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Fez is best poni


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Hey there! Thanks for checking by and welcome to our group!

This group is related to our weekly livestream. Each week we draw free requests from the chat and host art challenges. Sometimes we also feature special guests who draw together with us!

We stream every Saturday at 7PM GMT for about 8 hours straight on our Picarto channel.

All of the pictures from the stream will be posted in this group, including sketches, fanart and challenge entries. We'll also use this group to announce any news, schedule changes and special guest announcements.

You can also follow us on Picarto to get an email notification every time we go live!

If you have any questions, read the FAQ below and if your question still hasn't been answered feel free to post a comment or send us a note!

We hope you enjoy your stay and see you on the stream!


Q: What program are you using and how are you all drawing on one picture?

A: We're using application made by Agamnentzar that allows multiple people to draw on the same canvas.

Q: When and how long do you stream ?

A: Unless stated otherwise, we stream every Saturday for 8-10 hours, starting at 7 PM GMT.

Q: How do I request ?

A: Don't ask for requests yourself. Wait until we announce the request time, then we'll pick chat users for character requests by using a random number generator.

Q: How many characters can I request if I'm picked ? Can I request my friend's OC or a canon character ?

A: You may request one character each stream. It can be either yours, your friend's or canon.

Q: What kind of characters do you draw ?

A: We draw mostly ponies and other MLP-related characters. We can try other animals as well, but ponies are preferred.

Q: What if I don't get picked ? Will I still get a chance for a request ?

A: Our number of viewers is larger than the amount of characters we can draw, so unfortunately not everyone's request can be drawn. If you didn't get picked, you'll get another chance when we start the next picture or in the next stream.



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