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Deviation Actions


1)Any deviations with extreme content (gore, sex, hate speech, etc) must have the appropriate filters. Deviations that break this rule will be removed/rejected. Use your best judgement- if you wouldn't mind total strangers catching a quick look at it on your computer, it's probably okay.

2)If a comic series is way too extreme overall or repeatedly violates rule 1 (or any other rule), it may be removed by admins.

3)Troublemakers may be removed from the group by admins. Behave.


4) IMPORTANT- To receive their own dedicated folder, requesters must provide a link to their user gallery showing **FIFTEEN** or more comic pages **of the same project** to receive a new folder. Cover pages count, as long as they are clearly marked as such. Not counted as a comic page: obvious works in progress, concept art, character sheets, partial "teaser" comic pages, anything else obviously not a finished comic page.

You will be promoted to contributor if you get your own folder. Contributors must also participate in voting on submissions to the Featured folder, so please be familiar with our rules and participate, if you'd like to keep your folder.

To most conveniently request a folder, send the group a note. Commenting on the group homepage or PMing an admin directly may not always get you a speedy reply.

5) WCR has the right to reject your folder request. Comics that are poor quality or are based around an intellectual property that doesn't belong to you will be rejected. The quality control requirements are based on the basics of comic-page construction; layouts must make sense and flow a story across the page cohesively, fonts must be readable and sensibly placed, lineart must be suitably clean and understandable, colors (where applicable) need not be muddied or poorly done.

6) Only two comic folders per member, period. You may maintain two separate comic projects in these folders if you wish. WCR cannot host more than two projects for a single user at a time. However, folder-owners can have their folder renamed or deleted-and-remade whenever they like as it suits them. If you have multiple projects, you can also opt to house them all under a single folder with an umbrella-name of your choosing.

7) Any folder that has not been updated for one full year may be deleted. (unless you contact the admins asking to preserve it). We will check for deletions whenever we hit the folder limit.


8) The Featured Folder is for Cover Pages and Splash Pages ONLY. No individual comic pages or illustrations are allowed to be submitted.
This is a Cover Art:
:thumb611523925: Veronica - NUKE by RobsonDavid The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand 1: Cover by centrifugalstories Misadventurers by Glumych

This is a Splash Page:
AWAKEN-CHAPTER 01-PAGE 52-53 by Flipfloppery Ch.6: The Trickster Prodigy: Pg.50 by JM-Henry Dog Eaters splash page by Brolo

9) The Member's Comics Folder is for notifying the group that your webcomic has been updated on your blog or website. This is for Members who choose not to host their comic here, instead hosting it on their own sites. This is where "teaser comic" pages go.

10) Contributors can submit the maximum of 10 deviations per day to their folder. Members can submit 1 deviation per week to the Updates folder, and may submit their cover art and splash pages to Featured.

11) Once a year, admins will remove folders for projects that have not updated in a year, and the folder owner will be demoted to Member. Only WC-R users who maintain their folders will remain at the rank of Contributor and keep their folders. If a folder is removed due to inactivity, it will not be re-created.
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CatzK3's avatar
So what if I am a new member with my own comic? When will new folders be eligible?
MagusFerox's avatar
Post your comics to the Members Comics folders, and your cover art to the Featured folder. 
I'm the only active admin for WCR, I've gone through a couple of rounds of promoting new admins who just up and bail after they get tired of dealing with it. So basically- not anytime soon, unless the other admins come back to WCR. I'm willing to pay just enough attention to WCR to resolve any problems, but I don't want to spend time setting up submission requests. It was really time consuming. 
CatzK3's avatar
Oh aight its fine then. 
Kone5497's avatar
Where do you leave the link to your gallery when you want your own folder?
RoseyRoseyMae's avatar
You have to privately message us.
Doc-Savage21's avatar
Hi folks!

I just find an alert on my page, my demand was accepted, I can be part of the group, thanks for your patience.

