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The Last Drop

By webbot15
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It's finaly done!
This was my pantomime assignment for 2D class.

Inspired by the dynamics between my siblings and myself, it's about Jack and Valarie, who really don't get on all that much.
...hmmm...this seems to be a recurring theme... [link]

I went a tad overboard because I wanted to be able to submit it to... well, anywhere I can, really.
I also wanted to see how far I could push Photoshop CS3's new timeline animation feature. (by the end there, it was taking 5-10 mins to save...)

I would've timed the titles and credits a bit better, but we had a 2 minute limit, and I think mine clocks in at 1 min, 59 secs, 24 frames...
And though I'm happy with the audio, I think I would've liked to've done some music for it, but it was due this morning, and as it was I didn't sleep.

Animation 'n' everything done by me (because I'm a loner and a controll freak :D)

Apologies to anyone who finds the ending offensive, crude, gross, chuck-worthy or outright distasteful, but I wanted to try something a bit... not what I usually do :D
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ahhahahah...the revenge was not that successful as she planned..poor girl...
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-bangs head against the wall- Make it stop!
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Friggen awesome! I loved it to bits!!! I'm having so much fun going through ur fantastic gallery!!! :boogie: I hope my animations will be this good one day!
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All it is is lotas practice... ^^;
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Yeps, practice makes perfect... or as close as possible to perfect anyhow :D
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So you did this whole thing with photoshop?

It is wonderful by the way!
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Thankyou so much!

The animation was in flash, but all the coloring and backgrounds (and there's a subtle texture on the characters) were done in photoshop CS3.
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plip... plip... pli- sorry had to pee there and now on with the comment- p :D
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Totally cool! although I don't think the sister deserved that. On well.
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If you're a sibling, you'd know it's NOTHING about what's fair and what people deserve...
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Oh, I'm definitely a sibling, a sibling of 4 sisters and 4 brothers NOT including me.
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Great Scott!
I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy!

...do you need a hug? :hug:
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That's alright, I don't hug strangers (kidding). If you don't believe me you should look at my deviations. I have a picture there of all of us. :relax:
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That's a huge family...
are you the one in the green top and jeans?
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Yep, you guessed it. That's me. I'm sitting next to the other person with a green shirt.
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