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t h e G U M B O f i l e s cover page by Dtronaustin

Mature Content

The Saga of Hadiya CH2 COVER ECCHI (RUDERUIN) by Miraclekid92
After the Dream 18-03: Discovery by afterthedream
Chickamangu 182 by MrRemoraman
Warcry 26 Now on Patreon by MagusFerox
Legend of Kalos Ch. 1 A New Beginning 8 by TheBlackBullets
In The Lion's Den 1- 177-178 by Respeanut
Nextuus Page 1154 by NyQuilDreamer
Nextuus Page 1153 by NyQuilDreamer
Nextuus Page 1152 by NyQuilDreamer
Nextuus Page 1151 by NyQuilDreamer
Urban Gerbils
Urban Gerbils: D'you want flies with that? by UrbanGerbils
Urban gerbils.  Bed socks? by UrbanGerbils
Lootube by UrbanGerbils
Urban Gerbils: Sunset by UrbanGerbils
JK-Antwon comics
Silent Sillies - Time Turtle 37 by JK-Antwon
Silent Sillies - Time Turtle 36 by JK-Antwon
Silent Sillies - Time Turtle 35 by JK-Antwon
Silent Sillies - Make Sunday Silly by JK-Antwon
The Lostland
Ch.8 The 'Wing-Clipper' 2: Pg.42 by JM-Henry
Ch.8 The 'Wing-Clipper' 2: Pg.41 by JM-Henry
Ch.8 The 'Wing-Clipper' 2: Pg.40 by JM-Henry
Ch.8 The 'Wing-Clipper' 2: Pg.39 by JM-Henry
Coolstar Comics
Unlimited Evil Issue #2 Page 11 by darthpaul99
Unlimited Evil Issue #2 Page 10 by darthpaul99
Unlimited Evil Issue #2 Page 9 by darthpaul99
Unlimited Evil Issue #2 Page 8 by darthpaul99
Static Skies
Chapter 7 - Page 5 by ZaraLT
Chapter 7 - Page 4 by ZaraLT
Chapter 7 - Page 2 by ZaraLT
Chapter 7 - Page 1 by ZaraLT
FreQuency - Track 03 Page 105 by Porkbun-comics
FreQuency Track 3 Page 104 by Porkbun-comics
FreQuency - Track 03 Page 103 by Porkbun-comics
FreQuency - Track 03 Page 102 by Porkbun-comics
Darklings comic
Darklings - Issue 6, Page 31 by RavynSoul
Darklings - Issue 6, Page 30 by RavynSoul

Mature Content

Darklings - Issue 6, Page 29 by RavynSoul
Darklings - Issue 6, Page 28 by RavynSoul
Weaponry - Dark Road 19 by tarorae
Twisted Mind of a Stranger
Bastards: Orientation Day p.4 by MaestroMorte
Anarchy Dreamer
Anarchy Dreamers Pg 118 by emily-ree
Magician Rebels
Magician rebels pg 79 by Crystalas
Flavored Red
Fr Chap 4 Pg 169 by AndroidSkeleton
Renegade Page 7 by Thagirion
MACHINE: The Story of One Transmission
MACHINE T.S.O.O.T. PG 110 by BallpointsStudio
Astronautical Episode 5- Page 21 by BLARGEN69
PHANTOMS: mini comics
PHANTOMS Mini-Comics: Tonne's Threads by MrCobalt67
CRUSH: Welcome to the Show! Page 28 by OriginalUnoriginal
Blue Marble
BM: CH2 14 by ThatJemmaGirlDraws
Dat Punk Timbo
[DPT] Stuck by hooksnfangs
Flower Garden
Flower Garden 2/3: Page 57 by Redherochild
Bloody Hell V.C Organization
OC chapter 7 page 49 by EJtheDemonKid
Sevice's Code
Sin e Tom by Zendaru
Dogstar: Chapter 6 - Page 23 by BVW
Concerning Rosamond Grey
Epilogue page 16 of Concerning Rosamond Grey by Hestia-Edwards
Joy of Crime
Joy of Crime S1E14: The Offer Page 6 by JoyofCrimeArt
Plastic Robot
Plu7o's Space Ship Pg. 12 by PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMIC
Kalwa Ch 14 pg 15 by GreenRaptor15
RetroBlade: Page 84 (no text) by Vermin-Star
Reus|Chapter 4 Page 8 by NoireRenard17
Granted #3 Page 12 by Granted-Comic
ReWrite - Undone page 22 by JJ422
Star Guardians
Chapter Eight 11 by CrossXComix
Animalia Chapter 3 Cover by RockyGems
#Wafflefry - Summer - Spencer - Page 1 by MightyMelleR
Demoni Pg. 79 by TheArgoNinja
The Bean Counter
Snuggs No. 11: The Oddest Tea, Part 1 by snuggmuggsly
The Spirit of Ethil
The spirit of Ethil P19 by Lunewen
Willie and Jake
Willie and Jake: Page 1 by HaileyMorrisonBooks
The Adventurers
Crestbraid - Page 36 by GrandSACHI
Brothers - 36 by peterszebeni
Raptor, page 80 by ElenPanter
Snakes and Ladders
Freedom 008 by mulattaFURY
Mishaps of Dan
The Mishaps of Dan 119 by timberking
Sunken Interlude 1 - p.3 by CristianaLeone
Sand Bandits
Jonto - Prologue 24 by Alarkus
The Pale
The Pale #1 p8 by AgentFink
Yaff- Experimentation

