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HEY!  Do you have a witch character here on DA?
Would you like to see her/him stated up for an old school RPG?

Then send me an email and we can discuss it.
I want to build up a roster of Non-Player Character Witches for my own world and your witch could be part of that.

Here are some examples.
Hex (from Skylanders),…
Lady Kyleth,…
Morgan Le Fey,…

And more here,…

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My new Kickstarter is up for my next book.
Strange Brew: The Ultimate Witch & Warlock will be a massive volume of everything you need to play a Witch or Warlock characters in the Pathfinder game.

Please stop by and consider a pledge.

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I am here all the time so I figure I should update this. I am adding some book covers.
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I am here all the time, but I never update this.
That is not a good thing.
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Another new one and my first really without Willow and Tara.  But it does have witches.
The Charmed RPG is not real, although there are some "netbooks" out there for it, it is something I'd LOVE to do sometime.  I just like the Charmed Universe much better than the Buffy one.

You might think I am crazy, but I just like Charmed better.
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This one is less about my skills (of which I have none) and more about a favorite pic of mine.  This is a movitator I did for RPGNet a bit ago.  Basically how an alternate reality can take a life of it's own and make you forget what ever other reality was supposed to be "true".

You will recognize this pic from Episode 5: Heaven Bleeds.
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New deviation.

Again, my skills are weak compared to some here, but they make me happy.  
Here are my two favorite witches as they appeared on a guest shot of "Justice League Unlimited"...well not really, but still it is kinda fun.
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I have uploaded all the covers of my Buffy RPG series, "The Dragon and the Phoenix".

Basically it is an alternate Season 7 where Tara is brought back to life.  

The Dragon and the Phoenix was my set of playtest adventures for the Buffy RPG books. Each episode playtested a book in production, more or less, and featured rules from those books. I would put them out after the books had been released.

From a story perspective they were an alternate Season 7 which featured the coming of Leviathan (from Armageddon), but most importantly to me it was done to bring back Tara. She starts out as a Keribum, but accepts exile to remain on Earth. We learn that she and Willow are the focus of Leviathan's plans to enter this realm.

It was on the web for a while up to Episode 5 ("Heaven Bleeds", which was my Magic Box playtest) and it had been translated into German and Spanish by fans. At one point Episode 1: Will We Burn in Heaven? (described by one Buffy writer who saw it and wants to remain anonymous as "powerful" and by another as "Better than Season 7") had been downloaded 22,000 times.

Eventually I stopped putting up the full episodes because they were playtests and the books never came out, Episode 6: The Road to Hell and Episode 7: Tainted Love were full of information from "Welcome to Sunnydale" and the Initiative book respectively. "Enemy Within" had all of Thom's new werewolf stuff and the finale, "No Other Troy" featured tons on new things including using the Mass Combat system in Army of Darkness for dealing with demon armies.

I tried to rework Episode 7 (it became Episode 6:"The Burning Times" and 6 became 7.) using other material, in particular ConX 2.0, but never could get it to work right.

Maybe I should post synopses of the last 8 episodes with some of the cooler quotes. (My fave was when the "big bad" in last episode told Spike "it was time for him to lie down with the rest of the dead things" right before he cut his arm off.) Though Jason has not forgiven me yet for killing of Faith in it.

And before you think it was all fun and kittens for the cast it wasn't. We dealt with drug addictions, Spike's attempted rape, the gang finding out they have been manipulated by the government for a couple of years, two separate assassination attempts, Episode 6 where Willow and Tara do get into a huge fight over, well everything, a deal the cast makes with a group of demons, Dawn's emerging psychic powers, the murder of Faith, the murder of Andrew (ok that part was a lot of fun) and of course the death of a another major character at the end. I spun it off into "Willow & Tara: The Series" and had three more seasons.

It was good stuff.

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Just a new thing I did instead of sleeping.
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Added a draft cover to my new adventure series "Season of the Witch".  
Episode 1 is "Semi-Charmed Life".  Willow and Tara must help the Charmed Ones battle the latest potential Source of All Evil.
It is for the "Willow and Tara Role-playing Game" which is to say it's the "Ghosts of Albion Role-Playing Game" modernized with rules from the Buffy RPG and the WitchCraft RPG.  All these games are produced by Eden Studios.
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Ok, I added two character sheets for the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SPLAYER RPG or the GHOSTS OF ALBION RPG.  They are, of course, Willow and Tara.  The game takes place in what I am calling "Willow and Tara the Seires".  The season long arc is "Season of the Witch" and this represents the girls at the start of the arc in 2006.  Yes Tara is alive, like she should have been all along.

Anyway, just a bit of photo manip.  If you play either of these games and want a blank sheet, go to  I made one and posted it there,…
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Trying this out.
Joining the Willow and Tara club.
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