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Skype Icons

My first icons in Photoshop CS2.

Enjoy ;)
© 2005 - 2021 weboso
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These are awesome! Exactly what i was looking for thank you so much! :)
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timeless desing the best for skype it should come with the program
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simple and neat icon! :clap:
Very nice icon for Skype. 10 out of 10.
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Am I allow to put this one to my website? :)
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Thank you very much :)
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superb icons! 10x! :)
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I'm using your icon, thank you very much
TheEnvyProjekt's avatar
this is very nice, would have been better if you could put them on ico

but nice work none the less
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OH YES. This wins the internet. Great job.
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hehe, cute concept. nice job.
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where did you find the cs2 icon plugin?
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Skype. Just what I need. :D
Excellent...awesome icon as always.
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Lovely icons as always :)
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whats the average time it takes you to make an icon?
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Good Job. Better than the original one! Thank you. I use it immediately!
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Buah :-(
Much more elegant looking than my Skype icons...
You're the man!!! ;-)

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Nice! Excellent job as usual!
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This is yet another beautiful work :thumbsup:
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Shocker... porque no te callas? oO, o acaso no te enseñaron que es eso?, probablemente no, ya que por lo visto no tienes ningun valor, sabes lo que es el respeto? tampoco? a poco no te lo enseñaron? pues que pena!, en todo caso, trate de hacer el comentario lo mas "mexicano" posible para que entendieses, ahora si no lo entiendes.. ya ni que...
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