A Taste of Your Own Medicine

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A Taste of Your Own Medicine

Caz + Nick

Total WC: 3,313

Weebur / Caz WC: 1,336

Mish / Nick WC: 1,977

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  • Collab bonus [20 supplies]

  • Word count [3.1k = 31 x 5 = 155 supplies]

  • Total: 175 supplies


  • Collab bonus [20 supplies]

  • Word count [3.1k = 31 x 5 = 155 supplies]

  • Total: 175 supplies

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Nick stumbles back with a fierce glare as he rips his axe free of a zombie’s shoulder. The shambling corpse gurgling a snarl as it topples towards him, then slams to the pavement at his feet. He crushes his boot down on its softening skull as it tries to grab him with its remaining good arm. It dies with a loud squelch.

The hoard groan and spatter as they stagger towards Nick. Those closest, baring their teeth and starting to claw at the small distance between them and the survivor. He snarls back at them as he retreats a few steps. Eyes darting to check the path behind him, then back to the hell he’d run into.

Then he’s adjusting his grip on his axe. Getting ready to swing. But his eyes can’t settle on a target. The zombies too close together for him to pick one off without another lunging at him. He hisses as his heart races. Panic filling him as he takes more steps back and the zombies continue to give chase. Desperate for their next insatiable meal.

Nick’s breathing doubles as he feels his feet dip. The survivor stumbling onto the road and back, into an open cross-roads. He growls in anger and desperation as he looks around, his hands fumbling to have the axe in just the one so he can inspect the wound on his leg. It wasn’t the worst, but running was a really, really bad idea right now.

Nick blows a heavy breath through his nose and flicks his eyes back to the hoard.

Guess I have no choice.

Nick wrinkles his nose as he struggles to put his axe away and hobble from the hoard. Fiddling with the straps of his backpack until the axe is secure and he can get his pistol out. He hated using it, it was too noisy. But he was out of options. It was time to risk it.

He wasn’t a horrid shot, but Nick hadn’t used a gun before the Fall and rarely used one since. So Nick took his time lining up a shot on a zombie’s head. Bullets were hard to come by and he had to make them count. He sucks in a breath when he’s locked onto a walker that isn’t horribly limping, then fires.

The bang rings in his ears and bounces off the nearby buildings as the zombie slumps to the floor.


Nick might have thought he was done for as the horde shambled towards him in thoughtless determination. It was while he was getting ready to fire off a second round when the head of the zombie he was aiming at exploded, seemingly out of nowhere. A few seconds passed and another collapsed. Then a third. Each was very briefly proceeded by a sharp zwip. To those that knew, it was the sound of a bullet flying. Eventually there were seven downed and it gave him enough room to make a move again.

However as he was making that decision, should he look around, he'd spot something gleaming not terribly far away. It was a corner of the Sanctuary and one of it's towers. A guard had clearly seen him and was now trying to get his attention with a mirror or something reflective. Zombies didn't care for bright lights or gleaming things, it seemed.


When a much louder shot rings from the distance, Nick flinches backwards. Hard. The survivor nearly tripping over his own feet as he stumbles away from the zombie another firearm had gunned down. He panics as he continues to reverse from the zombies, eyeing the one that no longer had a head, then snaps his eyes as another one pops to the right.

Nick tries to see where the shots are coming from as he lures the zombies in a circle. Keeping them in sight of whoever was saving his ass while also maintaining his distance from them.

He has a vague idea of where his rescuer is when the last zombie drops, but can’t pinpoint their location until there’s a flash of light. Nick raises his free hand to cock it in a small wave, then starts trudging his way towards them. Moving slower to save himself some pain, now that he could afford to.


As soon as Nick acknowledges the flickering light it ceases and the silhouette in the tower waves back. Whoever it was leaned on the rail and peered at the man after calling down to let the rest of the guard crew know he was on his way and was in need of some help. They didn't have a lot but the philosophy here seemed to be to help who they can, where they can. Even if it was getting a little crowded.

Once Nick was close enough to hear him his guardian angel called down with a small salute and a tip of his hat.

