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Fear and Loathing in Databases.
Single for the first time in a long time. The sensation is not unpleasant. So much of my day is spent making things, I can little afford the time required for people. Maybe that's how it always works. Different goals, different ideas. Date long enough, and you're dating a different person.

Working on some interesting ideas for the new website. Back-end technology mostly, with a cleaner front-end. Stripping away anything that is unnecessary. Won't be ready for a while. Book projects keep me occupied in the meantime. My desk has become so thick with paint you can hardly see the shiny plastic base.

Bought a pair of snake-skin shoes, for slithering.
Where to begin. These last three months have been a blur, shuffling from one assigned locale to another. Interviews are always interesting, but it never goes exactly the way you imagine. I suppose it can't be helped - people go in to these things with a certain assumptions about me, and more often than not we end up talking past each other. Beyond this, I've become increasingly insular. Half-fiddling with a monastic life, and I can see the appeal. I sometimes wonder if I'll abandon the world and live in a cabin in the woods. Set up a Monastery of painting, with an associated winery.
Going to be at Crypticon this weekend. Come out - I have time to chat, sketch & mingle.
Self poisoned. Sixty hours of audiobook to consume.
I have moved to a more central location, and with it comes new opportunity. Having neglected a slew of ideas and updates over the last year, I sat down and re-wrote every line of code for my website. The result is easier to update, and reflects where I am quite a bit more.

I removed all colour, stripped it away to the bare essentials. A sort of gaunt utilitarian beauty was my goal. It's my goal for a lot of things this year. Slicing away whatever is unnecessary. I've thrown out all of my clothes and replaced them with seven suits, one for every day of the week. The shirt colour has variants.

I've thrown away my oils, the various projects I've had kicking around and simply distracting me from what's truly interesting. All that's left are my watercolours and website. And this blog, obviously. Dear diary. Today I felt like my skin was a shell sliding over my meat and bone.
Convention done. Paintings to do.


O winter. I am driven yelling in to my cave.
I haven't been able to sleep for more than three hours for the last month. This isn't a complaint, more of an observation. It has allowed me to re-read the collected works of Plato. Fall has come again. I have mixed feelings about this time of year. Promotion of death and candy. That part isn't so bad.

Exhibited a few times this month. The world is an eggshell. Every day a new crack.
I finally took the time to record 'The Raven'. Quite frankly I didn't know if the camera setup quite worked - the next one will probably be a direct-on shot, so it's not so distracting. Still, something new, something different, something fancy:…
I have been away from DA for a while. It's a quiet corner of the internet I occasionally visit, when the occasion hits. This casual series of notes is probably the most detailed dairy I will ever keep. I have been showcased in a few shops over the last month, prepping work for ZomBcon later this year.

Due to a month of fortune I am getting a new tattoo - one of my favourite illustrations from Grey's Anatomy. I have found a skilled artist to put needle to skin, and am looking forward to the hours of pain. The illustration:…
Covered in filth and newly cut hair. Dyed it aquamarine because fuck yeah colour. This world is too grey.
Crypticon done. Exhausted. Finally put the comic online:…
Advice for dating & general debauchery:…
Working on more music between cigarettes and whiskey.  The breakfast of champions.
Back from San Diego. Had my art show. Was delightful.
Made a video!…
Did you ever love something so much it became who you were, rather than what you did? I've had an enormously good year. Booked for a show at Seattle RAW artists, Crypticon Booth is currently set up, and I've begun experimenting with oils.

Because of this I have invested a significant amount of blood and effort in to re-designing my website: I think it shows quite well how I've changed over the past year. I launched the site yesterday and got another tattoo to commemorate it. It's my logo on my wrist - I am branded by my efforts. It still raw & bleeding, but the slow thump of pain is dwindling.

Happily, I can go back to painting.
After spending about a week interior I managed to compile enough time to re-launch my webcomical:
The entire design is reactive. Re-size the browser window and you'll see what I mean. Goddamn fancy, and quite difficult. In any case I've been absolutely transfixed on textures... the whole thing has a storybook feel to it that I quite like. I will have to think on that as I read over scripts.

Found a dead bird outside my apartment. Took it in, boiled off its skin and currently bleaching its bones in a cup aside my computer. Inks and paints all over the floor. I'm gathering quite a collection of discarded marrow.
Started with oils. Hazelnut and others. Researching the extended history of the Greeks.
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