There is my gallery, hope you'll accept to share my last graphic novel, it's more than 72 pages.
NavyShadeRose's avatar
I have a question! When someone has a folder for their comic, are they allowed to submit more than one page per week? 0w0

Also, where does a person submit their pages if they don't have a folder?
RoseyRoseyMae's avatar
1) It's set to the "global limit," which means if you get your own folder you can submit to it as often as the computer system in place will allow you per day, but we'd still like it if we weren't just spammed.

2) In the meantime, if you have a comic, submit it to "Updates" please!
NavyShadeRose's avatar
aahh okay, thank you so much! I don't have a comic right now but me and a group of friends are working on the script for one haha
Doc-Savage21's avatar
Hi folks!

I'm new here, and I read the rule, I just created a folder in my page:


Is it possible to join this big circle?

Wink/Razz thanks again.
diegogue's avatar
Hello everyone, I'm new to webcomics on deviant art. I have my comic hosted on comic fury but I created a folder with the first 15 pages here on Deviant, and I'm going to upload the rest of the pages soon:  

Thanks in advance
BaBaBhalu's avatar
Noted... We have 15 pages but not uploaded to Deviant Art yet.. 
Is there a way to save this journal so I remember to come back and apply once we've got the 15 up?
I'm not as good with Deviant ART as instagram but I swear I remember seeeing a fav. feaure for journals before.
But I'm not seeing the option available here...
BaBaBhalu's avatar
Oh. I found it. NM. ^^;
ADE-doodles's avatar
Overpowers #1 L'Epex and Kolossus

15 pages..+ credits
mechmorphosis's avatar
After reading the rules, I have a couple of questions. I didn't see anything about using 3D for comics (not 3D like with the glasses, but just 3D digital models), but it looks like everything in the gallery is 2D, either by hand or digital. Is 3D OK? I was also wondering about dimensions for comic pages. It looks like everybody is using the traditional book dimensions or something like that. What about landscape-oriented pages (since most computer screens are landscape)?
MagusFerox's avatar
Yeah, any media is fine. I just have a quality requirement of "readability," the flow of your story across the page has to make sense. Mark it clearly if it's Japanese format. So it should read from top to bottom, left to right if it's English format, top to bottom-right to left if it's Japanese, etc. Most comics are drawn at a very large dimension and scaled down, I think the typical blue board is like 11x17. This is the rule for printing though, so if it's intended entirely for webcomics, landscape is great too! I've seen a couple of great webcomics work in that format, but many artists lean toward the idea of printing and selling their work physically. I think I just got a little distracted there, to answer your question-- yes, landscape and 3D is fine. xD
Whisperspirit's avatar
As far as getting your own folder: what if I've made all the comic pages for my webcomic but haven't yet released and would like a folder for when it does release? Could I send a note showing finished pages in my stash to qualify?
(A question for future reference)
MagusFerox's avatar
Send the group a note after you've published your comics on DA, they need to be in your gallery for you to add them to a folder anyway.  
Whisperspirit's avatar
True. Cool beans! I'll do that.
CosySister's avatar
I was thinking about joining this group but I got to say that after reading this I feel a bit discouraged.
I have a longer comic that I've been working on for about three years now laying around in my gallery called "Green n Red" that I wan't to reach out to more people with, but frankly I don't know if it's good enough for this group, especially the very first pages. I sometimes include a little gore a swearing too so I don't know.
MagusFerox's avatar
Have a look at the other comics in our galleries and see if you feel like your work is comparable. Don't be discouraged, our quality standards aren't too stringent. If it's readable and the layout is understandable, that's what we're after. 
CosySister's avatar
Well, like I said the earliest pages are pretty meh and probably will just get a remake or just a recap at some point. 
Anyway I'll send you guys my request for a folder and whatever happens happens Thumbs Up 

Thanks for replying :)
MissSallyCabbage's avatar
Where do you go about requesting a comic folder?

Also could you define really bad profanity? I have a comic that sports the occational F word or SOB combo in the more intense parts of the comic. Yet they are not always regular features. If that fits that criteria I can make a cleaner version of those pages with asterics (#$%@) or something. Although don't have them using it in every sentence... or being very provocative with them. 
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