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After the Dream 20-13: Tree in a Cave by afterthedream

Mature Content

The Nymphomancer's Lair by 8Nephila8
Chapter 2 of Ascension Chronicles has begun by ILJackson
SausageFullofSecrets by Polymerjack
Nextuus Page 1213 by NyQuilDreamer
Nextuus Page 1212 by NyQuilDreamer
Nextuus Page 1211 by NyQuilDreamer
Nextuus Page 1210 by NyQuilDreamer
Urban Gerbils
Urban Gerbils letter to Santa by UrbanGerbils
Hard times! by UrbanGerbils
Fart attack! by UrbanGerbils
Russy's philosophy by UrbanGerbils
JK-Antwon comics
Issue 750 Wonder Woman Animated - Cover-2 by JK-Antwon
Silent Sillies - Lazy Laundry by JK-Antwon
Wonder Woman the Animated Series (issue 23-2011) by JK-Antwon
Silent Sillies - Early Acorn Discover by JK-Antwon
The Lostland
Ch.1 The Newcomer: Pg.02 by JM-Henry
Ch:1 The Newcomer, Pg.01 by JM-Henry
Welcome, Dear Listeners: Pg.04 by JM-Henry
Welcome, Dear Listeners: Pg.03 by JM-Henry
Darklings comic
Darklings - Issue 7, Page 41 by RavynSoul
Issue 7, Page 40 by RavynSoul
Issue 7, Page 39 by RavynSoul
2020 by RavynSoul
Weaponry Chapter 8 - Eye of the Storm p4 by tarorae
Weaponry Chapter 8: Eye of the Storm - 3 by tarorae
Eye of the Storm p2 by tarorae
Chapter 8 - Eye of the Storm 1 by tarorae
Twisted Mind of a Stranger
Bastards: Intermission - Faculty by MaestroMorte
Bastards: Gym Class Still Sucks p.12 by MaestroMorte
Bastards: Gym Class Still Sucks p.11 by MaestroMorte
Bastards: Gym Class Still Sucks p.10 by MaestroMorte
Magician Rebels
Magician rebels pg 88 by Crystalas
Magician rebels pg 87 by Crystalas
magician rebels pg 86 by Crystalas
Magician rebels pg 85 by Crystalas
Flavored Red
Thanksgiving 2019 by AndroidSkeleton
Pickle Break #15: Queen(s) Of the Nile by AndroidSkeleton
Inktober 2019 Day 5: Build by AndroidSkeleton
Fr Chap 4 Pg 172 by AndroidSkeleton
MACHINE: The Story of One Transmission
Bastards: Orientation Day p.12 by MaestroMorte
PHANTOMS: mini comics
PHANTOMS Mini-Comics: Hei an Zhi Wang by MrCobalt67
Crush: OUR SECRET LIVES Page 05 by ZDMCreations
Dat Punk Timbo
DPT: Nub by hooksnfangs
Flower Garden
Flower Garden 2/3: Page 57 by Redherochild
Dogstar: Chapter 6 - Page 36 by BVW
Joy of Crime
Joy of Crime S2E1: A Girl Named Amber Page 1 by JoyofCrimeArt
Plastic Robot
Plu7o's Space Ship 'Wa Wa Wa Waaa' by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Kalwa Ch 21 Page 15 by GreenRaptor15
Reus|Chapter 4 Page 8 by NoireRenard17
Star Guardians

