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Chapter 6: Sandra tells a Story
## ~In which some revelations are revealed~

“When I was little pirates attacked my hometown. They killed a lot of people, including my mother and my sister Clea.” Sandra paused as their faces passed through her mind’s eye. For some reason she could never see her twin as anything but the five year-old she had been when death came for her. Not even when she looked in the mirror, knowing she was seeing the same face Clea would have had had she lived.
  “I was- I was attacked as well. My head- a wound to my head.” Unconsciously she reached for her head, rubbing the spot hidden by thick black hair. “I ended up in a deep unconsciousness for two years. Nothing could wake me up and I ended up being put in the care of a healer who worked for the Sancta Adad.”
  “I don’t think I’ve heard of them. What is this Sancta Adad ?” Nancy interrupted curiously, head perched to the side as Sandra talked.
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Chapter 5: The First Trial
The witch, the ghost, and the phoenix tear
Sandra paused and looked back. She had walked quite a distance in the last few hours though there were still many miles left before she could reach her destination.
“Hurry up, damnit.” She called out irritably. Trent was well behind her, looking hot and bothered yet not as much as Sandra was. At her shout he raised an arm in answer, unable to catch his breath long enough to speak. She waited impatiently till he was close enough that she could speak to him without having to yell.
“Why did you even come along? You can barely keep up and there’s still a few more hours before we reach the mountain pass.”
Trent wheezed loudly before answering. “I thought you might- need the company,” he managed to say between gasps of air.
Sandra eyed him dubiously. “Listen, old man. The last thing I need is company. Help, possibly, but I doubt you’ve got anything to offer.”
“Hey now
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Chapter 4: Strike
~ In a dark filthy dungeon there is a man ~ 
    Sandra was standing outside the throne room she had just exited, biting her lower lip nervously. What had she gotten herself into? She turned to Trent, who had followed her out. "I want to see Strike." 
   "I'm not sure that's such a good idea," he said slowly.  
   "I don't give a damn what you think," she said hotly. "You didn't think it was such a bad idea when you brought me here. What's wrong now? Your little fun not as entertaining as you'd hoped?" 
    The old man didn't say anything to that. "I want to see my brother," Sandra insisted. 
   "I'll take you." Romero's voice said to the surprise of the two. She turned to see him standing behind her. "Follow me." 
   "But," Trent began. He was ignored and once again Sandra was led through more corridors, winding down to what seemed to be the underground of t
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The Seven Trials: Table of Contents
1. A Conversation Overheard (~In a disreputable bar two pirates tell a story~)
2. Alabara (~A man and his monkey~)
3. Audience with the King (~The ancient laws of the old kings~)
4. Strike (~In a dark filthy dungeon there is a man~)
5. The First Trial (~The witch, the ghost, and the phoenix tear~)
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The Science of Women
The Science of Women (as according to Guy)
"You know what the science of women is?" Guy said.
"No, enlighten us," Albert said disgruntedly. They were sitting in  the hotel lobby, only the two of them, and he was drinking his way through an entire bottle of brandy.
"Women are complex creatures. They're like the sea- gentle and wavy on the surface, cruel and mysterious underneath." Guy said, gesturing his hand in what he assumed was a wavy interpretation of the sea.
Albert burped. "What the hell are you talking about?"
"Just listen," Guy said impatiently. "Unlike you, I haven't had a dry spell for, like, forever."
"I'm not in a -" Albert began heatedly but Guy interrupted.
"And as any good sailor knows, you gotta know how to handle the sea so that you don't end up lost or your boat overturned and eaten by whales."
"Whales don't eat people," Albert pointed out. "And it's quite obvious you have no clue what you're talking about, but I'm going to continue list
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Chapter Three: Audience with the King
~ The ancient laws of the old kings ~
   They were in an enormous room flooded with sunlight. Glancing up to where most of the light was coming from, Sandra saw that the ceiling in this room was domed and made out of glass that also cast an uncomfortable warmth within the room. Rows of elaborately carved pillars gave a deceptive sense of fullness within the room, though a quick look around showed that, aside from the throne set on a raised floor, there was nothing else within it. To the right, rows of floor to ceiling mullioned windows looked out over the city.
   There was a pattern on the floor which seemed oddly familiar to Sandra as she walked across it, till she realized she had seen the same pattern on the mosaic in front of the fountain. She hadn't paid any particular attention to it but now she realized it must be the symbol of the royal family of Alabara. It was an oval disc and in it was a lion standing on its hind legs with its front paws holding
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Chapter Two: Alabara
~A man and his monkey~  
   Goldie had sailed into the bustling port of Alabara Kingdom near mid-afternoon with Sandra at the helm, deftly guiding the ship next to an oversized galleon sitting low in the water. The most striking thing that had caught their attention was the palace, which could clearly be seen from a distance. It was situated atop the highest point of the land, a hill that overlooked the entire view of the sea, seeming to act as a guidepost beckoning to passing ships to dock in and take view of the sights and wares its city had to offer. It truly was a magnificent palace that seemed to stand above the city like a giant sentinel, its walls a blinding white and its spires and towers covered in a beautiful blue tiles that out-colored even the sea itself.  
   The city of Alabara had been built around the castle- although not apparent, it was built in a counterclockwise direction that, from above, resembled the shape of a spir
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Suits and Charm
"Why the fuck do we gotta wear suits?" Guy complained for the umpteenth time, pulling at the cufflinks Aukusti had lent him with a stern warning to take care of them. Albert could have told him that the warning would have been lost on him, but what fun would that have been? At the moment, however, he was feeling anything but amused. Guy wouldn't stop complaining about the suits, Aukusti was taking his long sweet time in the bathroom, and as he glanced at his watch he made a low sound in his throat that sounded like a wild animal about to pounce as he realized they were going to be late.
"We're going to be late, damn that Aku! And stop complaining about the goddamn suits! We're going to a nice, expensive restaurant, you gotta wear one." Albert snapped, glaring at him.
From all outward appearances, Albert Wicket seemed like a mild-mannered man with blond hair swept to the side in a careless manner and square-rimmed black glasses that made him seem like an easy mark although, at the momen
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Cave of Blood and Bones VI
It was a cave of bones that promised to lead them into what seemed to be the very depths of hell itself. Leith glanced at Cameron, uncertain, the amusement gone in lieu of wariness and trepidation.
