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Firefox Experiment No2

By weboso
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My second experiment, Enjoy!
© 2004 - 2021 weboso
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This looks awesome though it looks like the download link doesn't work anymore ><.
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sabes este icono me encanto, el toque tribal, los colores :ahoy:
el problema es que ya no se puede bajar =(
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completely bad ass!!!
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Kickass! este si me lo bajo, yo uso FireFox ( antes FireBird ) =)
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keep going, i think i like the way its coming out... have to say though, the new name doesn't really go with the browser.
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Nice. :) However, just because Firefox now uses a style of icon that was essentially copied from you doesn't mean that you can't make that style anymore. It's your style really. >_> I'd really like to see your own rendition of the same default icon. I think it would be awesome..
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now these rock! very smooth icons even for an experiment!!!
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Nice dude those look freakin slick. Awesome colors:!:
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Yeeeeeeeaaah... these are way better than the firsts ones!!
Much better.
Improved eyes, and those lines are not distracting anymore...
I love it!
Maybe the "ear" on the right side could finish as same as the one at the left side...
But is great like this!!
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Oooooooooh!!! #:#1: Much better! I would still like to see a red panda embraching a globe though! ;)
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dragon?? mmmmm.. this icons look perfect!!
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this is nice, but it looks like a dragon :)
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mmmhhh, icons !!!
icons always nice to me, i'm an addict.
:star: :star: :star:
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like this one better i would have to say!
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Dude im usin this :D
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oh that's uber spiffy cool! Great job! The colors are fantastic. :D
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wow.. great work man..! looks awesome.. 8)
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/meh likes. /me loves. /me :+fav:s /.eh :hump:s. er... *akward moment*
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EXCELENTE con mayusculas!
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Very nice I love the design of the fox :clap:
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Ahh, now this is more like it. The face, which I had problems with in v1 is really alot better. For one thing, it looks like a fox! The fact that it's no longer disconnected helps it alot, and the way it tails of and circles the globe is a nice touch.

The lines on the globe I'm not too sure about. They seem abit out of place. I think it would look better if they resembled the longtitude/latitiude lines, or if you used a similar continent shape as in your old Firebird Icon. The F logo is tres cool, and would probably make a decent stand alone icon, but it seems rather redundent here.

So all in all I quite like this. I'll give it a test run for a while, and let the old Firebird logo have a rest:)
Can't wait to see if you come up with anything else for this little program.
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While these are quite stunning, I think I liked your previous design better. The fox's face is an improvement though, as last time it looked disconnected and the sides reminded me of wings instead of a fox-like bushy face.

The lines on the globe still don't do it for me. I'd rather see something like the globe on Mozilla's Firefox logo, with little continent shapes instead of large, vertical lines. The F-shaped logo on top of the globe looks cool, but I don't think it's necessary at all. Overall, I'd rather see something more like an actual fox instead of just the face of a fox.

On the positive side, it's playful and stylish, not to mention creative. Definitely an original design. I'll stick with the default icon for now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy with what you've created, nor should you stop coming up with ideas. Thanks for giving me something nice to look at and comment on! =)
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