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Internet Explorer 7 Icons 2.0

© 2005 - 2021 weboso
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These are great; could you make some for IE8?
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You're great artwork has been featured in my blog "Ultimate Roundup of Creative Dock Icons"
Check it out here: [link]

Please make sure you tell all your awesome friends :D
weboso's avatar
Thank you very much for including my icons :)
junkieenet's avatar
You're most welcome :D
Gennnial!!! Sos un ARTISTA. Si bien no uso IE, me parece muy bueno este ícono.
Thank you for sharing!
Josemx1988's avatar
Esta es mejor que los otros que e visto.

buen trabajo! :D
abhijeet's avatar
Awesome co^ol !!
AbdeLo's avatar
Nice icon... but im a Firefox user :)
pwn247's avatar
Mozilla Firefox [freeware] is loads better than ie7, technology wise and friendly wise. ;)
poeticsofdesign's avatar
Sweet!....very sweet my friend! :) even makes me kinda wanna revert back to IE, hehe. Great job! Excellent work.
RustyCaffeine's avatar
Firefox is soooooooooo much better [link]
lilshizzy's avatar
This icon and the Firefox icon are two of my favs. Thanks.
sick742's avatar
nice concept....
i bet u can do better than this one....

but, as a whole....

Horrraaayyyy!!!! ;)
Pantroglodytes's avatar
This is the best IE7 icon ever made (^_^)
Th3-ProphetMan's avatar
el sombreado está genial :)

lo único que me resulta raro es la perspectiva, el borde de abajo (mas cercano a la vista) parece mas fino que el que se ve más atrás dentro de la "e", no sé si me explico :), si puedes mejorar eso será el icono perfecto :)

quizá en realidad miden los mismo pixeles y por eso me da esa impresión..

Muy buen icono en cualquier caso

PS: Aun así yo uso firefox :D
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I like the way you integrated the 7 in the icon, nice touch.
74k3SH1's avatar
Grandioso trabajo ~weboso, tus icons son los mejores.
jaxspider's avatar
Microsoft should really be paying you for this.

Plus, I was wondering if your going to make a new firefox icon for '06?
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this one is also wonderful :clap:
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