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Arrival of Lhevandriel IV

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I made a rather bit photostory how my grail dolly arrived at my home :). Hope you enjoy it.
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Oh my gosh! This is the sweetest photostory everrr. :iconilikeitplz: So heartwarming!
And your boys are a handsome bunch!
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He's the cutest Sard I've ever seen. ;-; Congrats on getting him home! <3
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Thank you :3 I think he is one of the cutest Sards ever ^^;; All other Sards I saw are some powerfull demonlords. Theoretically I wanted mine to be one too, but when I finished the face-up he just looked like he is now XD.
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The bonus pic made me all stupidly sniffly. :-(
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awww.. thank you :) ^^;; sorry for answering that late on comments... but haven't been here for ages due to exams and stuff.
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Aww, its so cute. <3
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Thank you :) Lhevan is just so sweet. Want to hug him all the time :XD:.
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I do not blame you!
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Love the bonus pic at the end. You can sense the peace on Lhevandriel while Arada tends to his broken spirit. Very sweet image.
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Thanks so much ^_^ Glad I posted that one.
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Awwww!!! :love: The snuggly pics are really awesome, man the whole shoot is! Worth its weight in gold. :D ...uh, what do digital photos weigh... ignore that thought. :laughing: Hmm, the dolls weigh a lot, we'll go with that. :XD:
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hehe I love shooting snuggly pics of my boys ^^ they are so sweet, especially Lhevandriel. :love:
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