"Ah! So you were the one causing all that commotion!" He laughed, voice husky as silk over a rock. "Your leg- it needs tending, no? I think we have the medics for that."


“Hey.” Nick calls up to his savior when the man salutes and tips his hat in greeting. The survivor coming to a gentle stop and leaning on the husk of a car with a small grunt.

“Yeah, sorry about that. And thanks for saving my ass.” Nick weakly chuckles back, peeking up at the man with a sheepish grin. It pops of his face when his eyebrows rise in surprise. “It- It does, yes.” Nick stutters, blinking up at his savior. He then flicks his pale silver eyes to the signs of a settlement behind him, peering at it in curious wonder.

Is this Sanctuary?

“I don’t have much on me.” Nick says, slowly drawing his eyes back to the man in the tower. “To trade for medical assistance.” He adds while taking a first, proper look at his leg. His rough hands gently nudging the torn cloth of his pant legs to peek at the damage. He hums. It wasn’t too bad. Probably needed stitches but he hadn’t cut deep enough to nick anything thank god.


"Don't worry about it; I enjoyed the target practice and the break in monotony!" Icy eyes watched him intently as he suddenly seemed to realise he'd walked into the Sanctuary. Perhaps his wounds had dulled his ability to observe. That or the horde of undead that had been chasing him in circles.

"They are very generous here. I do not think they will turn you away for being unable to afford an exchange. You can ask one of the medics, or talk it out with Colby or Booker." He could have simply walked down to meet him but it meant stairs and he was already comfortable. He might come take a look at him later though... he had lovely eyes. "You're not scratched or bitten, are you?"


Nick wheezes a small laugh and nods. “Fair enough.” He squints a little when the guard goes on to talk about Sanctuary and potential aid. He hadn’t heard of anything bad happening to those who visited the place, but people helping for free was a bit odd. Unless he meant he could work of the payment instead. Which, wouldn’t be so bad.

“Nah. Got this vaulting out a broken window.” Nick replies, motioning to the cut on his leg. He eyes it again. He could limp home. He had the supplies. ‘Idiot. Should have brought some with me. Won’t be making that mistake again.’

“I guess I can just tell them a guard sent me?” Nick snorts, peeking up at his savior again.


"Always clear the glass before you jump. Otherwise you're just making your own life miserable; glass shards are a bitch in a wound." Poor thing... "And you can tell them I sent you. Kite, if you need it."

And that was pretty much where he left the man. It wasn't his decision to let him in but hopefully the gate guards would be considerate. After that he went back to his job and didn't really reconsider the man save to occasionally recall his silvery eyes and ever-present smile. A day or two passed and it was when, off duty and fresh from having brushed down Bellero for the day, he spotted a familiar pair of eyes.

"Well! You certainly clean up handsome, don't you, hmm?"


Nick wheezes a little at the guard’s advice. “Tell me about it.” He grumbles with a faint chuckle. “Trust me, if I’d had the time, I would have.” He sighs, hobbling a few paces. “Thanks, again.”

Healed and cleaned up, and his payment done, Nick was ready to get back on the road. Sanctuary was a good place, but he needed to get back to his critters and make sure his supplies hadn’t been robbed.

He’s walking by the stable, towards the gate he’d come through 2 days prior, when a familiar voice makes him jump. He blows a soft breath when his eyes find that of the guard who’d saved his ass from the undead, and offers him a small but sincere smile. He chuckles some at the guard’s words, giving him a cheeky shrug.

“You tell me.” He muses as he comes to lean on a railing behind him. “Been a while since I’ve bothered tidying up this much. Don’t really have to worry about appearances when you’re on your own all the time.” Nick snorts, eyes casting away for a moment. When they flick back, Nick looks the guard over, lingering here and there, before meeting his eyes.

“Thanks to you, that might not be as much of a problem.” Nick smiles, nodding to the buildings towards the heart of Sanctuary. “Picked up some work, and will be back here and there for trades if all goes well.” He relaxes a little more into the railing behind him, arms stretching out over the metal, pulling his chest muscles and shoulders out. “I’ll have to come back with a proper thank you too.” Nick adds, lips curling up some in a smirk.

