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Firefox Experiment N1

By weboso
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This is my first release which I’m not 100% satisfied yet.I’m just sharing this first take with you guys while more stuff is on its way.
Hope you like it.
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No, I don't like this one. This isn't very Firefox Style.
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very spiffy...I love the globe idea. :)
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Nice, been wanting to change my default firefox for a while, love that broswer. Perhaps do what they have but the gel style?
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Hi, I'm a big fan of your icons, and have used allot of them for quite some time now, and as always, your work is excellent! I did however prefer the look you had on the Firebird icon, which kind'a gave me an idea I wanted to present for you. As stated in the Firefox FAQ, Firefox is another name for a Red Panda (examples: 1, 2, 3). How about going with the concept of the Firebird icon, with a globe, and instead of the bird wrapping it's wing(s) around the globe, have a red panda embracing the globe??? Anyway, just a though. Keep up the fantastic work! :o)
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Good job man :D
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Nice but I prefer original icon :P
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this is a great icon. totally dig the colors and the way you represented firefox!
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Totally agree with Splat.
I like the bottom one too.
The draw doesn't give me the sensation of a Fox. Looks like a bird; with sunglasses.
If you arrange that, it'd be a great icon!!
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What's this FireFox?
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the best web browser in the world. [link]
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Heh, that sounds fun!
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i know im going to be useing them!
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I like it, the top one Im not so in love with, but the bottom one looks nice, a rather more cartoony style than Im used to seeing from you
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The bottom one looks better. Really, I like the firebird icon more for firefox. My first impression of the firebird icons was a dog of some sorts...
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cant say i love the concept of them. but i'll be using them either way cause i need an icon and these are the best i can find, (yours usually are). btu the bottom one looks alot better than the top.
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Awesome. I like the one on the bottom, the glare looks better. Sweet job man.
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Very nice. Though I've a question. Will you be making icons for Adobe Photoshop CS anytime?
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While being a decent go at a firefox icon, this one just doesn't do it for me.

For one thing it took me a few minutes to realise that it was meant to be a fox. The fact that the parts of the head are seperated doesnt really help mattters. The ears seem alot more like wings to me, and those eyes are just screaming sunglasses. For some reason it reminds me more of an old bi-plane pilot than anything else.

So, the basics are there, and it looks like a classy icon, but for me it needs a bit of refinement before i would choose to use it.
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original I am impress, is very very good,BRAVO!!!
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I'm with splat on this one. Somehow the original Firebird icon was more consistent and slightly cooler. Like always the glassy-look gives it the real style, but seems slightly wrong on this one. The fox' ears are to bright in my taste and the nose feels somewhat " floaty". Also it really takes you two times looking to see that it is a fox.

Anyway I definitely sure, once it is finished this will be another great icon of yours. Keep it up!
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:lol: Cool icons !
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