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Gixyu Ref and Info (2017) by WeBgHoSt Gixyu Ref and Info (2017) :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 8 0
[Halloween] Webs (The Devil)
A billowing pillar of black smoke rose from the portal, filling the room as the silhouette of a large, intimidating person, or creature, rose from the glowing, fiery pit. The yellow, glowing eyes of the creature could be seen through the smoke, as a deep, booming voice spoke out, rattling through the area like an earthquake.
But before the voice could finish, the sound of two children crying and screaming in shock and fear had interrupted the demon, and all at once, she cleared the smoke to get a better look of just who summoned her.
Surprisingly, it was not a common sight of satanists or cultists, or even a group of gothic teenagers trying out such dark magic for a lark, but she was in a child's room furnished with the usual trappings and decorations commonplace for an ordinary young girl, with two girls arou
:iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 1 0
The Little Tart Blueberry (Afina Ref) by WeBgHoSt The Little Tart Blueberry (Afina Ref) :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 6 1 The Miner's Daughter (Alyssa and Shauri's Ref) by WeBgHoSt The Miner's Daughter (Alyssa and Shauri's Ref) :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 5 0 The Terrific Trinidad (Noni Ref) by WeBgHoSt The Terrific Trinidad (Noni Ref) :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 9 0
SQC Prompt: The Curtain Rises
Noni listened carefully as she wandered down the halls of the castle, having taken a back entrance in so she could shapeshift back to normal without being seen. She swore she heard her friends somewhere, at least one of their voices. It had led her towards the castle library, but before she could put a foot in, she heard another familiar voice speak.
 "With everything that's going's hard to trust a couple of strangers in town even if they are just kids...I need to know that you two aren't somehow the ones causing this."
"That's fair..." her friend's voice spoke out. "That's kind of why I figured I'd talk to you...and Ursus would talk to Champion Shade."
Noni had kept herself hidden behind a bookshelf, being as quiet as possible. 'Cora, what are you doing...?'
 "So is there something you can tell me that will make me trust you then?"
"Well...more than anything I can show you. I'll drop the disguise but you have to can't tell two very sp
:iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 2 1
Walpurgisnacht (Sidequest B Epilogue)
It astounded her how perfect everything appeared to go, even as she walked flanked between officers towards the castle. While she still gathered the ingredients from other clients or on her own, she had still got them all. The lizard constructs and their generated ire had been dealt with, both by the means of the box and by means of divine intervention (almost quite literally), and now, where she would've been very upset at one of her clients for seemingly having her detained, she had realized what he, good Vex, had done.
How did the phrase go? "He sent me to my room, which was where I wanted to go in the first place."
It was just going perfectly. It was enough to actually begin making her laugh, which didn't go unnoticed by the guards.
"What's so funny, Miss?"
"Oh, no, just a funny joke I remembered....don't concern yourself too much."
And yet, she couldn't deny that if she could, she would still have a smile plastered to her face.
Webs had looked around at the
:iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 1 0
The Mage with No Powers
Once upon a Time, there was a village, protected by an esteemed family of powerful wizards. Though they were known for their skill and mastery of their magic craft, one son within the family had no power of his own, no matter how long he practiced or how hard he tried to muster up his power. Despite his yearning to be apart of his family's legacy, no magic would come from him, and it made him feel empty, and yearning for a life out of his reach.
One day, a royal carriage arrived in the village, carrying a mysterious noblewoman--a Duchess with an exquisite and mysterious beauty that was only made more of a curiosity by the mask upon her face. In the kingdom not too far from the village, a tournament of Magic and wits was being held, and the Duchess had come to invite the family of spellcasters, to see who among them was the Strongest of all. The magicless son, encaptured by the Duchess' gentleness and mystique, had shown his face when she had come to see the family, and in turn c
:iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 2 1
[Tier Reward] Seraphina 'Phina' Alchen Ref by WeBgHoSt [Tier Reward] Seraphina 'Phina' Alchen Ref :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 2 1 Fund Progress Bar - The Eight Heirs by WeBgHoSt Fund Progress Bar - The Eight Heirs :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 1 0
TTOCT S2 Sidequest B prompt
Breathe. It felt like she was being pulled out from a well full of ink and paper. After being stuck between the limbo from her narrow escape, she had finally found the opening she was looking for. Her hands and knees met with the firm feel of concrete and rock as she breathed in and exhaled as if she just went swimming and came for air.
Sarun, the destination she was trying to go for before the circumstances left her trapped in her transit. She adjusted her hood a moment, looking around. She was in an alleyway that seemed unable to decide if it was normal, cute or downright scary. She almost began to doubt she arrived in the right place, until she saw the posters that featured a blue and pink horse with a banner and a Harlequin theme.
"Ursus....thank goodness I could count on you, buddy." She went, relieved and concerned, seeing the other posters.
She knew those runes, and from what her foster mother told her, those were runes you didn't want to see on posters. Those were runes
:iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 0 3
Epilogue: Fox's Dance (Sidequest A)
Azure began to tie the last string around the last wrapped, brown parcel, the small stack of similar packages on the counter all wrapped and tagged with the names of to whom they would be received by in the morning. It hadn't been so many that arrived to the call of her letter, but a helping hand was a helping hand, and the hands she received were very, very helpful, as far as the goals for the day were concerned.
"So? Do you have it ready?"
"Patience, you talking feather duster. Everything will come into motion soon, since everything is set and ready. All you have to do is wait, and in the meantime, I'll be delivering what I promised my clients would receive today, in exchange for their services. And how did the matches go today?"
The crow moved across the room as she began to write down the tag for the parcel she was working on. "I suppose well enough, considering the town turned into a kiddie filled carnival. A good thing this Kingdom has a barrier to protect it during such a
:iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 3 1
Insightful by WeBgHoSt Insightful :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 2 0 Redemption by WeBgHoSt Redemption :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 1 0 Ubiquitous by WeBgHoSt Ubiquitous :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 3 1 Imagination by WeBgHoSt Imagination :iconwebghost:WeBgHoSt 3 2
Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo

