's avatar
...well, some of them.
jessikitty00's avatar
Who's missing? The victims, of course.
Shiiwolf's avatar
This is awesome!
ssnowsongs's avatar
Hahaha I love Stickler~! xDD And Phoenix is just tooo cute! I adore Apollo as well.
Banirakurimu's avatar
*-* It's great! Awesome! I like it sooo much!
RealNoir13's avatar
The Judge OOOOOH THE JUDGE!!!! >u<
animegrl357's avatar
this is sooooo sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! omg....OAO
pokeloverz's avatar
Lemme see the only ones missing are Payne,Spark and that Merkati dude
Amazing anyway~
LukeGirl's avatar
XDXDXD jaja is brilliant, they are all small XD
Vilxen's avatar
Dude, uncool that you forgot piratey Olga and Drew Misham! But that's alright, Drew is pretty forgettable~
VGQueen765's avatar
Moonshadow0989's avatar
This is just so adorable, everyone's in character too!
LOL at Wesely running away with the panties.
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