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untitled short

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This was for the Tirade/Rant assignment for my 2D class last semester.
Yes, that is my voice. My horribly Australian voice...

Animated in Flash and Polished in Final Cut.
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how do you make your drawing shake? ahah i hope you understand me.
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he is very small but he has alot to say....
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oooh my goodness i love this <3 ^^
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nawww! poor boy! *hugs him* I cares!
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poor little imagination...thingy...
i feel your pain!!
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Techmirl and snakous [my imagination]: damn straight we need a break too!!! viva la Imagination!!!!!
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Australian Voices are not bad, i think it's cool, I have a Texan accent :p.
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hahahh..I ve become so lazy that i made my background abstract...i feel related to this...:)
D'aw ;3; Poor imagination ):
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I love it so much. :)
It's really inspiring.
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Big fan of your animations! :)

Few Questions:
1) What animation software (if any) do you use?
2) Do you have any animation training?
and 3) For sound effects, do you create your own?
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Thankyou very much.

1) I use flash (I think it was cs3, but honestly MX would've done the same thing). Even the background was flash, but I printed it off frame by frame, traced it, scanned it back in and re-put it together.
2) 3 years at RMIT Melbourne in a Bachelor of Animation and interactive media. This course has wonderful staff.
3) I try to do as many as I can on my own. All the voices (and grunts and screams) I recorded, but I also used sounds from sound effects CD's.

Hope this was helpful!
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This is brilliant. Well done.
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omg i loved this, im studying indsutrial design and my creativity is saying exactly the same thing... all of ME is, lol.ur great... i just found ur video on the DD, congrats btw, and ive been watching all the other ones lol
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Why Thankyou!
:D My lecturer said I used up all my allocated whinging points.
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Oh brilliant. I loved every bit of it.
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I love this animation!
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:rofl: I can totally relate to this! Animating is very taxing, but it's my first true love :heart: I wonder what my imagination looks like...hmmm probably pink :D
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The animation was the easy bit.
My problem is dialouge, and I couldn't think up anything to rant about.
so I ranted about that!
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heheh, Yeah animation is the easy bit for me too :D I've never had to think up a dialog though, but i don't seem to have any trouble talking :rofl:
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