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[Dead Nation] Magnus Magnum | Forged



Magnus Magnum | The Forged


General Info

Name: Magnus Magnum

Nickname(s): Mags, Maggie

Age: 31

Gender: Transmasc Non-binary [he/him, they/them]

Faction: The Forged

    Rank: Denfather

Primary Weapon: Utility knife.

Melee Weapon: Axe.

Third Weapon Slot: [CURRENTLY LOCKED]

Fourth Weapon Slot: [CURRENTLY LOCKED]

Weapon Stats:

Knife - 5 dmg

Axe - 5 dmg

RP Tracker: You're already on it.


Race: African-American

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 240lbs

Eye Color: Dark brown

Voice: Justice Wastington | SeigiVA

Scars: Many; most from working with hot metal, leather tools or woodworking tools and machinery. A couple of gunshots from his time before he joined the Forged.




Breed: Draft mule (mammoth jack x percheron)

Height: 16.5 hands

Weight: A Lot

Coat: Bay


Eye Color: Deep brown.

Other Genetics: 

Scars: A brand on his left haunch.

Items: Saddle + saddlebags, tack.


[ Kind ] - [ Hard-working ] - [ Determined ] - [ Happy ] - [ Empathetic ] - [ Talkative ] 

Kind | Kindness, measured; lest supply run out. | Magnus is kind because he chooses to be. Everyone is given a second chance. Everyone is worth saving until they push him too far and even then, even if he dislikes them, he won’t stop others from helping. Kindness is also honesty and knowing when it’s best to stop.

Hard-working | Without the mule, the plow shall rust. | Magnus is nothing if not hard-working. He will spend all hours of the day and the night making sure his people are looked after and safe. He will build homes, furniture, cook, make baskets and bags, cast or make weapons.

Determined | For when has a broken leg done the same to a tiger's spirit? | His tenacity has gotten him through a lot in life and it’s not about to fail him now. 

Happy | Rain followed the sound of joy, with tears of mirth and never sorrow. | Despite the world falling apart Magnus has made his peace with it and he’s determined to make the most of it. He tries to see the positive aspects in any given situation, no matter how dire.

Empathetic | Should you let your heart bleed, ensure the scent does not attract. | As an empathetic man Magnus has a hell of a time saying no to people in trouble, sometimes to his detriment. While second chances are a thing and if he realises you’re being a dick he’ll say no, a lot of the time if you give him the doe-eyes or play to his kind nature, you’ll get by just fine. This extends to the undead. They’re still people to him and it terrifies him.

Talkative | And how the birds grew envious of his tireless voice. | Magnus greatly dislikes silence. As a result he will, if music isn’t available, talk to himself or just out loud for no reason. He’s aware that this can annoy people but he usually can’t stop. If he’s too silent for too long the thoughts in the back of his mind creep up.


Themesong: Major Lazer - Light It Up

Sexuality: Pansexual | Panromantic


Likes: Animals, crafting, superheroes, comics in general, fantasy, DnD, sci fi, cuddling, drawing, dancing, singing

Dislikes: Silence, violence, aggression, being lied to, death


  • Determined

  • Hard-working

  • Good endurance

  • Kind

  • Good memory


  • Afraid of the dark

  • Depression

  • Afraid of the undead


  • Woodworking

  • Leatherworking

  • Metalworking

  • Teaching


Magnus, from his beginning to his current self, has always been a nerd of some sort. From growing up watching Star Wars and Star Trek to getting into DnD and comics as a teen he was always throwing himself into his hobbies. This meant that when he joined a LARP group after visiting a Renfaire he was inspired to take up not only leather work and woodwork to make his own equipment and gaming tables, but to learn metalworking to add another skill to his set. Soon he wound up running his own artisan crafting business at a workshop one of his friends owned and they would collaborate on nerdy tabletop merch.

After the Fall he found himself lost and with only a small group of his friends to survive with. They survived for a year entirely on their wits before a zombie attack scattered their group in the night, which led to him developing a deep-seated fear of the dark, lest something shamble out of it. It was while escaping from this attack that he stumbled into a patrol of Forged members and they took him back to their compound, where he eventually became a Denfather.


Health Points: 100


Strength: 3 [5]

Stealth: 1 [-1]

Perseverance: 3 [4]

Swiftness: 1 [2]

Wisdom: 2 [1]

Faction Stats:

+2 Strength

- 2 Stealth

+1 Perseverance

+1 Swiftness

-1 Wisdom

Other Info

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