Caz: (112)

"I was," purred Caz in response as the man walked up to the fence, leaning beside him. "You should really try more often; it's worth the effort. At least from this side of the fence."

He's dressed in his chilled clothes, open shirt, as he lets the man cast his eyes here and there. When he looks back up Caz is already looking at him with half-lidded eyes and a lazy, charming smile.

"Oh you're working from here?" At that he seems more interested, watching the man stretch with an approving raise of his brows. Smooth. He returned the slightly smug expression. "Oh will you now? How ever will you repay me?"

Nick: (150)

A curious, thick brow quirks at Caz’s purr, followed by a weak smirk. He slowly shakes his head in pleasant disbelief as his smirk grows a little wider. “Maybe I will…” Nick trails, licking his lips when he sees Caz looking back at him with half-lidded eyes and a smile that could likely talk him into anything.

Which was dangerous to say the least.

Nick lazily shrugs where he’s stretched out across the railing, his t-shirt straining. “For now, at least. I tend to work where I can.” Nick explains, smirk tugging some at Caz’s response to his stretch. He barks a small laugh when the guard questions him on the aforementioned ‘thank you’.

“Not sure yet.” Nick hums, fingers idly sliding and tapping on the metal railing. “I’ll have to find out what you like first.” He purrs, smirk curling higher on one side as he flicks his brows.

Caz: (154)

Good,” he replied with a satisfied him as he sidled closer to him. He’d be lying if he said the man wasn’t both handsome and charming; so it was definitely worth a shot letting himself chat him up.

When he watched the man’s poor shirt struggle to contain his chest he made another note; see if he can give me a good throw-around. He also couldn’t fault him for working from the Sanctuary either. While he hadn’t ever planned on landing in a place like this he found it had its benefits. Security, a guaranteed meal, company and medical attention. All things he’d struggled with to varying degrees as a vagabond. “I look forward to having you around then; might be good for us both.”

And then that cheeky little reply that left him chuckling quietly. Especially the brow-waggle. “I am not a picky person... so what would you like in a man, hmm?”

Nick: (154)

Nick tilts his head as Caz comes over. Pale blue eyes drifting down Caz’s divine figure to watch his hips as he moved. Then, they flick back up to Caz’s eyes, and catch them looking at Nick’s chest; It nearly breaks Nick’s smirk into a wolfish grin.

He chuckles a low purr at Caz’s response, bites his lower lip and lets his head loll back with a dark chuckle. He keeps his head there as he peeks to Caz out of the corner of his eye.

“I’m not either.” Nick begins, eyes closing for a small shrug. But then they’re open again, and his gaze on Caz is intense to say the least. “But someone who can handle rough n tough, or if I’m so lucky, enjoys some kinky shit? One word is all it would take.” Nick practically growls. A deep chuckle rumbling in his throat as his mind clouded with dangerous lust.

Caz: (116)

Catching the man looking at him made not emphasising his sultry walk very, very hard. As it was though he managed it and simply strolled over with minimal hip sway. The man’s expressions seemed delightfully varied and he could only imagine the ways in which his face would change once under pressure. Or his boot.

Then his response had his blood running. Oh yes this was a fun one.

“Oh sweetheart,” and his own eyes were on Nick’s with all the intensity of a hawk watching a rabbit. He leaned in closer, head dipping by his ear, as if he wanted to keep his promiscuity a secret. “I think you’re in luck... These are my specialty.

Nick: (188)

The call name alone had Nick’s blood running a little hotter, then he caught how Caz was looking at him. His once relaxed frame now tightens as the man comes closer. His gloved hands hissing on the railing as he slowly wrapped and tightened his fingers around it. A hot breath escapes Nick’s slightly parted lips with a barely audible bark when Caz whispers in his ear. Nick’s hot blood now lightly simmering between his legs. He shifts a little against the railing, swallowing down nothing.

Well fuck.” Nick chuckles, letting his head come back down to be level with Caz’s. He takes a second to revel under the man’s intense gaze before slowly swiveling on the spot. Leaning on the railing with just one arm now as he faces Caz fully. “I was gonna go home.” Nick admits, hooded eyes wandering down to the other man’s lips. They linger there, peek to the man’s neck, then finally return to his piercing eyes. “But I’d much rather show my gratitude and see you prove your claim.” The nomad purrs, leaning into the bubble that was Caz’s personal space.

