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Does anybody in this industry know how to do his job? I just updated this post, and having done so, watched it vanish from the group. It still seems to exist when one goes to its location, but good luck finding that location, unless somebody gives you a link to it.

I'm really starting to get kind of annoyed.

Over on Flickr, I wrote:

"The very first images in the pool for this group have nothing to do with social bookmarking, but you should not take this as a sign that off topic submissions are generally welcome in the pool. I needed to get the feed for the pool going, so Twitterfeed would have something to work with, and due to an unaddressed bug (yes, "feature") in the Flickr system, no feed will appear until the pool reaches a particular size.

I'll probably leave the current items in the pool even after more images are in, on topic images, because they are part of the history of the group."

The situation on DeviantArt was a little better in one way - the feed for the images showed up instantly, without any need for serious pump priming. The blog feed, however, took five hours to appear, suggesting the presence of a lag you might be seeing in the future.

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A group for discussing the websites we find online, especially those with an artistic or literary focus, or those that are pleasantly, creatively strange.
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A group on which we discuss literary, writing and artistic websites at length, and maybe a few scientific, educational, philosophical and academic sites as well, while avoiding politics and other sources of non-theatrical drama. Just saying that you like or don't like something isn't enough. Your contributions have to have some merit as creative works in their own right - criticism in the broader sense of continuing a dialogue started by the works reviewed.

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If you have a brief review of a site, and you've been an active contributor to this group, your review will be welcome in Brief Bookmarking (a companion to this group), but not here. Please feel free to join, but respect the purpose of the group. If you're still confused, go to my profile, follow a few of the links on it, and everything should become clear.

If you entered my sites through the homepage for this group and its companion, then you should see code for your ring directly below. If Webring has been merging rings again, or you entered my pages somewhere else, and you don't see the code for your ring, then follow any one of the links you find listed under "return to your ring", and continue from there. It's all menu driven and should be straightforward.

This group is a companion to the Social Bookmarking Collective groups on Flickr and WritersCafe. The group on WritersCafe comes with a traveler's advisory: there is a very good chance that WritersCafe won't be around for much longer, so consider your options and definitely back up your work, because it might just evaporate without warning. Go to the new groups listing, and you'll see why.

You can sort of follow these groups on Twitter. The feed isn't working on the blog, so you're sort of on your own, as far as that's concerned, at least for now.

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