if you would, please. I appreciate all the favorites, but I'd like some comments too, you know. makes the deviation pages seem less empty. And I'd appreciate feedback--I like to hear what people think, but keep it respectful and polite, okay?

Random Favourites

two face joker equals love.. by TDKJokerLovers two face joker equals love.. :icontdkjokerlovers:TDKJokerLovers 1 0 Elvis Does Nashville by alltheantics Elvis Does Nashville :iconalltheantics:alltheantics 115 41 UFO or WTH by Darkitten079 UFO or WTH :icondarkitten079:Darkitten079 2 40 phew3.emoticon by yongxiang phew3.emoticon :iconyongxiang:yongxiang 1 0 Thorn Concept by Nidzo Thorn Concept :iconnidzo:Nidzo 2 0 Defiant Tigress Commission by WildSpiritWolf Defiant Tigress Commission :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 2,551 212 My gallery has No Theme by Ash-Dragon-wolf My gallery has No Theme :iconash-dragon-wolf:Ash-Dragon-wolf 1,173 138 Kingdom Wands by MitchisSuperCool Kingdom Wands :iconmitchissupercool:MitchisSuperCool 640 198 Serera Fanart by PlusAnimaGuild Serera Fanart :iconplusanimaguild:PlusAnimaGuild 3 2 15-08-08: Bruno - Darinca 3 by Herdervriend 15-08-08: Bruno - Darinca 3 :iconherdervriend:Herdervriend 2 0 Emperor Larsa Smiles by airbendergal Emperor Larsa Smiles :iconairbendergal:airbendergal 1 0 Models by Wuosy Models :iconwuosy:Wuosy 3 1 Super Hero by AhmadFekri Super Hero :iconahmadfekri:AhmadFekri 2 4 Kenny anime style by werethrough Kenny anime style :iconwerethrough:werethrough 1 0 Ahsoka Tano by aimo Ahsoka Tano :iconaimo:aimo 454 49 Anime girl by Leanna7117 Anime girl :iconleanna7117:Leanna7117 1,783 301
(EDIT 7/8/18): made some updates and some shifts in priorities, to sum up the changes. Read down further below the updates. Still accepting donations and helps towards the effort--Every little bit helps! Please note that donated money in the lasy month went towards things on the top priority list that needed to be paid immediately. Thank you so much for all the help and for all the incoming help in advance!

(EDIT 6/14/18): if I have at least $23.54 in my account, I should have enough to cover the bill, though it will leave my account empty. To make it to the second priority goal to prevent that, I need to make $103.54. Thank you for your donations so far, please still share this, I think we can make it together still!

(EDIT 6/8/18): just giving this an update at the end of every week so that everyone sees it. Please, if you can't donate, spread the word about this journal, PLEASE.

Hello there!

So, if you want a quick beginning TL;DR/basic summary for this journal: this is a donation journal to help make ends meet due to an upcoming bill and other priorities as well as stretch goals below what's prioritized. I suggest reading down lower in the journal to get the full gist, but if you don't want to read it fully, it'd be greatly appreciated for you to spread the word in case others might want to help out. Thank you!


