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Design flash web interface to uniqart site - artistic design.

All page prievie.

Jestem Hubcio i z polski :D Pozdraaim wujka.

Thx all for comment :D
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Haaa! zajebiste:)
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Fantastic design. It's unique in the best way possible: fresh, imaginative, and well-stuctured. :)
Man .. this is a piece of art, people are talking about web2 ... this is web2000 .. Keep the great work .. i'm just Amazed.
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hey, man .

your work so nice,
as this paint's size.
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świetna robota, nie pogadasz :)
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insane man... just insane
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Amazing.. wow.
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Rare, very rare, here in Deviant, I find some work so fantastic as this. Congratulations!
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ale fajny.

cały ten layout jest zajebisty


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hardcore, the best layout which i see!
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omg, wie geil ist das denn bitte?

very NAIS work... love it all in all! :) +fav
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Amazing work! So much details and such lovely shapes and colors, I'm in love...

This is a new definition of the word "awesome"! I wanna see this on a live website! Please! :D
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brak mi słów :D +fav
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Wow! I wish I could do something like this!
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Very good work!
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I am speechless!

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daje rade.

jeden z ciekawszych webowych projektow jakie ostatnie widzialem.

Gratuluje :)
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