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Opera 8 Icons 2.0

© 2005 - 2021 weboso
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Agree with you. Opera is the best browser ever used and i'm here to prove it: i use Opera 10 Alpha actually.
btw, i love your icon. it fits with my Vista Inspirat 2
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do you draw sketch first?
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how do I use it on mac? :( I can't use png...
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in which soft did you make this.!?
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opera is in version 9 already :(
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Great Art Work!

i have seen your art gallery

Which software do you use for creating these?
Finally I found one to math my Orbz Aero for YzDock! I did a desaturate and bam, fits perfectly :D
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Wow. Good job webso ;) thx
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not bad but some blur and shadows are missing ..
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Keep the faith in Opera alive, brotha! Nice work. ;D Opera 8 final is on its way soon.
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This icon is great. It's different, but certainly practical.
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kick-ass man... way cool!
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Guapisimo! Ya lo tengo en uso.

A ver cuando tendremos lista la version final, ya la auncian en la pagina principal de opera: "OPERA 8 LAUNCHING SOON"

Saludos! :)
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Muy buen trabajo! =D
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looks great but whats opera?
havent heard of it.

is it a internet browser?
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of coures ... it's only the best
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better then firefox?
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... fire fox is just easy to use... I've used FF... actually I am a Spread FF member[the concept of a freeeware lite browser in open source was appealing] but Opera is much better try it here
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ill give it a try i have nothing better to do. lol.
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This looks nice.
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it is not comed yet but sure i only use firefox but sure that is a great icon
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