Emma's school wedgies Part 2

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It has been a week since Emma accidentally gave herself a wedgie in front of

everyone. The week started off pretty terrible as the other kids

started giving her tiny wedgies. They just quickly yanked her panties a little as they passed her in the hallway.

Everyone started referring to her as "Wedgie Girl". But that really isn't the worst part compared to what was soon to come.

So, at lunch Emma sat where she normally sat. She was fearful of eating in the lunch room because she knew that's where the jocks eat, and she didn't want to risk having a full-fledged wedgie-attack.

So, she sat in the court yard every day reading her book. A group of jocks who are well-known jerks, haven't targeted her until today but she’d seen what they do to other kids. One of jocks name was Tyler, he's was the head of the group. He has long, curly blonde hair and he was beefy and tall. He and his friends walked over to Emma and cracked their knuckles. " you're the wedgie chick huh?" He said to her. She sighed and hesitated to answer "Uh.I g-guess?" she stuttered.

Then one of his friends took her book and dangled it over her head. She tried to get it back, but she realized instantly what they were trying to do. Her shirt rose up and her panties were sticking out of her pants. Her panties were grey with blue paws and a light blue waistband. She felt his hands grip her panties tightly and he pulled up super hard. The first pull was so strong she heard the fabric tear just a little bit. She whimpered in pain but that was just what they wanted to hear.

"Please. Please let go." she pleaded to them as kept pulling up on her panties. "So, you like paws?” He said with a smirk. Tyler and his friend laughed. "Let's see how high they can go". All of his friends grabbed her panties and pulled up. She could feel the pain in her butt, as she hung in the air, she tried everything to get them to let go, she

flailed her legs, She kicked her legs ,she tried swinging, all just made the wedgie worse. She her panties begin to rip, and as they finally did, she fell to the ground. She rolled over on her back to look up at them. They were holding her ripped panties as if it were a trophy. "Hey, thanks for the workout wedgie girl" Tyler said as he laughed. He threw her panties in the garbage. "See ya tomorrow, loser"

Unfortunately, this was not even the worse to come to Emma.


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Love this series

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Can't wait for the next one!

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New payton story - with photo would b e better even if only the during would be even better. Or even a panti e drawer video