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Golden Splendor - 17th Century Artistic Palette

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Spooky Animated AI ART

The Eternal Wisdom: Life of Yoda After Retirement
The Birth of Venus in a Starry Night
Myartstyle.com Freedom of Speech Rules and Policy
The Eternal Wisdom: Life of Yoda After Retirement
Bakery General and younger officer celebration
The Dream of Mona Lisa as Cleopatra the Queen
A vases with purple roses on the table
Hyperrealistic oil painting of two hands holding
Are we Alone? If YES, then why do we need so many
MARLILYN MONROE Pop Art Collage Inspired by DISNEY
A piece of puzzle art that depicts  head portrait
Whale's Spectacular Boston Harbor Breakout
Old book from far, far away - Storm Trooper Guide
Artistic Fusion: Classic Masterpieces Meet Modern
The Digital Mona Lisa Revival - MyArtStyle.com
Revolutionary Whale: Boston Harbor's Tea Party

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DeviantArt vs Behance

1) What are the differences between DeviantART and Behance? 2) Which platform would be most suitable for you if you lack the time to upload images and write descriptions on both platforms? In this insightful conversation, we delve into the distinctions between #DeviantArt and #Behance, two popular online platforms for artists and creatives. Find out which platform offers more visibility and engagement with potential clients, and explore the possibilities of integrating your accounts to share your creations effectively. Whether you're an independent artist seeking broader exposure or targeting industry professionals, this conversation provides guidance to #kickstart your online art presence. 1) DeviantArt and Behance are both online platforms for artists and creatives to showcase their work, but they have some differences: DeviantArt, Inc.: 🎨 DeviantArt, often referred to as "DA," is a community-driven platform primarily focused on visual arts. It has a vast variety of art
Check this out! 💫Eternal Embrace: An Alternative Ending to #WhatDreamsMayCome: https://www.deviantart.com/webartgallery/art/What-dream-may-come-Chris-and-Annie-are-reunited-1046023537 💖 In this alternative ending, love conquers all as Chris and Annie reunite in a breathtaking display of transcendent love. A golden shore, vibrant landscapes, and tearful reunions paint a picture of hope and eternal devotion: 💫💖🌅"As Chris (played by Robin Williams) journeys through the afterlife to reunite with his beloved wife, Annie (played by Annabella Sciorra), he encounters numerous challenges and obstacles. Despite the overwhelming odds, Chris's unwavering love for Annie drives him forward, fueling his determination to find her. In the climactic scene, Chris finally reaches Annie in the depths of her despair. Instead of succumbing to the darkness, Annie's love for Chris ignites a spark of hope within her. With tears streaming down her face, she reaches out to him, and their hands touch
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Learn how to ask AI correctly to receive accurate, unbiased answers, along with precise statistics and research results: Be Specific: Clearly articulate what information you seek. #Vague questions can lead to ambiguous responses. Instead of asking, "Tell me about cars," specify, "What are the most fuel-efficient cars available in the market?" Provide Context: Give #background information to help AI understand the context of your question. For instance, instead of asking, "What is the best phone?" provide context like, "I'm looking for a #smartphone with a good camera under $500." Avoid Ambiguity: Use precise language to avoid #misunderstandings. Instead of asking, "How many people are interested in sports?" ask, "What percentage of adults in the US actively participate in #sports at least once a week?" Ask Open-ended Questions: Avoid yes/no questions when seeking detailed #information or #analysis. Instead of asking, "Is climate change real?" ask, "What evidence supports the
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The Future of Car Design and Production: Harnessing Phi & Fibonacci Sequence. The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence, rooted in mathematical precision, have long been integral to art, architecture, and design. Looking ahead, these principles are set to play an even more pivotal role in the automotive industry, particularly as cars evolve towards increased autonomy and connectivity. Designers face the challenge of marrying aesthetics with functionality, and the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence offer a promising solution. 🚗 Future car designs may showcase self-adjusting wheels, leveraging the Fibonacci Sequence to optimize strength and weight. Imagine a vehicle where each component aligns with the sequence, ensuring an ideal balance between structural integrity and energy efficiency. Additionally, solar panels integrated into car exteriors could be meticulously designed using the Golden Ratio, maximizing sunlight absorption and contributing to sustainable energy solutions.
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Nurturing Creativity: Support the Artistic Journey with a Donation Pool. I am passionate about creating and sharing art that sparks joy, inspiration, and connection.

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Many thanks forthe Favourite

New York Dreamscape

I love your creations!😍

wow i like your artwork🍻

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