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Animated gif's are a pain in the exhaust pipe!
Gif's from Flash doubly so... :shakefist:
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Everything I've wanted to say has already been said... but, this avatar is awesome! i love the squash and stretch and that curly smoke. THe way it zooms in and just... stops so suddenly and bounces. Awesome stuff.
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I'm glad you liked it so much! :D
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Yay for exporting gifs! Nice squash n stretch :D
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gif's :shakefist: -grrrrr-
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Oooo pretty, i like the curls of exhaust. nice bouncy squash stretch too.

lol, you made a new avatar and ID, just in time to go with dA version 6, snazzy!
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To tell you the truth, it was because of V6 :D
I hadn't been on the computer in days, and I come back to this!
Thought it was occasion to celebrate :D
Am I to see you at Uni tomorrow for timetabling?
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yep should be... :faint: else i'll never be enrolled properly.

:P i went in last Tuesday when that enrolling thing for the un-enrolled was on, mainly because i wanted to see if a teacher was in i could ask about re-submitting stuff if you failed (because i was that sure i was going to) but i lost my friend and missed the bus, and ended up an hour late, so missed that thing anyway, bla!
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I have a feeling that last semester we enrolled for the whole year, so we should be right.
I didn't go last tuesday either.

Bah! They make it all so confusing!
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you are sooooo my vector hero!
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