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Well... this is my Leekeworld limited Khal vampire. I ordered him at LDoll Festival in Lyon. Was lucky that this still worked, because the ordering period of him was long past.

I was kind of happy that I got him, but was somewhat disappointed, when he arrived. The body is a mess: not very poseable, single jointed, etc. That is also why poor Garrett just sat around in my shelf for almost 6 month.
Now I had to think about it: Do I want to sell him or well try to make him mine? I never sold a doll until now, and since I was sure I saw something in the mold, when I first looked at him I also was a bit reluctant to let him go and put out for sale. That would have been a bit embarrassing for me, since I really wanted the doll and also made some arrangements with Leeke personally at LDoll to make it possible to get him (left a deposit to pay him on layaway, because I didn't have that much money with me to buy him all at once.. as much as I understood you should have had to pay him in full to get him at the Festival). Soo.. it was time for another face-up and to see if I could find, what first drew me to the mold. The first face-up I did was unsatisfying in everyway.. just looked a bit like the default one and that just won't cut it.
This face-up now took me two attempts.. but I liked the direction the first wip was going so I picked that up.
I also think now, he is finally mine :love: I guess I just need to put more effort in a doll I couldn't immediately bond with.
Also modified his joints with hotglue so they are not long such a pain in the xxx.. might fix that with clay permanently later.

So yes, this is Garrett :3 might add more story stuff later.


Mold: limited Leekeworld Khal Vampire, pure rose skin
Wig: Leeke (somewhat limited I guess.. it isn't the grey wig he was pictured with and they told me they had to redo the wig specialy for me.. so I absolutely don't know what it is XD)
Eyes: Dollmore
Face-up: Nightweaver
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Still lovin' that scar, you did such an excellent job on him. ^___^