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Script Font - Beloved

What's the appeal? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

This font gets more hits and favourites than any of my new work, I'd love to know why…


I've decided if this font gets 1000 hits I'll carry on with it and tidy it up, but after I've finished my other work.

Thanks for viewing

PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED VERSION "Script Font - Beloved version 3" THANKYOU.

I've added a critique request to this page, mainly because people DO keep looking at it and adding it as a favourite or image set, etc. And having made a better version, I'd just like to know why you all keep coming to this one. Maybe it's just me being too picky, but all I can see are faults in it.

Anyway thanks for stopping by.

All the best for 2012.


PS. As people seem to like this I've decided if it ever reaches 1000 favourites I'll finish it off.
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The way in which the font fit together appears as true calligraphy, not simply a font attempting. There are ebbs and flows throughout as if there were truly a pen nib put to paper with pressure furthermore ink flow. The flair of the nib stayed directionally as it should, which provides a more authentic appeal. When I first learned calligraphy the most difficult part for me was learning when to pull the pressure away from the paper as you added the flair for the capital letters and this font has that mastered without overdoing it. The author of this font has taken into account the ending of the words, which is paramount in calligraphy without making the font overdone and messy. All in all, it is positively beautiful. I am entirely impressed with the font.

Your work has made me realize that I need to get off my duff and upload my own calligraphy work to DA. Thank you for this font! It is positively stunning!
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An inspiring critique. Makes me think I should carry on.

PS. Post your work I'd love to see some.
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I like this font a lot, and I can easily picture this font in many different drawings that I have seen. The way you made the lines thicker and thinner really works with the letters. I think that this is very well done.

However, I think that all the swirls and curves make it a bit hard for the reader(?) to tell which letters are which, like the uppercase P and L.

The lowercase letters seem to be shadowed by the uppercase. They don't seem as creative as the uppercase and look kind of like a second thought to me.

Other than that, I have no problems with it. I love it!
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Beloved is a beautiful font - it's imperfect curves (or faults!), variety of flourishes and wild abandon leave you with the warm feeling of first love...

When I see this font, I can easily imagine lovers running barefoot on a breezy beach in filmy clothing, having a picnic in a warm flowery meadow, dancing in the rain, or a lazy evening with nothing but a bottle of wine and a sunset.

If I would suggest something, it would be to have a set where the lowercase flourishes are optional, so that it would look more realistic in a letter form. (and numbers of course)
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very nice font
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It's the fantasy tag line.  I searched for Fantasy Font in the search bar and this was one of the first that came up.
Hi, is it possible to download the beloved font?
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I keep getting asked how to download this font.

Unfortunately you can't. Basically as the font itself has never been finished and finalised. Whether or not it will I don't know yet, that remains to be seen.

But for now I really appreciate your support and interest.

All the best
This is GORGEOUS, how do you download this font?!?!?
How do i download
How can you not love this font? It's absolutely beautiful!
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amazing font,, how can i have this beautiful font??
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May i have this font please?
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it kind of reminds me of how European royals signed and wrote their letters and documents, with dramatic long strokes. catches the eye.
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I like this font because you do the S like I do mine... Your updated version does not.

Anyway I can get this one instead?
Well, one of the attractive things is the base-loading, where flourishes tend to pull the eye back to the letter or down toward the base-line rather than leading it up or to the side.

If this were a free commercial use font ttf, I'd probably download it. I sometimes use fonts like this for specific characters in my writing.
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I love it! BEScollo
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  because is simply an award winner font!
This or your August 2008 version are the very best!!
I really really really want this font!
It seems the elegance and curves of each letter coupled with it's legibility make it so intriguing.
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Such a "fierce met by sophistication" font, perfect to match its users personality. I would be personally honored to display this artists work to promote our charity Guns For Hoses, which all proceeds go to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. This font has the perfect personality we r looking for when designing sites and advertisement if you would like to donate your font or work something out so that we may display your art on our our charity. Please feel free to email me at for more information on our charity. Thank you for your possible interest in working together in the near future.

~Mandy Rocke
Guns for Hoses-Founder
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I am still awaiting the download for this... Im still in love.
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I'm afraid you may have a long wait.

I'm waiting till the favourites reaches 1000 :D

Thank you so much for the enthusiasm it's greatly appreciated. If only everyone was so enthusiastic about each others work.

All the best

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