Ray's here!!

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Last weekend my long awaited Idealian Photon arrived.
Spend the weekend with sanding, blushing and painting him.
I think I redid his face-up like 5 times. ^^
But I think it's really him now. :love:

Residents of ~Shadowtraders Hideout~

Ray Rhaenys "The Shadowtrader" - Soom Idealian Photon
Arata Keith Árdghal - Soom Idealian Gluino
Khal'zar Auvryndar - Bobobie Weyin (lilac)
Ephreel of the Thalîr - Immortality of Soul SEZZ
Luciole - Dollzone Asura

On their way:

Felendric - Dollshe Rosen (pale tan)
Valentine Árdghal - Dollshe Bernard (fresh skin)
Gsharakh - Soom Idealian Hyperon


Tarotcard "The Hanged Man" Amon - Souldoll
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:hug: You worked so hard on him, I'm glad you finally found him. :D (sleep is for wimps! ...zzz....)