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Mature content
Isabelle Wedgie now on Patreon! :iconwedgiedog:wedgiedog 30 0
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Wedgie Ych Pov by wedgiedog
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Wedgie Ych Pov :iconwedgiedog:wedgiedog 36 5
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Losing Bets by wedgiedog
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Losing Bets :iconwedgiedog:wedgiedog 127 2
YCH Wedgie Comic (SALE!) by wedgiedog
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Kitkat and Blue by wedgiedog
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Kitkat and Blue :iconwedgiedog:wedgiedog 92 4
Dave And Claire by wedgiedog
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Dave And Claire :iconwedgiedog:wedgiedog 101 3


Step Sisters: Wedgie War Part 1
"Ninety..." The smirking goth began, her hands glued together with an iron grip, holding onto two separate elastic waistbands. The waistbands stitched into thin, dyed cotton fabric which in turn, was now firmly rammed up the butts of one nerd and one tomboy. 
"Okay, Ash..." The tomboy squeaked out. "Only a few more ta go."
"Eight!" The goth exclaimed, yanking her fists upwards, cramming the cotton even further up their victim's behinds, causing the two girl's to clench up and squeal. After a few seconds, the fists were lowered down to their previous position.
"Ugh..." Ashley wheezed out, her hands cupping her crotch. "They don't get any easier though, huh, Sam?"
"Ninety..." The two pained girls re-clenched their rears and closed their eyes.
"No, they don't. Luna's like a Wedgie God... or demon, o-Oh!" 
"Nine!" Luna tugged upwards yet again, stretching the underwear to her upper chest region. The attached asses were lifted into the air as the girls were forced to stand on thei
:iconbetweentwocheeks:BetweenTwoCheeks 151 23
The Library
The Library. A staple of university and college campuses across the country. Some students go their entire academic careers without ever stepping foot inside one. But not Hope. You see, Hope was always one to take school very seriously. Ever since she was little, she would devote her free time after school to doing homework and studying for tests or reading for class. This of course all paid off, she graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA, but it didn't help her make very many friends. In fact, there were times that she was a target for the other students. In Hope's mind, they were just taking out their anger on her because they didn't get as good of grades as she did. That didn't mean she was okay with what they did, however. Middle school through High school Graduation was filled with pantsings, swirlies, and yes, wedgies. Hope never liked it, but she accepted it. Getting the grades that she did made her feel better, even after the softball team decided to stretch out her panties until
:iconpowerfulblossom85:PowerfulBlossom85 24 0
[Request] Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari has been told that he is good at two things.
One: charging up his friends’ phones. Not exactly the best way to make a guy feel wanted but, hey, it was a part of his quirk. And when you’re on the bus for three hours with Bakugou starting fights with everyone, you’d want enough music to drown out all the noise too.
The second thing he was apparently good at, was making a complete fool of himself.
After three years of attending U.A., Kaminari still didn’t always get the respect he wanted. Sure, he was stronger, but he still short-circuits sometimes into a babbling idiot. He still wasn’t among the smartest students in his class.
But the worst thing of all—
“Pfft, are those briefs? That’s not very manly, Kaminari.”
—he still let stuff like this happen to him.
Bakugou, Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and himself had been hanging out together more and more over their time at school, to the point it was uncommon to see th
:iconataraxics:Ataraxics 18 4
Mature content
The Wedgie that Sparked a Revolution :iconehp32:ehp32 21 5
Wedgie Convention! by dmc4life1
Mature content
Wedgie Convention! :icondmc4life1:dmc4life1 135 16
[Comm] They always come back by Kaijubile
Mature content
[Comm] They always come back :iconkaijubile:Kaijubile 75 6
Mature content
Flippy gets Bullied :iconreptile111:Reptile111 15 4
Mature content
Season of fear, Spring Wedgie story contest :iconseseta:seseta 44 18
Mature content
Simulated Seduction Wedgies Kneesocks :iconarghtime:arghtime 61 2
I drew an elf (back in the saddle) by ReturnofMME I drew an elf (back in the saddle) :iconreturnofmme:ReturnofMME 126 13
Mature content
Form Wedg-tron :iconwedgie-wednesday:wedgie-wednesday 19 3
Monster Prom: Scott Wedgies Damien
Damien LaVey was one of the "top 6" at the school. He knew that. Along with Scott, Vera, Polly, Liam, and Miranda, he basically ran Spooky High. The lesser monsters couldn't touch him, and the staff were too scared of his dads to ever try to punish him any further than detention. Being royalty in both school and in hell? He couldn't really ask for anything better.
The bathroom was his usual hideout for when he didn't want to go to class. Nobody who passed by would ever question it, and the teachers almost never came around here. It was perfect for him.
Though not as quiet as usual. Scott Howl, one of the other top 6 of the school, was staring at Damien from inside the bathroom stall, and he'd just seen Polly earlier. Whenever those two were together, it usually meant they were up to something with their "Prank Masterz" gag. Damien didn't care, just as long as he didn't have to get involved with it, it wasn't any of his business.
Eventually the end of day bell rang. Damien let out a sma
:iconoverthe:overthe 28 8
The Revenge (The Greeks Story) Part 2
    “So... why are we here?” Hebe asked.
    “Yeah, you never actually told us,” Aphrodite chimed in.
    Athena, once again readjusting her dress’ shoulder strap, cleared her throat. “Sorry for not explaining earlier, but I had to get us in a group first to prevent them from striking while we were separated.”
    Hestia frowned. “Striking? Who’s ‘them’?”
    Aphrodite chuckled. “Does it matter? With Athena there’s always a ‘them’. She’s just being paranoid again.”
    “I’m not paranoid,” Athena protested. “I’m just vigilant.”
    “Isn’t vigilance the same thing as paranoia?” Hebe (who’d taken the form of a 15-year-old) wondered.
    “No, it
:iconradicool332:Radicool332 30 3
Mature content
The Temple of Muatacuatl - Roger and His Crew :iconnightfurytheblack:NightFurytheBlack 19 12
AT - Troy And Andy's Double Wedgie by SketchyRulz
Mature content
AT - Troy And Andy's Double Wedgie :iconsketchyrulz:SketchyRulz 74 23
Mature content
Enter The Ring :iconpolis2:Polis2 14 3


Commissions currently are $10 for lineart, $20 for a full flat colored image, and $30 for a fully colored and shaded image

  • Added dialogue is $3
  • additional characters are $5 each.
  • Private (I don't post it and send it to you by email) $5
Comic pages are $25-$45 depending on the number of panels and complexity.

Anonymous commissions are free just as long as I can post them because that's how I'm able to gather more patrons. ^^

I can draw anthros and humans just fine. Male and female is great too!

Currently I draw wedgies, but im very versatile with other things as well.

My only "hard NO's" are scat and diapers.  Don't be afraid to ask about other kinks though!

if you're interested leave me a note and we can discuss details!


  1. Taken!
  2. Taken!
  3. Taken!
  4. OPEN
  5. OPEN

If you think I did a great job on your commission and would like to leave a tip, feel free to buy me a coffee!


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United States
Just a nerd posting some questionable art for everyone to enjoy.

As for some personal things about me, I love D&D, anime, and comics!



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