Caz: (142)

“So soon?” The man purred in his husky, quiet voice as he enjoyed the ways Nick found himself reacting to... well. Everything he was doing. It was always worth teasing and doubly so when it came to people who were just so easy to get going.

“That was the idea, my dear.” And then Nick turned to look at him; at painted lips that he pursed just so, down to his neck and then back up. When their eyes met again Caz was giving him an almost predatory little gaze. Unbothered by the invasion of his bubble he leaned right back and wound up so close Nick could feel his breath on his lips. “How about a free sample?”

And Nick is kissed with the kind of hunger you’d only dream of; with the added discovery of the man’s pierced, forked tongue.

Nick: (190)

Nick had parted his wicked smirk to reply, but was cut short by Caz’s sudden advancement. He grunts into the man’s painted lips as they mold over his own, but quickly recovers and leans into the kiss. The hand on the railing grips hard and the other ghosts at Caz’s side as the two press into one another. A low and loud moan catching in the back of Nick’s throat when he feels that Caz’s tongue isn’t just pierced, but forked.

Christ okay.” Nick gasps after pulling back for air, that hand itching to plant on Caz’s side. To feel and pull. But Nick stays still, eyes ablaze and his cheeks tinted with a lusty blush. “I thrive taking the lead.” Nick begins, pressing hips lips into Caz’s once more. Drawing his tongue over the man’s bottom lip before giving it a weak nibble. “But this is about thanking you for saving my ass. So, you tell me when, where, and how you want this.” Nick purrs, licking his lips as his eyes bore into Caz’s. “Anything you want, let’s hear it.” Nick rumbles, lips lightly brushing over the guard’s.

Caz: (134)

“You might enjoy taking the lead but I’m the one holding the leash,” Caz thrummed in response, feeling his free hand barely touch him. Curious hesitance from a man who was looking at him like a hungry dog looks at a slab of meat. The blush was adorable icing on this flirty cake, too.

“Well there’s a quiet little place around the back of the barn. An empty shed nobody checks unless they are after a tryst. Meet me there when the shadows hit the upper windows on the west wall. As for what I want... “ Hi own tongue teased against Nick’s lips with the curious spread of that split tip tempting his own out again before drawing away so he could finish speaking. “Impress me. Show me how dirty you really are.”

Nick: (151)

Nick’s brows shot up in surprise at Caz’s purr, his heart nearly skipping a beat and something coiling in his stomach. He doesn’t have the time nor concentration to pinpoint what it is.

When Caz starts purring again Nick’s full attention is on the guard. That hungry smirk slowly curling Nick’s lips again. It parts for Caz when his split tongue glides over them, his own tongue chasing for one last taste of the guard. He nibbles his bottom lip and snorts a low chuckle at Caz’s request.

“Damn. Alright darling.” Nick purrs, his British accent dripping as he flashes Caz a dark grin. “I’ll think of you until then.” He adds, his tongue wetting his top lip before running along his upper teeth as he slowly backs away from Caz. Eyes lingering for as long as they can before he finally turns away, doing exactly what he said he’d do.

Caz: (134)

It was a game he loved to play. Wind people up with all of his little tricks and teases. Figuring out what got them really going and then setting his metaphorical teeth to their throat. Perhaps even his actual teeth if they were into that -and he hoped Nick was- because people were so pretty with bites on their necks.

Their brief game of tongue-tag had him humming delightedly and he gave Nick something to really remember for the rest of the afternoon.

“Toodle-pip~” He called back to him in an impeccable mimicry of his British accent and looking him right in the eyes up until he turned away. Once he was no longer looking the man grinned and sauntered off to go about the rest of his day until their date rolled around.

FEATURING: Nick and Caz

Nick barely escapes a small flock of walkers with the aid of a man in a tower with a keen eye and a quick sense of action. Gets more than he bargains for.

Short RP upload for Dead-Nation featuring GalacticAlchemist 's Nick and my Caz.
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