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Enjoy! (6 Desings - tagged and untagged) (1280x1024px Only)
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Que font estas usando para estos wallpapers y adonde lo puedo conseguir? Me encantan. Muy buen trabajo!

I take it you know spanish. In any case I'm wondering what font you used for these wallpapers and where can I get it? I love your work.
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I love the watermelon that's still whole the most, the pieces look awesome too. Heck, they all do. :D
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i love it, it's amazing, and i also like the rest of your aqua fruit. what program did you make it with?!
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Prova incarles el diente =D
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I really enjoy your work. Only problem I am having with this one is the highlight on the watermelon. The watermelon is coming across as looking like a bowl on my computer? Could it be because it is too perfect an ovoid..or not. Maybe just me.
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Veeery cool! =)
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I have no idea in heck how you do things like that but regardless... it's really cool work

Serious "eye candy"
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You simply are amazing! I love the fade to white before the fruit hits the skin of the mellon... excellent detail!
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oooooooooh patiiillaaaas!!! me encanta!!!!

te quedo finoline!!!!

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you have AWSOME know that right?

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thats one shinny wattermellon
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Wow, very cool, I like the green.
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I really like the lighting effects
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wow. looks cool, I like it
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I'm really blown away... this illustration is amazing in it's simplicity, boldness, bright colours, sharp rendering... and it has such style that all at once it looks like a photo, vector, 3D and surrealist... kinda like a Jolly Rancher candy on steroids...

Love the deep greens, your font choice, use of negative space and subtle highlights, reflections and shadows... very clean and professional... awesome work!

Take care


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Wow, what a piece, i want to eat it! :P :P clap clap clap +Favs :D
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thats is cool
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Yes, these are wonderful!
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very cool looking. keep up the great work.
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