So, Money has been a little tight in my family lately, due to a lot of circumstances that would be too long to explain properly, but in short--I'm kind of coming up short on cash at an inopportune time, as I have a bill I need to have paid by June 30th this year, one that raised the total amount due recently. I did get a job, but since I'm still new at it and it'll take me a while to work up to a good amount due to how the job works, and it's kind of hard for me to find a second one that as easily accessible as the one I have now, due to different reasons:

  • I live in an area where it is a two hour walk back and forth from the nearest Gas Station and Hours more from a Grocery Store. I cannot drive and currently, I have no money to afford a Cab, so for the most part, I have to walk, in the summer heat and humidity of Florida. It takes me a total of four hours just to walk to the gas station, then back home. And while I have sent an application back to many places including said Gas Station, I have not received any response back in over two months. My current job, at the very least, has the accessibility for me to work at home.
  • My Family is out of Town. Since we're really having issues paying off the house we all live in at the moment, my father is looking for a job and currently trying to apply to a position in California that pays really well. As such, to attend the interview, both of my parents have went out of town, leaving me in charge of the dogs and with visiting relatives that also cannot drive, thus limiting my range of mobility in terms of job searching for a while, at least for places that are reasonably acceptable and easy to reach.
So what do I need help with and need money for? Well, let me list off the necessities that are my top priorities:

  • Monthly Bill on the 18th: due to not being able to make up the full amount without leaving my bank account high and dry, I worked out a compromise. Instead of paying $120, every 18th of each month, I have to pay $13. it does make it easier to save up for and focus on other priorities such as the Bank Fee and Groceries down below. Saving up money with my job plus any donations made from Kofi or will keep things stable without me going into the red each month.
  • Monthly Bank Fee: my Bank account tends to charge $6.00 USD for holding any amount of money that is below $100 a month, normally around the 20th each month for me. This can get really annoying especially when money is tight, but the only way the fee stops is if I have at least $100 saved up in it (it also won't withdraw a fee if it stays above at least $50, but I'm certain the requirements to not have the fee is at least 100)
  • Internet Bill: this apparently counts as my rent fee, as constituted by my parents--last time I had to cover this bill, it was $105 USD, and it's part of why I began running into money issues because they sprung this on me with no real forwarning.
  • Groceries: because I like to at least pay for my own food and necessities as well as pitch a hand in any grocery shopping. The grocery bill usually ranges to a total of $50 and higher. This does include necessities like personal hygiene items that I need to restock on.
And here, if anyone cares to help with these too, are personal stretch goals I'd like to meet, but don't have top priority:

  • Kingdom Hearts III: everyone who knows me, knows I'm looking forward to this game. In fact, it's on my Bucket List to play it. It's also coming out soon this year. Once bills and things are out out the way, it'll be my second priority next to Grocery Money. Currently, the price range i'm looking at just for the regular edition is $50-60 USD. The price for a Limited Edition may be higher, but I am going to aim for just the regular version to order/buy.
  • A Ticket to Incredibles 2: I'd like to catch this movie on my own soon. That, however, comes with a fair amount of fees overall: $11.33-$12.00 for the ticket, $17.00-$20.00 for a cab to the movie theatre and back (meaning I'm charged two times, pay once i'm there and pay once i'm home), and $22.00 dollars for conessions (popcorn, a drink and a box/bag of candy)
  • For things that catch my fancy: I'll normally stockpile whatever is left for more important things, but sometimes I won't mind picking something up if I can afford it--usually CDs, books, sweets and other things.
So, now you know the list, you want to help out, the question is how? Well, you can help me out via these methods:
  • Buy me Drinks: I have a Kofi account that I use to gain extra money, and even offer special rewards and certain exclusives for certain amounts and goals met (and amount of drinks bought). If you choose to give money this way, I can not only provide rewards, but can also work on things I love to do alongside with my current job comfortably and still pool in a steady income!
  • if donating/paying through coffee isn't your thing, you can pay me through paypal. I recommend utilizing this if you're willing to just donate and help out, as well as for the best option in regards to the next two options below.
  • Commissions: now, I know I'm not popular enough to warrant any real payment for my commission work, and I haven't done much with the category since early 2012, but these are always open for me to do, just note me about inquiries and we can talk about it and settle on things.
  • Possible Item Sale: now, I've always ran into something when it came to ordering items in the past--sometimes I'd end up with duplicates I did not order for. I'm willing to put some of these items on sale, though I'd have to admit, shipping and packaging cost will come extra with the price, otherwise I'd have to pay out of my own pocket just to get it to you.
  • Spread the word: if you can't help by paying at all, the least you could do is spread the word about this situation through any means you can.
Now, I'm not sure anyone would want to help me out, and all i'd like to do is cover the bill and stay out of the red by not bring left with just seven dollars in my account,  but if I could at least make 15 to 20 dollars each week, I can have the bill paid and get through it by the skin of my teeth, as well as continue on what I like to do alongside with the work required in my job. If people could at least contribute 3 to 5 dollars a day, that'll help loads! Even if it's one dollar, It'll all help. I thank you greatly for your help in advance.