Mature Content

YAFF - Experimentation | Prologue | Page 30 by NikeMike34
Mythica, Page45 by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth
No Way

Mature Content

Vasile by LayLoL
The Foreigner
Year 1 Anniversary by KevinLemon
Predator from Afar pg 01 by kyrtuck
Nina and Jack
COMING SOON by nobodygoddammit
Emily 283 - Starz in Their Eyez by Cartoon-Admirer
The story of Osram
The story of Osram - Chapter 4 - Page 78 by Feuersichel
Invicta - Chapter Four, Page 9 by Matakoura
Patterns in Snow
Patterns in Snow (page 7) by Silberschnuppen
Soul Ascendance

Mature Content

Soul Ascendance Chapter 2 page 9 by SpavVy
Gogi's Comics
Tales from the lake: Hygiene problems by Gogszi
Inside Phobia
10 by AkiroTea
The Factory
the Factory: Cover 1 by 20yrsy
[WEBCOMIC] Project:LAMB [Chapter 4-5] by LemiaDoodleheart
Chateau Grief
Chateau Grief 147 by chateaugrief
Warcry 23 by MagusFerox
The Changeling's Sister
The Changeling's Sister 2-10 by yondoloki
Aetherwar Book 1 Dunharrow 022 by EvilArtBunny
ReVolition (Chp. 3) Page 30 by OddAmity
Kingdom of the Red Rose
Page 50 by Copper-Mouflon
Facade: Ch.3, Pg.23 by Hitamory
Endless Universe
EU Ch2 Pg0 by LeWarriorStar
09 by RoseyRoseyMae
Of Machines and Men
OMAM: Aftermath page 11 by Kufguh
Miss Morgue
Chapter 12: Liar - 15 by DevanMuse
Handsome and Hideous
Almost Never
02_02 by KytCordell
Green 'n Red
Wolves of Viride Woods (page 22) by CosySister
Adventurous - C2 P16 by ForeverMuffin
Issue 4 | Page 18 by LUMINARIEScomic
Nobody's Special
Nobody's Special - Chapter 4 Pg. 10 by JNRedmon
The Last Sheriff
The-Last-Sheriff Issue-2 17 by RecklessHero
Operation Boom
Operation Boom Issue 2 2 by RecklessHero
H by AlyssaStehle
H 70 by AlyssaStehle
Dragon Of Dragon of Arcadia - Full Series

Mature Content

Dragon of Acadia Chapter 2 page 6 (SFW) by gborja357
Prophecy by Project-Drow
Prophecy - Ch1, P4 by Project-Drow

Hi! Welcome to Webcomics-ROCK!

This is a community for aspiring comic artists and comic readers to share our love for sequential art, comic strips and more!


>>>Featured is for Cover Art and Splash Pages Only!<<<

If you don't have your own comic folder yet, please submit your comic updates to the Updates folder!

In particular, we do not allow advertising on our front page. Advertising in submissions is okay.

READ THE RULES if you want your own folder- make sure you meet the requirements.

Recent Journal Entries

Heyo babs, I am currently searching for new Co-Founders to help me run WCR. I'm super proud of how our Contributors have been successfully curating the Featured gallery, so I'm thinking it's time to pass on the torch to one or two of them, so we can get more new Contributors set up with folders and display their work in WCR in a more timely manner.

So, to apply:

--Must be a current Contributor who participates in the Submissions voting, and does so correctly (So you know how to follow the rules and all that). I can look at the logs, and I will be checking.

--Must be willing to curate gallery folders subjectively. The three big rules is that it has to be easily readable, of a decent quality production and not a fan-art comic. You might piss people off in the process, that's just part of gallery curation unfortunately. We can't give a folder to everybody, it's just not feasible, so as long as we all draw the line fairly and following the same rules everything's cool. The art style doesn't have to be totally pro, but let's stay away from stick-figure comics. If Little Johnny wants to make a Naruto comic, he can post it in the Naruto fans groups. And for the love of God, please no Comic Sans fonts...  

-- Must be willing to terminate unused folders fairly. Usually we do the Winter Purge, where once a year we clean out the galleries of folders that haven't been used for one year. (Merry Christmas, eheh....) If a comic hasn't been updated for an entire year, we need to free up that gallery space for another user who's going to actually use it. That's just how it is. The only caveat to this rule is that if a comic is -quite obviously finished- like the Brothers comic ((here:… it has a definite ending page there)) Then this comic would have a permanent place in our galleries. Everybody loves a comic that actually has an ending to its story, so it stays put. Making comics is hard, and there are so many comics that just die after a while, so it's good to celebrate the ones that are finished successfully.

So, if you're interested in helping out... Post a comment here, or note me directly at MagusFerox. Your best bet would be to note me directly, I'd see it sooner. Also note, I'm not going anywhere personally, I just don't participate here as often as I once did, so it's time to get some helpers.

Happy comicking, and thanks for being awesome!

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