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New Hairstyle? Vote

So I have been thinking I need a HAIRCUT
This was from two years ago, and I leave it up to you random users to decide if I should get it cut like this again.
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Jan 1, 2003, 12:07:48 AM
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fukfukfuk's avatar
this makes you look like an anime character!!!!!!!! ^_^
Ilovemuffens's avatar
Nice hair I like it
One-Torn-Tear's avatar
wow, I just saw your pic here, so well I like long hair, I go between long and almost short then back to long so I can't make up my own mind. I think either way would look good on you. So tell me, since you posted this onNov. 5th and it is the 20th now, did you cut it or what? Just curious.
Omega015's avatar
Maybe you'd look like a boy for once.
Weeaboo-RageZZ's avatar
Maybe you'd stop being a douche bag for once and just stfu and let me have my OPINION ON PEOPLE'S ART.
Omega015's avatar
I'm merely expressing my own opinion.

And my opinion is that you are a sad little bitch.
Weeaboo-RageZZ's avatar
...YOURE A DOUCHE BAG. You fucker. YOU THINK YOUR OPINION ON OTHER PEOPLE MATTER? Well they don't. You're basically committing an act of bullying. My opinion was MERELY ON THAT KIDS FUCKING ART. I was CRITIQUING IT. You on the other hand, Your opinion is bullying. I only defended myself against your hateful words.
Omega015's avatar
Are you even seeing what you're typing right now? The amount of hypocrisy you've just exhibited is just pathetic.

Really, I almost feel like I should pity you.
Rainbows-And-Velvet's avatar
*sigh* Wow, your really childish aren't you? Just back off, if you don;t like it, don't look at it don't comment, don't be a total dick because really i don't give a shit on what you think, and just plain insulting someone for no fucking reason, if he's Pathetic well your scum <:3 go back to your porn and Shut the fuck up kthnkxbye
Omega015's avatar
Oh, nice, now he has his fangirl legions defending him.
Rainbows-And-Velvet's avatar
Ah, thank you for proving my point :roll: Amazing, Your :XD: Hard headed Aren't you? Or are you just mad? What, mom doesn't love you enough? So you sit up in your room with the door locked, trolling people? Mhm, or what? You dad touched you? :XD: and this is how you get over it? Making other people feel like shit?
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Weeaboo-RageZZ's avatar
YOU'RE SO DENSE ITS NOT EVEN FUCKING FUNNY. Its FRUSTRATING. Do you not realize I merely stated I was DEFENDING MYSELF? Critique is okay, but harassment with all your notes and comments is not. FOR FUCK SAKES JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.
Omega015's avatar
That was not critique. You flat-out attacked FluffyBird. You're just pulling excuses out of your ass.
Weeaboo-RageZZ's avatar
I never attacked that kid. I merely critiqued his art. Like I said, YOU'RE SO DENSE YOU DON'T REALIZE WHAT IM TYPING.
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conceptionism's avatar
You could prolly shave ur head bald and still be cute, lol, that's a yes vote btw.
Miyuko142's avatar
Hmm, it is cute, though, I kind of like it how you have it now.

If you do get it cut, I'd suggest something shorter. Maybe something similar to this [link] or maybe this [link]

But I still think long is better X3
skittlesforyou's avatar
i think you look adorable either way :)
AddyCorruption's avatar
not to be random or anything, but i fawkin love BOTDF<3.
skittlesforyou's avatar
ikr i love them to cant wait to see them on the 22!!!
AddyCorruption's avatar
Holy fuck. you kind of look like me in this picture. the facial structure.. thats . woah.
Weeaboo-RageZZ's avatar
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Weeaboo-RageZZ's avatar
D'awww thanks <3 :3 Lol.
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