I've been tagged! Man Down!

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Tagged! Tagged by a fellow BAAIM student.
...that's low...


1. Grab the nearest book to you (not the most intellectual or your favorite. From where you're sitting, get the nearest one!).

2. Open the book to page 56.

3. Post the text of the first two-five sentences.

4. Tag five people to do the same.

I couldn't actually use the closest book to me, nor the second third or fourth in fact.
As it turns out, Where's wally? the Fantastic journey, I Love You As Big As The World,  Puzzle Island and Dragonology; the complete book of dragons all contain less than 56 Pages. Go figure...

So my chosen text is... -ahem-  The Santa Clause book by Alden Perkes

"Interesting Elvish Words.
The language of the elves is ancient and highly developed. Some branches of elves were speaking complex sentences long before Chinese and Hebrew were even thought of!

It's interesting to see how thoroughly the elves have contributed to modern-day English. The following words (which are only a very small sampling of the many I could cite) will demonstrate:

Okey-dokey. Used by the elves when everything is "just okay." (Such words as this have also been infuential in the development as such languages as Korean.)

'Tis a grand old book. Some of you may have read it.

Anyhoo... DEATH BY TAGGING to these five unfortunate souls!

In other news, Major Project is done so I should be DA-ing more any day now!
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e-gad, i've been taggededed. :ohnoes: