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This article was originally posted on tecSOFT's official website: and was translated from brazilian portuguese to english via Google Translator.


Google announced that it will change its method of PageRank. For those who do not know, PageRank is what determines whether your site will look good, or bad, during the searches. If your site has a PageRank relevant, appears among the top positions, while the opposite will make you appear in the last pages of research. Needless to say, do not appear on the first page of Google is very bad for business.

Well, now Google has changed this algorithm once again, increasing their capacities. Besides detecting the relevance of the keywords on your site to determine how it will be found, Google will measure the speed of loading your site. The page load faster are more likely to appear first.

Of course it is not just a matter of speed, the old code is still worth searching for and the principal is the relevance of content, but now a faster site will make a big difference if you're competing with competitors that offer content as good as yours.

How to improve site performance
There are several ways to make your site faster, the ideal is to combine them all to get a better result in Google searches. The first part should be optimizing your code, as we do with our method of web design in tecSOFT. The codes are summarized and the cleanest possible, so that the site is read by the browser faster. Of course, some sites will require a more complex structure, yet we do our best in each case for the site to be lightweight and fast. Using Web Standards as a method of developing Web sites, it is a natural thing, not an extra effort we make. Not yet part of our development to create sites like this.

There are tools to measure speed. Here, we use the FireBug, Firefox browser plugin that shows us exactly how long it takes to load each page element. The Google Chrome browser also has a tool to measure the speed of the page. With these tools, we can locate the points of bottleneck in reading the site, to decrease the size of the images or source code, in order to improve site performance.

More than ever you need to think of the web designer to make the sites more cleanly and efficiently. Many people did not even know of this change and will probably have a great disservice in the long term unless they upgrade their sites, as they will be back and will not be so easily found. Those who can adapt to this change and make their sites more lightweight and fast, will surely have a great competitive advantage, since it is the biggest, best and most used search engine in the world.
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:happybounce: HeartHello, DeviantArtists! I'm deviantARTDasGnomo, the new Community Volunteer of the Design and Interfaces gallery. I'm currently open for DD suggestions in that area and Official Guidelines have been already uploaded to this journal:  Design And Interfaces DD Guidelines💪😎✌️ Powerful hellos to everyone! I'm @DasGnomo and I'm the Design & Interfaces Community Volunteer at @communityrelations, I'm in charge to bring to your awesome attention amazing DeviantART works via: features, articles and Daily Deviations! I'm a humble illustrator and graphic designer from Chile living in the US. I've been working on these areas for 13 years now, I'm happy and honored to have these new responsibilities (thanks to @ekud @Moonbeam13 and @JenFruzz for trusting in me for this). I'll work hard to do my best for the community! I'm extremely grateful in advance for all the DD suggestions you'll be sending me from this day on 🙏 however there are certain objective parameters that I'll take into account at the moment of featuring a Daily Deviation.I can only take suggestions from the Designs & Interfaces gallery and all associated sub-galleries/categories.Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313:How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation? Please send me ONE note per suggestion/artist/deviationThe artist/designer is still active on DeviantART (must be active for more than 30 days)The piece you are suggesting is not part of an ongoing contest (in such case, you should wait for the contest to end, in order to suggest it)The piece you are suggesting is not infringing DeviantART Copyright PoliciesPlease, let me know if you want to remain anonymous as a suggester; if you don't specify I will assume that you want your name listed on the DD feature.Please only send your suggestion to ONE community volunteer. Here is the list of all the CV's and the galleries they are in charge to feature.You can self suggest (explaining why you deserve to be featured in your note. Also, avoid the spam) and try to give preference to other artists as well.I'll list here some objective characteristics of a DD worthy Design & Interfaces deviation: High QualityOriginality/UniquenessFunctionality/Problem SolvingExcellent use of the basic elements of Design and InterfacesSend me a note with the Title: "DD SUGGESTION" with ONE suggestion only. Don't suggest by comments.Include the deviation's :Thumbcode: in the noteClick SEND. And that's it! 👍I won't necessarily answer to all the DD suggestion notes since sometimes they are too many to keep count, so featuring your suggested DD will remain as a surprise.Any suggested deviation can also be feature in futured journals, being a DD or not. So keep suggesting deviations, please.Remember to check today's Daily Deviations!Fav, comment and share this journal with your friends! 😘

I humbly invite you to check it out, if you got any amazing deviation in mind to be suggested, please send me a note.

Also, I want to invite you all to Mrs-Durden 's "I Challenge You" 2019's edition activity for a chance to win amazing prizes like 1 year core membership, points and more! Get in the "Design and Interfaces" category and you'll be receiving very interesting and great challenges from me! ;D

I Challenge You: 2019 EditionDear all,
The veterans among you may remember a huge challenge competition I first launched back in 2015 called "I Challenge You". The first time around, the premise was that deviants were paired up and would give each other a challenge to be completed within a deadline, for a chance to win a prize as a duo or trio. The second time around, each participant was assigned a Community Volunteer who would give them a challenge to be completed. 
If you're curious, you can go look at the old journals here and here. The second edition blew up almost immediately, if I recall we had around 300-400 sign-ups. Well, it's been years and it's time to bring back this challenge game again! I'll try to make it happen once per year, hence why this is "2019 Edition" ;)
The idea explained in a few wo

I'll be waiting for you all and have an amazing day today! :D Love 
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Looking for a graphic designer for youtube: Looking for designer for youtube cover
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Group dead? I submitted designs about 10 days ago. Oh well, bye
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Sorry, haven't been active on here for a while! Just poked in again this week after a long run away! Very sorry!
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Looking for a graphic designer for youtube: Looking for designer for youtube cover
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Yeah I see the problem. I can make him a nice cover if you have a sensible budget.
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sent you a note!
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Peanut-Designs Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer…
Please remove this as this is a stolen creation from my own designs.
I gave no permission and wish to remove any possibility he may gain clients from work he did not actually create.

I would be very greatful
My Creation over a year before he posted…
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I wish I can help you, but as a contributor I can only accept or reject submissions, and I couldn't find any option to delete the image that has been accepted.
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