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Disco Dancin'

By webbot15
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-Arnold teaches us verbs-
#9 Disco Dancin'

Travolta, eat your heart out!
Suggested by ~Enozym

It needed music. You can't dance without music...
And, Arnold's a ginger-head, as it turns out! fancy that...

Music: ';Play that funky music white boy' by Wild Cherry

Hope you're all having a great day/night/chess match/holiday
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In love with this. Especially with the little thrusts at the beginning. EPIC WIN.

I'd love to see the entire dance! I need lessons, Arnold! :XD:
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And his expression is so ... something when he thrusts to...
Glad you liked it mate.
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Oh, I LOVED it.

Big fan of the Disco. And pelvic thrusts. :XD:
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if you like pelvic thrusts, check this out...
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Lol. I love the exaggeration.

I think that by practicing thrusts in that piece he perfects them for use in Disco. :XD:Because no one has the natural ability to make perfect thrusts. It's an acquired skill. :lol:
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Except Travolta.
He thrusted himself outa the womb XD
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:music: Play that funky music WHIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEETTT!!! :music:
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I threw up five times at how mighty this is!


Ultimate timing on those trusts etc.
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Why thankyou for your digestive applause.
I'm quite particular, I feel, when it comes to musical timing.

I only realized today that we're going back to uni on monday. I look forward to sharing a class or two with you!
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Yes brother. We shall have a mighty second semester
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One of your best Arnolds! XD
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I thinks so too! Thanks :D
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Haha, I watched this one 3 or 4 times before I'd had my fill. I can't wait for jammin'!
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Yup! Arnold'll rock and roll all night and party ev-er-y day!
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lol, brilliant, Whoooooo strut it Arnold.
that mirror ball's great too, well until it seemed to attack poor Arnold.
*pokes Arnold with stick* is he okay there? *pokes him some more*
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Don't worry. Arnold's not dead.
...but judging by that disco ball, I think disco may be...
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nice, nice.

That strut's got a great rhythm and weight to it that you don't get often in walk cycles.

What session are you planning to go for in 2d animation next semester?
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I owe it all to Travolta on YouTube!

ummm... the afternoon one, as the morning one clashes with Alternative animation.
What about you?
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Yeh, I think I'll do that one too, but it seems the timetabling thing isnt fully working yet (I can't timetable the programming subject yet, and also the morning animation class is an hour longer?, but in David's email it isn't??)
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Yeah... I noticed that too, but that's the only 2D class that won't clash.
-shrug- I assume it'd go for the full 4 hours, because it wouldn't work having one class shorter than the other.
I would't leave it too late though, otherwise classes'll get all filled up. Some were already up to 14 people when I went on this morning.
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wowie... awesome..
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