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Friend of mine took a picture from my "Martial Artist Webba" picture group where I took a clip on ponytail and hooked it to the back of my head. He said needed the pic but didn't tell me why. Needless to say, I was reluctant to give it to him because I've seen some of the banners he made. Very nice stuff. The world was his oyster and he was free to do whatever he wanted to the picture with me not having any say in it. I expected much worse, mind you.

Though, when I DID finally get the picture back, I was actually... disappointed, :P. As often as he mocks me, I thought he was gonna completely destroy the picture, write some stuff on their like the "Gay on purpose" tag he use to throw on someone else I use to know, amongst other things. But he let me off easy with these Agent Smith-like green flame lenses
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