“Those are- actual bones?” Leith asked. He was referring to the bones that decorated the entrance. Bones and skulls set against the wall of dirt as a warning that it wasn’t just a cave, that it led into the depths of something evil.
“Hasn’t anyone told you the legend of this place?” Maian said with a teasing smile. “This cave here is supposed to be thousands of years old. I heard that before those nasty-looking things took up residence here, it was used for storing ancient treasures which are supposedly still in there today.”
“Like that sword,” Leith piped up.
“So how did those creatures end up in here?” Cameron asked, edging to the entrance warily, his gun held out in front of him.
“Who knows. Maybe they’re
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The Bayou
The bayou was terrifying at night. Wherever Franky looked, things moved in the branches, softly rippling in the water, rustling in the undergrowth. Owls hooted "who who who" and Franky could swear he heard the slithering of the pythons that were rumored to be around here somewhere. Aidan had said that they grew up to be fifty feet long and could swallow whole buses. Franky wasn't as big as a bus; he was the smallest kid in the home, after all, and he'd be like a tiny mouse if he came across one of them and he didn't want to be eaten.
"Can't we just go back?" He asked entreatingly at the back of the bigger boy leading the way. Leo stopped and turned around. 
"Scared already?" he teased. "We haven't even met the demon yet."
"I don't want to meet the demon." Franky said and he could already feel the tears burning the backs of his eyes. He was being a crybaby but he was scared. He didn't understand how Leo wasn't. 
"Then you shouldn't have come." Leo said callously. "You knew whe
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A Spark in the Dull Embers
“Cole!” The voice yelled, startling the blonde-haired teen out of her deep sleep.
“Hm?” she managed to mumble incoherently, suspended between reality and her dream.
“Are you going to school or not?” The angry voice called out from the other room.
“Hm,” Cole mumbled again, already drifting off to sleep once more. She was trying to go back to her dream again but it was already fading away and the only thing she could manage to hang on to were indefinite fragments that made no sense. That still didn’t stop her from going back to sleep though.
The next time Cole woke up was because her phone was ringing. She turned her head and reached for her beside dresser, eyes still closed. “Hm?” she muttered into the phone.
A laugh. “Are you seriously still asleep? It’s already past ten.”
“Shaddup,” she groaned. She was lying on her back now, her free arm slung across her closed lids as if somehow that woul
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Cave of Blood and Bones V
    Leith’s usual grace felt dragged down by all the weapons he had pocketed. It felt odd to have so many guns at one time and for the first time since their predicament he actually began to worry. He hid it, however, because he knew Cameron was worrying enough for all of them. Besides this was, technically, his mess. At the very least he had to pretend to be brave and help them get out of their dilemma.
        They followed Sierre down another long corridor and found themselves pass through a door that led outside. Leith narrowed his eyes against the sun and stared around. It seemed as though they were at the back of the mansion. Several cars were parked in a semicircle around the place, various men in suits malingering around.
       “Guess he’s really not lacking in protection,” Leith commented with his usual humo
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Chapter One: A Conversation Overheard
~In a disreputable bar two pirates tell a story~
   It was a dry heat, the kind where the air burned the lungs and nurtured the idle dreams of procrastinators. Sandra Hartwick felt her heart beat twice as hard than it normally did, her breath harsh and quick in the shimmering heat. Sweat perspired down her face, dampening her neck and shirt till she felt as though she'd been dunked in some filthy, stagnant water. It certainly didn't help that she was wearing her jacket- too heavy for the heat but she was much too stubborn to take it off. Her right arm ached, sending a dull pain shooting throughout her entire body and casting her brain into a frenzy of emotions: pain, anger, and an overwhelming frustration. Sandra grit her teeth, clamping down on the temptation to do something that would let off some of that frustration she was feeling right now, but somehow she managed to keep her cool.
   Sandra swallowed, passing a hand over her brow which left it wet.
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The Lost Children
“What is the Mystery Bookshop?” Aithley asked. “And don’t tell me it’s a bookstore because I can see that,” she added pointedly. Hein smirked.
“I was going to say that,” he admitted. “And as for what it is… Which one of you saw my little lodestar?” he asked, his eyes going from Aithley to Fane with curiosity.
“I saw it first,” Aithley said. “And Fane saw it for the first time today.”
“What’s a lodestar?” Fane asked.
“My guiding light. Greenman!” He shouted suddenly, startling the two.
Something moved out of the shadows, a tall lumbering figure that seemed to tower over everything. Fane brought his rod forward as they saw a gaunt face surrounded by shoulder-length black hair that looked as if it hadn’t been washed in a while. “Put this back in its place,” Hein told him, handing the Ciarailiad to him. He only grunted in response, eyes lingerin
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The Mystery Bookshop
Four months had passed since Alba’s disappearance, and nearly two months since Aithley had started her own investigation. Life had gotten in the way, however, and it had stalled as homework, grades, and a more tight grip was laid around Aithley. Because she’d disregarded her grounding she had to be driven to and from school, no matter what, so she couldn’t just go wherever she wanted to anymore to her frustration.
The pink fur ball as Aithley called it continued to show up and it was no longer limited to nighttime visits in her room. She’d see it out in the open now, in the hallways of her school or outside on the street, always poised as if waiting for her to follow it. It didn’t seem as if anyone else could see it but Aithley was certain it was real although she was no longer freaked out about its appearance. After all, if it had wanted to harm her in any way, it would have done so when she was asleep. In fact, as more time passed and she was still confi
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Setting: World of Lithia
The world of Lithia has always been plagued by strange and dangerous events for most of its recorded history. Beginning with an attempted alien invasion, and to the phenomena known as the Veil, the only sure thing in Lithia is that nothing is certain.
One of the most major events was the attempted alien invasion in 835 B.C.E., which was stopped by a man using ancient technology combined with the magic of his world, crippling the alien space ship and creating a force field that covers the entire planet, preventing anything from going in or out of the atmosphere. The planet had been saved, the alien ship has been stranded, stuck within the planet's atmosphere. Thousands of years have passed and much has changed. Technology has grown; empires have risen and fallen, cultures and customs have come and gone and changed. While many things have changed and become lost, the looming spaceship frozen in the atmosphere has not.
The phenomenon known as the Veil appeared in 1237 C.E. It caused
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The Intelligence of Plants

