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Boiled Spinach

By webbot15
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Bwaha! It's done!
I started this a week ago and based it on the phrase "don't play with your food!"
The blonde girl is based on my little brother (aren't I a mean older sibling!) because he doesn't eat anything remotely healthy lookin'.
Food wise, can make the biggest fuss over something just a little bit out of the ordinary. He once was sick for a week, and mum and I were this close (holds up thumb and index finger) to forcing the panadol down his throat because he kept on making such a fuss about swallowing it.
Also, he can be an annoying rodent who likes to casue trouble.

All the music and sounds are done in garageband (which has a sweet midi guitar)

Hope you like it!

All coments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged!
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This made me laugh so much.
First at the noise the spinach made,
then when she threw it at the baby.
Then the time it took fer the baby to cry xD

Loved it.
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lol I watched this like 30 times before I could stop to comment! :rofl:
This made me laugh so much! I really love the art style, and the anticipation. lol I hate boiled spinach, I wouldn't eat that either. I don't mind it raw though.... ^^;
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To be truthful, I'm not sure I've had boiled spinach before. ^^;
It was a plate of green gunk that had to be named :D
It is nice raw! I love spinach and riccotta puffs!
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Me too!!! I force my Pa to make them as often as I can :XD: And it was so cool when we made them in home Ec in year 10...

Ya gotta love the green gunk though ;P
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I'm a big fan of eating things that you can't identify.
Mystery meat is my fav!
dim sims, fishfingers, burgers, pink deli meat... -mmmmmm-
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hahaah lol my fave is the fake meat me and my sister eat(vegos) Lol, you never know what it's gonna taste like! OMG we had these really funky tasting vegetarian beef balls tonight :XD:

Another good one is, "Hey Angie, sniff this..." Don't sniff mystery things! :XD: They're much worse :rofl:
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My sister's a Vegetable-tarian.
She won't even eat potato wedges if the spices they are seasoned with has a trace amount of animal in it.
(How the hell was I supposed to know that Lemon-pepper contained anything other than Lemon and Pepper!?!?!)

She often has vege-burgers, which are more like mixed roast vegies in burger form. :D
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Yeah, I practically live off of those, and other similar stuff.

Is there stuff other than lemon and pepper in there? :XD: Not that I like lemon and pepper seasoning anyways, or know if I've ever actually had it! lol

It's deaply trained for me to check the labels of everything I eat now, even when I get it from vegetarian shops :D
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Yup. Bunches of other stuff you really wouldn't expect.
It's horrible I tells ya!
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love it lots.... Pixar, this is Daniel !
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Not quite, but thankyou!
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Aww, Poor baby. :XD:

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My some of my characters have a real mean streak in them :evillaugh:
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Hahaha!:D Omgoodness! I loved it!:heart:
This was so bright and colorful. I especially liked the way you desigined your characters. They're so adorable and they look like paper cutouts. The little tot keeping a beat is so sweet!
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I hate you in the most non-mean way I can think of... stop doing good stuff :pissed:

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But that was aaaaaaaaages ago!
And you! You can't talk! Mister "i can draw super cure and simple characters"
I both envy and loath your ability to draw panik bunny...
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Bahh! Excuses!
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Just wanted to say...that once again...I keep coming back to this...haha I cant get over this...dude, you got me hooked on this...:D when shall we have more from these characters?? the baby is a must with his joyful care free nature...

and the little brat...I must know the answer to this question :D

take care,
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I honestly don't know if these characters are going to reappear...I'd never really considered it.
That's not to say they never will though.
I'm not being much help am I...
Maybe once Uni stuff calms down, I might have a go at animating them again.

I'm really glad you love it so much! I'll try not to dissapoint!
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hey thats really cool. your characters look great and the music fits in well. good job :D
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Thank yoou very much! I'm glad you liked it.
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THIS right here...Is something I can watch OVER AND OVER AND OVER again...haha I just Busted out laughing when I saw the baby bouncing in rythm..LMAO Great shit. as a matter of fact, when I send this comment, Im gonna watch it again...then...add to favorites :) WELL done

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