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Hello there! I'm currently working on a webcomic called Behold the Scruffs, a silly slice-of-life story about a cat that thinks he's divine. Shenanigans follow. You can check it out on my profile, or on Webtoon.


I've attached the first strip below. Hope you enjoy! There's plenty more where that came from! Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Behold the Scruffs - 0001 - Horrible Freedom

Here's my latest Webtoon series that has finally been released two months ago which is my official cartoon fantasy series.

DARK SHEEP | WEBTOON (webtoons.com)

DARK SHEEP Follows Karell the black Sheep who just moved here from his home place to Woolington. All Sheep have Bright Wool but except for him. He is very Shy and sometimes mood swings due to boredom but one day he would overcome his loneliness from being shy. Woolington was a peaceful place where all the flock Lived but danger can still happen because of the pack of Predators lead by Lucido Mardux the carnivorous goat and his father Zurtur to rule over Predation.

DARK SHEEP Series promo