The Intelligence of Plants
By istickboy, Truepicturesinc.
Psychedelic Blossom by psion005
What if plants were intelligent, exploring and analyzing the world with a sophisticated system of senses?
Over at Reality Sandwich, a long essay outlines a growing body of research about the intelligence of plants.
Increasing numbers of researchers, in a multiplicity of fields, are beginning to acknowledge that intelligence is an inevitable aspect of all self-organized systems—that sophisticated n
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The readers 1- [Books] - b/w
Street Ethnography

by ZiaulKareem
Please enjoy and, and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well
I know... I have missed any of you beautiful people... forgive me and... please send me more images ...

“Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul.”
Joyce Carol Oates
“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”
Groucho Marx

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I haven't done a new journal in roughly five years. I gave up on it since I never knew what to write in them (and I can never figure out a good title to use ;/ ) but I'm trying to use my deviant account more often, so I guess I'll try using this journal more often. I realize there are a lot of unfinished stories in my gallery but trust me, there's a lot more unfinished stuff I haven't posted yet. I have a tendency of going from one idea to the next, one story to the other, so when I get caught up in a new (or sometimes old) story, I leave the one I'm working on in the backburner. I'm trying to remedy that by going back to an old story I came up with about 10 years ago- I even won NaNoWriMo with it a few years back although I'm currently rewriting what I have because 1) ideas have changed over time and what I have now isn't going to work; and 2) NaNo is all about getting to a certain word count every day so alot of what I have written is just awful, and unneccessary. 

I've actually managed to keep up a steady wordcount since I started last week, although some days have gone by without anything being written. I know the advice is to write everyday, even if it's crap, and I agree with that, but some days I just feel like getting away from the story. Give my mind some rest and time for ideas to brainstorm. I know the broad outline of where the story is going and how it's going to end, but there are still details that I haven't locked down yet, and bits of scenes and conversations I'm not sure where I'm going to use, or even if I will. Now that I'm writing it down, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll even be able to stick with it but I'm certainly going to give it a try.


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