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Icicle Brushes

Aloha on asked for some icicle brushes. Since I am in a brush making mood and was looking for some suggestions, I made this set. There are 14 different brushes some are sets of icicles and some are individual icicles. I hope you find these useful. I LOVE comments and I would love to see anything you make with these.

Made from Stock from
Drip-> [link]
Frozen Pointy Things-> [link]

Background for preview came from my resources.
Dark Blue Sky Texture 2-> [link]

EDIT: 6/22/06-If you would like the imagepack just email me and ask.

I give permission to ~BrushMakers and =Manip-Equips to submit and display this work!

Brush Rules-> [link]
© 2006 - 2021 webgoddess
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heya, used this here: [link] thanks =D
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Hi! I love these brushes, so I used them in this: [link] :D
Thanks SO much! I'm a moderator at [link] and an Admin asked me to make a banner that had an icy look, and this brush was JUST what I was looking for! :D Thank you! I'll send you the final image when its done.
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This was featured here: [link] :heart:
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Downloadin' and I'll give you credit if I use them. n___n;
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Brrrr! :D I have DLed and will give credit if I use them.
Thanks for taking the time to make and share these! :w00t:

:heart: Leialoha
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Your welcome. Do you live in Hawaii? I've been to three different Islands there. It is so beautiful.
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I live on Oahu :D
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Cool. I'm jealous. I am going to school in Dallas, TX, but I grew up in Boston, MA. I miss being close to the ocean, soooo much!
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Then you better make sure to visit us again very soon! :D
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I would love to visit hawaii again. I even have relatives there I could visit.
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thank you very much. :)
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I think these may be useful and I'll try to remember to send you a link to things I make with these brushes. ^^ Thanks for making the set! :D
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Your welcome! Thanks for the comments.
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Wow, another brush set that looks great! :heart:
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these look intresting, im downloading as i type!
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