OMG!! I got my grail dolly home! (Soom MD Sard)

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Can't really believe it yet.. I have a Sard at home :D
Was always a dream of mine to own one and now I do
and I know now too why I always wanted one.
He's just wonderful and still looks like new!!

Did a little (ahahah *laughs insanly*) photostory about his arrival
at the Shadowtrader's Hideout.
Please look at it ^_^ cost me a lot of sweat and blood to make it
wouldn't have thought it.
ack.. going to bed... tired.

Till another time.


Residents of ~Shadowtraders Hideout~

Arata Keith Árdghal - Soom Idealian Gluino
Suriel - Soom Idealian Photon
Khal'zar Auvryndar - Bobobie Weyin (lilac)
Ephreel of the Thalîr - Immortality of Soul SEZZ
Luciole - Dollzone Asura
Lhevandriel - Soom MD Sard, WS

On their way:

Felendric - Dollshe Rosen (pale tan)
Alexeil - Dollshe Rosen (fresh skin)
Ray Nightweaver, "The Shadowtrader" (?) - Soom Idealian Hyperon
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The photostory is epic goodness. :love: Congratulations (again!) !!! :D (and again and again and agaaaain xD ) Y'know, he's becoming one of the very few Soom dolls I want as well. :XD: Who knows, who knows... wish list is already screaming for mercy. :laughing:

As you know, I'm at 1 of 3 grail dollies finally. Aiden will be the second. Aster is the last one. My wish list was just those three for sooo long... and it's a good thing it took this long, so I could realize Aster should be shelled as a Hong. :giggle:
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^^ haa.. I really long to see your Hong :D. hmmm another Grail Doll for me? I think I would say Ray (Hyperon). I want him home so badly and see Arata and him being together! *sigh* Other than that... don't think any of the old Soom MDs really bug me that much anymore.
Can't even say I'd wish for more than one Sard. ^^;;