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December 1, 2003
Celebrate the holiday season in style with this wicked themed holiday icon set. Xtal Icons by *weboso is a beautiful tribute to all the holidays that take place this month and will surely help spice up anyone's desktop, whether you're in the spirit or just wanting to scream, "bah, humbug!"
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Xtal Icons

My brand new icon set “xtal” comes as a 16 icon package including, Christmas & Hanukkah, so let’s celebrate these happy season ;)
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hookinjfarm's avatar
This is so a lovely work done..Super like it.. :)
ggraciela's avatar
thanks weboso, have nice year 2013
These are beautiful. Thank you!
hugoo13's avatar
Great icons :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
weknow's avatar
WillowRaevyn's avatar
I love these however the link says "broken" - would it be possible to please re-upload them? Thanks tonz!
DamnDark's avatar
They are great but the link is broken
Claudinhaxinha's avatar
Wouu!!! Re-upload![+1]
mattana's avatar
Wouu!!! Re-upload!
Would you Please!Please!Please! ...upload these again. :pray:

They're beautiful! :heart: { but the "file is not found" }

p.s. and if you were to make more holiday would be awesome :flirty: { like for halloween, autumn(Thanksgiving), more Xmas and New Years? }
lcg's avatar
I know this is two years old, but thanks. They're very good :)
LisaT-Designz's avatar
Awesome thanks so very much
coldcore's avatar
Anyone got a nice Christmas wallpaper to go with these icons?
garan's avatar
great worl! your style is fantastic. THe highlighting / coloring is awesome. and your ideas for all those little icons and characters are hilarious!
Garv0r's avatar
Great work! Can we use these for stuff?
huang's avatar
Awesome icons. I like the overall glossyness. Great way to get into the holiday spirit. :)
zealivityfive's avatar
simply amazing work. nice job.
splat's avatar
Beautiful design and just in time for Christmas!

Your style translates well to the holiday icons here, very smooth and detailed items. I love the color, the shine, and the wonderful shapes you've included. The use of both Christmas and Hanukkah will appeal to most everyone.

My favorites are definitely the gift and Rudolph. =)
jorgesarcos's avatar
JEJE gran trabajo man y gran idea tambien... keep it up... =)
elecktra's avatar
You´re really amzing boy!!!...allways an exelent job;)

winmatrix's avatar
great job as usual weboso :D
weboso you are one of THE BEST....
chezza-t18's avatar
:clap: yey for christmas! :D :D :D :D
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