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ads.kodak - 02

Advertisement done for a 'Graphic Design 5' class assignment. We choose a product out of a hat and one week later have to submit two advertisements. Imagery and text all self-made. Layout 2 of 2.

Product: Kodak Film
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i liked the idea and the way you used the text.
But i would rather not to place the cap, standing next to cup, but maybe to put it lying down on the ground and crop it a bit out of frame,at that time you may need another crop for the sake of visual balance but the cropping of the text with a diffrent camera angle would deal with it...or just not using a cap would also be a solotion :D

:D great work by the way :D :clap: :)
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great typography work
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awsome idea... I like your permutation! Great work! =)
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very nice. kudos.
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WONDERFUL typography. Love it. It's perfect!:w00t:
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I love this, the kind of work that truly inspires me, Fav!
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Amazing .. Excellent concept ..:) well done
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would u mind if i used ur concept?
for one of my graphic assignments?
i am making a web site and i was thinking of that spill of text as a concept

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Very clever and well implemented. Great work. :)
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an old idea but very well used here :) nice work
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could I say really cool idea ;) nice for you and for Kodak also :clap:
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hehh this is a good one :)
maybe the writing "a picture speaks a thousand words", could b filled with expressive words / discriptive essay...
and ends with your tagline, i think that'll work better :)
but that's in my opinion!!

loved your idea, creative work!
very nice and very nicely ur concept toooooooo
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totally brillant
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Thanks for the kind words.
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Love the simplicity and the concept of this. :thumbsup:

I'm studying Graphic Design as well, and have a similar assignment. Only that it can't be computer generated and has to be on an A2 format. Crraazie!!
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Really great and unique idea... The text fading from light grey to black is also definitely a nice touch.
What kind of bothers me a little bit is that the text isn't in the same direction/perspective as the hull of film, but then again it would have probably been unreadable...
Still, a very nice picture... If I'd be director of some advertising company, I'd hire you instantly. :D
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