Mature Content

Star Guardians Chapter Eight 20 by CrossXComix
Animalia Ch3Pg1 by RockyGems
Demoni Pg. 87 by TheArgoNinja
The Adventurers
Crestbraid - Page 36 by GrandSACHI
Brothers - 36 by peterszebeni
Raptor, page 101 by ElenPanter
Mishaps of Dan
The Mishaps of Dan 172 by timberking
Sand Bandits
Jonto - Prologue 24 by Alarkus
Mythica, page 46 (See description) by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth
The story of Osram
The story of Osram - Chapter 4 - Page 86 by Feuersichel
Soul Ascendance
Soul Ascendance volume 2 cover by SpavVy
Gogi's Comics
It could be worse: Marriage by Gogszi
The Factory
the Factory: Cover 1 by 20yrsy
Chateau Grief
Chateau Grief 227 by chateaugrief
WARCRY Cover by MagusFerox
The Changeling's Sister
02-31 The Changeling's Sister by yondoloki
ReVolition (Chp. 3) Page 30 by OddAmity
Endless Universe
EU Ch2 Pg0 by LeWarriorStar
Of Machines and Men
OMAM: Rogues page 28 by Kufguh
Miss Morgue
Chapter 20: Take Me To Church - 21 by DevanMuse
Green 'n Red
Wolves of Viride Woods (page 22) by CosySister
Adventurous - C2 P16 by ForeverMuffin
Nobody's Special
Nobody's Special - Chapter 4 Pg. 10 by JNRedmon
H by AlyssaStehle
H 106 by AlyssaStehle
Dragon Of Dragon of Arcadia - Full Series
Dragon of Acadia Chapter 2 Page 11 by gborja357
Prophecy by Project-Drow
Prophecy - Ch1,P23 by Project-Drow
Eagle Kid
Eagle Kid Pag_32 by Faluotico
Page 14 by Maria-Archer
Scarlet Shadow
prodigium ch2 pg31 by binaryfaye
Happy Xmas 2019! Pop-Out Card by SkylaComics
All Dark University
Chapter 008 pg 02 by kyrtuck
Member's Comics 1
TCM 2: Volume 15 (pg 42) by LivingAliveCreator
Member's Comics 2
Marked page 32 by WonderWald
Member's Comics 3
WOTM-CH03-Demonization Page 39 by Foxy-Knight
Member's Comics 4
Walking With Strangers - 12 by Takeuchi15
Member's Comics 5
LOSK - page 7 by Cheetany
Member's Comics 6

Hi! Welcome to Webcomics-ROCK!

This is a community for aspiring comic artists and comic readers to share our love for sequential art, comic strips and more!


>>>Featured is for Cover Art and Splash Pages Only!<<<

If you don't have your own comic folder yet, please submit your comic updates to the Member's Comics folders!

In particular, we do not allow advertising on our front page. Advertising in submissions is okay.

READ THE RULES if you want your own folder- make sure you meet the requirements.

Recent Journal Entries

Hello webcomickers!

I'm looking to take more of a hands-off approach to the administration of WCR. To that end, I'm beginning a bit of an experiment. If it turns out awful, we'll just go back to the way it was before.

1. I've removed the "Updates" folder and added six new "Member's Comics" folders. Members can submit 1 (ONE) deviation per day to these folders, AUTOMATICALLY APPROVED.

Please, use your common sense when submitting, Members... If I start getting complaints from our Contributors or other Members, I'll have to make the folders more exclusive again. Submit your comics, submit your promotional materials for your comics, submit your cover arts... but don't submit photos of your stupid cat or inappropriate material that nobody would care about here. This is a group for COMICS. Remember that.

2. I'm temporarily closing the availability of becoming a Contributor and having dedicated folders for comics.

We've got plenty of Contributors as it is, and I'm not willing to spend the time to set up new ones. If in the event I have a handful of Contributors leave, I'll make it available again and take a few submissions. For right now, you can continue to send submission requests but I won't reply to them unless your comic is just astronomically STELLAR. So if you've got cohones like mountains go right ahead, send that note to the group.

I will still be keeping half an eye on this place, and submissions to the Featured folder are still strictly curated (COVER ART AND SPLASH COMICS ONLY DANGIT) but Members are getting a bit more of a free rein around here for my own sanity. Don't abuse it.
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Thanks for accepting into the group.
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is this group active?
MagusFerox Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Partially, we're not accepting any new Contributors but you're welcome to join as a Member. Members can submit comics to the "Member's Comics" folders, and submit cover art to the Featured folder. 
EJtheDemonKid Featured By Owner May 4, 2019
Hi. Can I have have a folder for my comic "Virginia has a Serial Number"?

Thank you.
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I mod here, can I add a new folder for a new series?  You may remove the folder for my old series, Obscuria, I discontinued it.  
MagusFerox Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, just holler at me with the name of your new series and I'll get that folder whipped up for ya.
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Its called "All Dark University".  :)
MagusFerox Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Right on, got it all set up for ya.…
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