Call me Webs
United States
About Webs (the Character): Webs is a friendly warrior mage with dual attributes to both Darkness- and Earth-based magic. She works as a Knight Errant/Mercenary type, resolving to help fellow allies and others in need. Fairly stubborn and relatively outgoing, she classifies herself as a 'Friendly Loner'--Usually goes solo, but doesn't mind company as much as she minds isolation. She's dedicated to her friends and loved ones and always tries to help out the best she can, even if she can be a bit pushy with it at times. Usually fights with a stave or a baton. Various AU versions of her exist, ask for details, for while she may be the same at heart, many versions of her are different in some way.

About Webs (the User): Joined this site on May 15, 2008, I was rarely on here until I began getting the bearings and making a few friends on this site, friends I've remained in constant contact with. I'm pretty friendly, though I'm mainly the 'won't-talk-unless-spoken-to' type. I love to write and love to draw. Going through college (just to get the core classes out of the way, not particularly fond of schools, honestly), though I'm not in a semester at the moment, as I am getting ready for a big move across state at the end of May. I will be picking up my education this fall, once I'm settled in from the move. I'm one of the judges for TrinityTourneyOCT and the one who initially created the group.

Favs/+Watch Policies: I'm a very lax person, I tend to favorite things that catch my eye or something I will have tucked away for reference (whether it'd be for writing or drawing). I won't comment unless I actually have something to add or say about it, and I don't normally do any watch backs unless the artist/author's got my attention fully, rather than catching my eye here and there. In terms of you faving any of my work or adding me to your watchlist, I won't thank you on your page, as many people these days don't like it, but do know that it's appreciated. ^^

Gallery: I namely draw/write stuff relating to my characters in different 'verses/stories. The main Universes that I dabble in is the Unlocked!Verse (KH-related stuff), PokemonTrainerAU!Verse (a Pokemon-verse that is a mix of the games, movies and parts of the anime in terms of story), AGCTE-Related stuff, and Rosewood!verse (anything related to my OC, Alyssa Millis and her group of friends--this includes any crossover stories shared on here and on my Fanfiction account). I also (on occasion) draw and write stuff for friends.

Feedback Policy: While I appreciate feedback, do note that I do this for my own fancies and fun--I would very well like it if you wouldn't give any of my pieces Critiques, especially old/dated ones. I tend to critique myself a lot (in other words, I'm my own worst critic), so while I support constructive Criticism, I would very much prefer that you wouldn't and shouldn't give it on any of my pieces unless I specifically ask for it. Like I said, most of the stuff in my gallery is for fun and enjoyment as well as sharing with my friends, I don't strive to be perfect or professional. That being said, I do love it when people leave comments and feedback on anything I write and or draw as of current. I don't ask for anyone to comment on EVERYTHING in my gallery, since I'm not a big comment person myself, but some feedback now and then, even if it's a silly little pun or just a simple "I like this" or "This is nice", is very much appreciated and makes my day. If you want to ask me anything about my characters or about any stories I'm writing or going to write (or completed), you are free to note me about it. If you don't like the stuff here, that's perfectly fine! Everyone's entitled to what they like or dislike, but please don't make a big point about it in the comments. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it--you'll spare yourself trouble and not waste anyone's time that way.

Regarding Thank-yous: You're free to thank me for faving whenever and whatever you'd like, I won't stop you. I only have one request: when you leave a thank you comment, please do not make it too big of an eyesore. my computer tends to lag if there's too much stuff loading, and some people that visit the page may be bothered by it or sensitive to it. I will happily reply back most of the time, and it's up to you if you'd like to continue and make conversation.

On Giftart: If you want to draw/write about one of my characters or draw a scenario from a story, you're free to do so. I absolutely love giftart of any kind, as it makes my day and makes me really giddy to see/read stuff. All you have to do is mention me in the description--however, you're free to leave a comment on the page linking to what you have down. If you want to use any character of mine for something of yours, however (Unless you're a close friend OR the character in question is entered into an OCT), please ask me first, as my characters are particular to certain things and it'd be easier if we were able to talk about the subject and get proper approval.

Enjoy all that this world has to offer!



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