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[Dead Nation ARPG] Cazador Tracker



Cazador Moreira | The Sanctuary


General Info

 Cazador Moreira
Nickname(s): Caz, Hellkite, Yaguara
Age: 45-50
Gender: Genderfluid

Faction: Sanctuary
Rank: Guard Tower Guard

Primary Weapon: Remington Model 700
Melee Weapon: Knife
Third Weapon Slot: Hunting Bow

Fourth Weapon Slot: [CURRENTLY LOCKED]

Weapon Bonuses: 


Base Damage - 15
Modifiers - Weapon Upgrade +10 - Silencer +5 - Cleaning Kit +5 - Iron Sights +10 - Upgraded Ammo +30 - Upgraded Trigger +5 - Compensator +5 - Upgraded Stock +15
Total Damage - 100


Base Damage - 10
Modifiers - Weapon Upgrade +10 - Sharpening Kit +5 - Cleaning Kit +5 - Nails +5 - Barbed Wire +15 - Sawblades +30
Total Damage - 80

Hunting Bow

Base Damage - 10
Modifiers - Broadhead Arrows +5 - Cleaning Kit +5 - Weapon Upgrade +10
Total Damage - 30

RP Tracker


Race: Mixed race (from Brazil)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250lbs (ish; fluctuates)
Eye Color: Pale amber, left eye clouded.
Voice: Deep, husky; can vary from a crisp RP accent to his native Portuguese lilt. [Voiceclaim]

Many; most notable are the scratches over his left eye, small circular burn scars on his shoulders and numerous cuts and bite marks.

 Pistol with Last Resort carved into the barrel with one chambered bullet [never used in combat or self defence], locket with tiny braided lock of hair, journal.

Effect Items:

Mule: Increases character protection from Zombie and Raider threats by 10%, Increases how many supplies you can get from one supply run by 5%
Flashlight: Decreases Zombie attacks at night by 20%. Wards away Hylas and freezes Stalkers
Garden Plot: Allows five extra supply rolls per image. Does not stack.​


Companion Reference: [if any]
Breed : Draft Mule
Height: 17 Hands Weight: 1400lbs
Coat: Dun appaloosa
Geno: [Bay Dun with Blanket and Spots]
Eye Color: Dark brown.
Other Genetics:
Scars: x
Items: Saddle,


[ Tenacious ] - [ Resourceful ] - [ Charismatic ] - [ Grey Morality ] - [ Remorseless ] - [ ADHD ]

• Tenacious | “To Hell and back again" | He's lived too long to quit now and if there's one thing more stubborn than his mule, it's him.
• Resourceful | “If anyone can find hen's teeth, it's him" | A life long-lived has taught him well and he's the man you go to if you want to find... anything. Also means he can make the best out of any situation.

• Charismatic | “Could charm the black off a crow" | This man is walking charisma. He wears a facade of charm and smooth talking to deflect and distract; the kind of man you'd love hearing stories from.
• Grey Morality | “That man is chaotic lawful" | Any port in a storm describes Caz's moral compass; as long as he's safe, anything goes. Do not however mistake this for cowardice.

• Remorseless | “Any final regards?" | Caz is a tolerant man. But cross him once, shame on him. Cross him twice, you'll never do it again. There's a line in the sand with him that once stepped over severs any consideration of you as a human person. He loses empathy and you are in danger
 • ADHD | “Approximate knowledge of many things" | Unmedicated ADHD means this man can and will go off on tangents, he will spend hours researching if left alone with books in any capacity. He will have lists upon lists. He will be unable to do anything if he has something planned that day.

Themesong: [Optional]
Sexuality: Aromantic pansexual, skittish about emotional intimacy.

 Books, reading, travelling, horses, flirting, learning, hoarding knowledge like some sort of asshole dragon

 Dogs, sudden loud noises, people touching his hair, people touching him without warning, people trying to pry

- Intelligent - This man is too smart for his own good.
- Quick-witted - Sharp reactions and a sharper tongue.
- Wise - Knows a tomato based fruit salad is salsa.
- Cautious - Moves softly, silently, plans carefully.

- Fear of dogs - Due to several instances in his past, he greatly dislikes dogs.
- Slow to trust - It takes him a long time to let people in.
- Old bones - His hips, back and hands are all upset at the fact he still wishes to use them extensively. Cold weather exacerbates pain.
- Sarcastic - Oh really? How exciting. Probably gets him shot.

- Animal Handling - Can work a mule, a donkey or a horse with finesse.
- Crack shot - Can hit the wings off a butterfly at a hundred paces, give or take. Or nail you with a knife.
- Tracking - Knows how to find that thing you lost. And will charge you for it.
- Cooking - The man likes his food and refuses to eat basic things. Will try his best to make something worthwhile. Not fussy though.



Health Points: 400 


Strength: 1   [100]
Stealth: 2      [98]
Perseverance: 2  [92]
Swiftness: 2       [87]
Wisdom: 3          [100]

+1 Strength [Faction Stat]
+ 1 Stealth [Faction Stat]
+2 Perseverance [Faction Stat]
-2 Swiftness [Faction Stat]
-1 Wisdom [Faction Stat]


Supreme Boost - +40 Strength
Supreme Boost - +40 Stealth
Supreme Boost - +40 Perseverance
Supreme Boost - +40 Swiftness
Supreme Boost - +40 Stealth
2x Large Boost - +40 Strength
2x Large Boost - +40 Stealth
2x Large Boost - +40 Perseverance
2x Large Boost - +40 Swiftness
2x Large Boost - +40 Wisdom
Medium Boost - +10 Stealth
Medium Boost - +10 Perseverance
Medium Boost - +10 Swiftness
Small Boost - +5 Strength
Small Boost - +5 Stealth
Small Boost - +5 Wisdom
Small Boost - +5 Wisdom

3x Barricade - +15 Wisdom
3x Trap - + 15 Strength
Silencer - +2 Stealth

Other Info:

RP Requests: 18+ pref, DM on Discord

 Open but almost entirely platonic; struggles with 'romantic' relationships, requires consistency and trust most of all.

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